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Bus Ticket, TV Fee, Milk ... They Weigh Heavy In The Basket Of Goods

Households have seen some of their expenses increase between June and September. Moreover, the index of consumer prices rose from 103.4 points in June to 103.5 points in September, a slight increase of 0.1%, Statistics Mauritius reveals in a report released Wednesday.

20 Oct 2013,

De Janvier au 12 Septembre: 111 Morts pour 95 Accidents Fatals

En 2010, 151 accidents fatals font 158 morts ; en 2011, 132 accidents font 152 morts et en 2012, 144 accidents font 156 tués

30 Sep 2013,

With an Average of Rs 40,766 per Month : Higher Wages for Technicians and Scientists

Which sectors are practicing the highest salaries? Statistics Mauritius lifts the veil on the issue in a report on employment and wages published Wednesday

26 Sep 2013,

On The Road: 15 Drivers Per Hour Flashed By Radar

21,240 motorists flashed by Fixed Speed ??Cameras on June 24 last bar of 10,000 tickets with the operationalization of the Point Penalty System in May.

04 Sep 2013,

Road Accidents: The Number Of Cases Increased

The number of road accidents has increased by 5.5% for the first six months of this year compared to the same period last year. According to "Statistics Mauritius", 82 people died on the road, against 69 for the first half of 2012.

01 Sep 2013,

Road Safety: Reducing The Number Of Fatalities, But Most Victims

85 fatal accidents were recorded on our roads since the beginning of this year against 93 cases in the same period in 2012.

31 Aug 2013,

On The Road: 585 Tickets Issued Per Day

Operation seatbelts for passengers in the rear seats taken by the police from this weekend.

23 Aug 2013,

Economic Barometer PluriConseil

The collective investment fund dislodge the real estate market in the first place in the ranking of the favorite investment analysts. In the same vein, they tend to envision the dollar.

14 Aug 2013,

Statistics: The Violations Related to Speeding Drop 17%

Violations of traffic dominate the charts of convictions by courts in Mauritius and Rodrigues in 2012. However, those related to speeding fell by 17%. This is what reveals Statistics Mauritius in its annual report for 2012.

13 Aug 2013,

ICT Report 2012, Internet: 568,900 Registered Subscribers

The mobile Internet is growing faster than fixed internet. This is what emerges from the annual report on the sector of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) published by Statistics Mauritius on Friday.

03 Jul 2013,

Économie, Prévision De Statistics Mauritius: La Croissance 2013 Revue à Nouveau à la Baisse

Statistics Mauritius a, pour la 2e fois consécutive, corrigé à la baisse son estimation de la croissance économique pour 2013.

28 Jun 2013,

Profile of the 48,300 Unemployed in the Country

The list of unemployed is growing. Who are they? How old are they? Have they ever worked before? Statistics Mauritius reveals all the details of the unemployed in a report published Friday.

18 May 2013,

Mauritius Statistics: In 2012 Increase of 5.2% of Registered Vehicles

Figures compiled by Statistics Mauritius, on Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics, show a 5.2% increase in the number of vehicles registered at the National Transport Authority.

30 Mar 2013,

Indicateur : CPI, la Hausse de 4,2 Points de 2012 Expliquée

L’indice des prix à la consommation (CPI) a subi une hausse de 4,2 points (+3,2 %) l’année dernière, passant de 130,4 points en décembre 2011 à 134,6 points en décembre 2012. Le CPI, annonce Statistics Mauritius, est resté inchangé en février et mai et a pris une courbe ascendante pour les autres mois.

18 Jan 2013,

Statistics: The Service Sector Will Expand More Than The Productive Sector

The growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) will decline for the second consecutive year. It will be 3.2% in 2012 against 3.9% last year and 4.2% in 2010. The services sector will be better than production.

05 Oct 2012,

Statistics Mauritius Expects Growth Down To 3.2% This Year

Growth will be sluggish this year. Statistics Mauritius has released its new forecasts on Friday 28 September were revised to the downside.

01 Oct 2012,

Number Of Vehicles Increase By 2.6 Pc

According to the Central Statistics Office, an increase of 2.6 pc has been noted in the number of vehicles in the?country.

12 Sep 2012,

Maurice Compte 1 291 456 Habitants

La république de Maurice dénombre 1 291 456 habitants au 1er juillet 2012, soit 1 253 000 à Maurice, 38 167 à Rodrigues et 289 pour les autres îles.

28 Aug 2012,

Government spends around Rs 500 a day on each person detained in our penitentiary institutions

According to a Statistics Mauritius report, the government spends around Rs 500 a day on each person detained in our penitentiary institutions. It highlighted that the total (recurrent and capital) actual expenditure of the Prison Services in Mauritius was Rs 822 million for the fiscal year 2011. Its share as a percentage of the total [...]The post Government spends around Rs 500 a day on each person detained in our penitentiary institutions appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

15 Aug 2012, KotZot

FDI from January to June stood at Rs 3 billion

FDI fell by 60 per cent this year in relation to the same period of 2010 when Rs 8,244 was received

15 Sep 2011,