Sport Mauritius

Calendar 2013: Tour de Maurice Scheduled from May 28 to June 2

The 2013 calendar of the Federation Mauritian cycling (FMC) is now official. As we mentioned in our last edition on Friday, the kickoff will be given Sunday, February 17 with the traditional circuit of the Champ de Mars.

21 Dec 2012,

Ministry of Sports Will Extend Facilities to Rodrigues

Mauritius will be in the limelight in several international meets in 2013. The World FIFA Congress will be hosted in May 2013. Delegates from over 200 countries are expected to participate in the congress.

29 Nov 2012,

TFES Initiative: Creating Special Class in Cabbage College

By 2014, a special class will be arranged at the college Cabbage Rodrigues for students who have chosen to incorporate sport-industry studies.

27 Nov 2012,

Kite Surfing Jam 2012 in Mauritius

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) in collaboration with the Russian Kiting Association, Russian Sailing Federation, Air Mauritius, Beachcomber Hotels, hotels and Appavou GQ Magazine, is organizing a Kite Surf Jam in Mauritius since 27 October until 7 November 2012.

01 Nov 2012,

Mauritius Kite Jam: Positioning Mauritius As A Main Kitesurfing Destination

The 3rd edition of Mauritius Kite Jam will take place from 22 October to 14 November, welcoming more than 700 Russians.

05 Oct 2012,

Hiking: New Green Trend

Discover nature through sports ... A reality for many Mauritians, hiking enthusiasts. This is a new trend that attracts mostly young people.

21 Aug 2012,

MFA Administrative Secretary Accused of Fraud

The committee members of the Mauritius Football Association (MFA) filed a case against the MFA administrative secretary Sada Vuddamalay at the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) on Monday implicating him in a series of illegal financial transactions including misleading the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) with false reports following the Goal Project II and III.

01 Aug 2012,

Government Lines Up Projects to Boost Sports

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has a number of projects lined up. These include the construction of a new swimming pool at Flacq, a new stadium in the South, a multi-sports complex at Triolet and National Sports Institute at Belle Vue.

31 Jul 2012,

More Space For The Calculations

After a group stage, admittedly, very pleasing'' where it was often treated to the beautiful game, now up to the quarterfinals. There is now more room for the calculations, all will be played in 90 minutes (or more), with a happy and removed each day.

21 Jun 2012,

Dragon Boats Festival: The 8th Edition at June 24

The Caudan welcome Sunday, June 24th the 8th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. The event will be attended by nine teams.

16 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012 Group D: France to Forget the 2010 World Cup

We offer below, the latest in a series of articles devoted to four of the final phase. France, which seeks to forget the trauma of the last World Cup in South Africa, and Sweden, a fearsome outsider in Group D.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012 Group D: France and England in Pole Position

In our series of articles on Euro 2012 (June 8 to July 1, Poland and Ukraine), we will speak in the first part of the Ukraine and England, followed by a second strand to France and Sweden.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012 Group C: Ireland, Strong Outsider

We continue our series of articles about Euro 2012 (June 8 to July 1, Poland and Ukraine), with the projector on the two other teams in Group C, namely Ireland and Italy.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012: Spain and Italy, Logical Favorites in Group C

We continue our series of articles about Euro 2012 (June 8 to July 1, Poland and Ukraine), with the projector on the Group C. In the first part, Spain and Croatia. Then, a second part of Italy and Ireland.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012: The Netherlands and Portugal for a Place in the Quarter

We offer below the second part of our article on Group B, said "the group of death": Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal. Focus on the Netherlands and Portugal.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012: "The Group of Death"

Here is the third part of our series of articles on Euro 2012 (June 8 to July 1, Poland and Ukraine). Presentation of Group B, which includes Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro 2012: Russia Wants to Look Good for the 2018 World Cup

We continue our series of articles on Euro 2012, with the focus this time on Russia (left) and the Czech Republic (right) of Group A.

07 Jun 2012,

Euro-2012 Football: Kick-Off This Friday, June 8

The celebration of European football begins this Friday, June 8 and ended on July 1, Poland and Ukraine. The 16 teams are divided into four groups, and each will play three matches in group stage, from June 8 to 19

07 Jun 2012,

Ex-ICC Chief Says India Is Illegal Betting Hub

A former International Cricket Council chief on Tuesday accused India of fostering corruption in the sport, saying illegal betting in the country was the root cause of the problem.

21 Mar 2012,

Case Noyale Trail

Domination: This term no longer applies only to women's races where Laurence Goilot Saturday signed its third straight win in the Trail Case Noyale. In men, the rule "a race, a new winner" prevailed again on the trail as short as long.

20 Mar 2012,