Success story Mauritius

Success Story : Chris Gopaul Sacré ‘Best Chef’ en Irlande

Il figure parmi la poignée de spécialistes de cuisine à recevoir le titre de ‘Best Chef of the Year’ décerné par la ‘Restaurant Association of Ireland’. Chris Gopaul, chef mauricien installé en Irlande depuis 2006, n’en revient toujours pas. Joint au téléphone, il raconte sa folle aventure.

03 Jul 2015,

Success Story: Les Jeunes Entrepreneurs Font Preuve De Créativité

Inciter les jeunes à se prendre en main. Tel est le principal objectif du Youth Entrepreneurship Programme. Depuis son introduction, il connaît un réel succès et pousse de plus en plus de jeunes à se lancer dans l’entreprenariat.

29 Aug 2013,

New Age Business Disruptors

Who are the people shaking up their fields most dramatically?

08 Jul 2013,

MakeMyTrip's Tryst with Turbulence and its Journey Ahead

Deep Kalra, Indian online pioneer, has gained and lost his share of altitude. He keeps finding oxygen

11 May 2013,

Work at Home: Success for the Couple Bauhadoor

Their reputation was made "by word of mouth," says Deepa Bauhadoor. She and her husband, Aviral, began working at home, transforming a room in the workspace. The niche of this young couple Lallmatie: packaging of wedding gifts, engagement and others.

09 May 2013,

Poste-de-Flacq: The Success Story of Sandhya and Kishan Ramguthee

They never imagined meeting such a success. Yet in recent years, Sandhya and Kishan Ramguthee reached itself in the field of manufacturing and selling detergents. Their companyBest Detergents Limited , located in Poste de Flacq, continues to grow. And their products, marketed under the brand Kim et Shinex, innovate and diversify. They now plan to open another branch in another region.

25 Apr 2013,