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Google Has a New Division Called 'Area 120' Where Employees Can Build Their Own Startups

Google is creating an in-house startup incubator to help keep its entrepreneurial talent closer to home, according to The Information.

25 Apr 2016,

After Years of Unrest, Egypt’s Startup Ecosystem Is Booming

As clashes between Egyptian soldiers and protesters left dozens dead in October 2011, Ahmed Zahran was betting his savings on converting the water pumps used by farmers from running on diesel to solar energy.

07 Oct 2013,

10 Cloud Startups Changing The Data Landscape

While the term “cloud computing” has become trendy and perhaps overused, what many people don’t realize is that it is because of cloud startups that our experience of data has become intuitive and effortless. Below are 10 startups which have had significant impact on the data landscape:

26 Jul 2013,

5 Tech Innovations Spawning New Start-ups

They're still new themselves but already these innovations are seeing start-up ecosystems grow up around them.

24 Jul 2013,

Find the Right Hires for Each Stage of Your Startup

It might be a great idea that launches your startup, but don't kid yourself--your company's fate depends on your team.

11 Jul 2013,

Start-Up: Xavier-Luc Duval Announces Ebony Accelerator for July 15

This project is intended to help young entrepreneurs to become creators of wealth, according to the VPM and Minister of Finance

18 Jun 2013,

5 Things Founders Don't Talk About

Last week I had a dozen business founders over for beer and pizza to catch up and talk shop. It’s one of my favorite things to do, because I think when you get a group of fellow founders in a room together, there’s instant fraternity among them. People let their guards down. When surrounded by peers, Founders talk about things that no one else can appreciate or understand.

16 May 2013,

Airbnb, Snapgoods and Other Pioneers Of The ‘Share Economy’

In what is called collaborative consumption, the sharing economy or the peer economy, owners rent out something they are not using, such as a car, house or bicycle to a stranger using these peer-to-peer services.

08 May 2013,

4 Secrets to Starting a Company With Your Spouse

Two of the most fraught relationships around: married couple, and start-up co-founders. Don't let that stop you.

02 May 2013,

The Bumpy Ride for Deep Kalra's MakeMyTrip Web Operation

In humongous India, where snaking lines and extended waits are emblematic, instant travel reservations herald a new mobility. Deep Kalra’s MakeMyTrip Web operation, of New Delhi, pioneered the online travel field and at times has felt investor and customer delight.

12 Apr 2013,

5 Lessons From 361 Start-ups

After watching hundreds of start-ups pass through MassChallenge's accelerator program, John Harthorne has a few words for founders who want to stand out from the crowd.

28 Mar 2013,

9 Things You Need To Know For Startup Investing

Startup investments can be rewarding both financially and personally. By investing in a startup you are contributing to job creation and capital formation.

19 Mar 2013,

Not So Fast: 10 Hasty Mistakes Startup Founders Make

“Be quick, but don’t hurry” is one of famed UCLA Coach John Wooden’s most famous quotes. By that, he meant learn to do the right things, but then do them quickly.

11 Mar 2013,

Most New Business Ideas Hatching for 6 or More Months

Entrepreneurs have to be risk-takers, to be sure. But that doesn’t capture the whole picture. Many are also planners.

02 Mar 2013,

Incubator Project to Boost Youth Start-Ups

The government has embarked on a new project for the youth called the ‘Ebene Incubator’ which is set to become a reality in the next few months. The project’s purpose is to identify start-up professional companies to enter the various sectors.

02 Mar 2013,

What Students Really Need to Learn to Get a Startup Job

Peter Bell, who recently joined hackNY as an evangelist and hacker, is sick of the myths that are propagated about how best to prepare for a startup-focused software development career. Often he hears computer science or engineering students say that great GPAs or a top name college are the ticket to a great startup job.

18 Feb 2013,

5 Steps to Finding Investors for Your Start-up

When you’re ready to start talking to investors, one of the most challenging parts can be just that: actually talking to investors.

08 Feb 2013,

What to Know Before You Apply to a Startup

Working for a startup has become the new hip thing to do; working a corporate job just doesn't have the same appeal these days. Fortunately, 65% of respondents in a recent HireArt survey of 147 startups agree that recruiting is one of their top three priorities right now.

05 Feb 2013,

The Only Good Reason to Launch a Company

People start businesses for any number of reasons, almost all of which are wrong. There is only one right reason, and you already know it.

24 Jan 2013,

12 Essential Traits Of Successful Start-up Leaders

From humility to the ability to stay focused anytime, 12 start-up founders share the traits they consider hallmarks of great leadership.

21 Jan 2013,

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