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Asos billionaire loses three children in Sri Lanka attacks

Three of the four children of Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen died in the Sri Lanka bombing attacks, a spokesman has confirmed to the BBC.

22 Apr 2019,

Sri Lanka attacks: 'International network' linked to bombings

A wave of bombings that killed 290 people in Sri Lanka on Sunday was carried out with the support of an international network, officials said.

22 Apr 2019,

Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa 'Sought Army Help After Poll Defeat'

Former Sri Lankan leader Mahinda Rajapaksa tried to deploy the army when he realised that he had lost elections, a spokesman for new President Maithripala Sirisena has alleged.

12 Jan 2015,

Sri Lanka Upset with Mauritius Over Rights Resolution

Sri Lanka Thursday expressed concern that Mauritius, set to join a trilateral maritime security group also involving India and the Maldives, is co-sponsoring a UN resolution alleging human rights abuses during the war against the Tamil Tigers.

07 Mar 2014,

Mauritius Will Not Host Next Commonwealth Summit

"Mauritius has decided to withdraw its application to organize the Commonwealth summit in 2015," said the Prime Minister in Parliament on Friday November 15.

16 Nov 2013,

Mauritius PM to Boycott Sri Lanka Commonwealth Meeting

The prime minister of Mauritius announced Tuesday he will stay away from this week's Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka because of the host's poor human rights record.

12 Nov 2013,

Mauritius Keen to Establish Air Links With SL

Mauritius, which is positioning itself to become an ocean economy, has expressed interest in signing an Air Services Agreement with Sri Lanka to boost bilateral trade between the two countries, a communiqué by Sri Lanka’s Industry and Commerce Ministry quoting Mauritius Foreign Minister Avin Boolell said.

14 Oct 2013,

Could Sri Lanka Become Asia's Next Casino Hotspot?

Sri Lanka has become one of Asia’s most promising economies in recent times, yet the potential of it’s gambling sector is only starting to gain recognition amongst international operators looking to expand their presence in Asia.

20 Mar 2013,

Sri Lanka Tea Blending Plans Debated

Sri Lanka’s tea industry is deeply divided over plans to boost earnings by importing cheaper leaves for blending and re-export, over fears the changes could water down the “Pure Ceylon” brand.

17 Jul 2012,

Gas deposits found off Sri Lanka coast

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse announced on Sunday that natural gas deposits had been found for the first time during exploratory drilling off the island’s coast.

03 Oct 2011,

India wins 2011 ICC World Cup

Cricket World Cup: India win back the Cup after 27 years; Dhoni hits a huge 6 Fever pitch atmosphere in India and Sri Lanka; black markets tickets sold for up... Read more »

02 Apr 2011, KotZot