Subana Mauritius

Biscuiterie : Freelance Distributors Relancera La Production De Subana À Maurice

Vouée à la disparation en 2002, la biscuiterie Subana a pu survivre grâce à sa reprise par la compagnie Freelance Distributors en 2011.

02 Sep 2016,

The Trademark 'Subana' For Sale

A little less than a year after he left the service, biscuits Subana was placed in liquidation. The name of the factory and production unit of Bell-Village is an area of 4986 square meters were sold. The land on which the building is owned by the government and the transfer of the lease is allowed.

14 Sep 2013,

Subana: Agreement 60/40

Sky Investment Holdings Ltd has found the formula fairer. It is an agreement that the buyer will have 60% of the shares and the remaining 40% will go to four families.

02 Nov 2012,

Subana: Possible Partnership Project!

Development in the Subana case. If Noopnarain Sukai, former Managing Director of the Mauritius Biscuit Making Co. Ltd., wants to sell all the assets of the company and compensate employees, Sky Investment Holding Ltd. is willing to pay the debts.

18 Oct 2012,