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Sunil Benimadhu: “Some 100,000 Mauritians hold shares in listed companies”

Sunil Benimadhu, Chief Executive Officer of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius explains SEM’s initiative to launch new indices and expresses satisfaction that one out of five workers holds shares in listed companies, a figure which compares favourably with some European countries.

09 Sep 2016,

Bourse: The Top 10 Known

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius issued Friday, the top 10 top-performing companies listed on the official market in terms of annual revenues for the period ending December 31, 2012. Both companies are up compared to last ranking, which was based on the annual income for the period ending August 28, 2012.

05 Jan 2013,

Treasury bills now on Stock Exchange

A hundred Government of Mauritius Treasury Bills (GMTB) of total value of Rs 10 million will be listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) as from Friday. They can be purchased only through an investment dealer and will be restricted to Mauritian citizens only. Also, the purchase will be limited to a maximum of [...]

16 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily

Top 10 Best Companies

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius has released the Top 10 companies of the Development & Enterprise Market

04 Apr 2011,

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius is going down

The stock market ended the week in negative territory. The total return index, the SEMTRI, closed the session on Friday 25 February to May 944.93 points, yielding 75.19 points during the week. As for SEMDEX, he closed the week at 2 033.61 points.

28 Feb 2011,