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5 Secrets for Rewarding Employees

Employee recognition is priceless, yet it costs nothing. Here's how to keep your team motivated by rewarding them wisely.

16 Sep 2013,

Higher Education: The Response Of The UGC Crucial To the TEC

The regulatory body of the universities in India, the University Grants Commission (UGC), maintains its position with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) on the prohibition of five universities to operate in Mauritius.

13 Sep 2013,

Latest Findings On The Future Of Work And What You Should Do About It

A few months ago my team over at Chess Media Group ran a survey exploring a few key issues around the future of work.

19 Aug 2013,

4 Reasons Businesses Should Take Hashtags Seriously

Hashtags have become a prominent part of the online atmosphere and as of late, more and more social media sites have allowed for the categorizing program known as Hashtags.

09 Jul 2013,

Who cares about the TNT “Going Digital” survey?

2 days ago, we received a piece of paper in our letter box. You probably did too. Now that the deadline is over, who did really fill in the paper?

14 Apr 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

MEF Poll: Only 20% of Companies will Recruit in 2013

The Mauritius Employers' Federation (MEF) has released this week's Annual Business Trends Survey.

14 Mar 2013,

Price Observatory: Goods are Cheaper in Grand Port, Pamplemousses and Rivière du Rempart

The Price Observatory (PO), operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, published on 10 August 2012 the findings of the fourteenth pricing exercise. During a press conference, the Chairperson, Mr. Harish Bundhoo, also launched the first survey with a revised list of outlets and products. The PO outlined that [...]The post Price Observatory: Goods are Cheaper in Grand Port, Pamplemousses and Rivière du Rempart appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

16 Aug 2012, KotZot

Afrobarometer Survey: the Strongest Feeling of Insecurity in Rural and Urban Areas

The mood of the respondents was assessed particularly in terms of their experience as a victim of theft, their degree of serenity when travelling in their neighbourhood or in relation to the potential risk of aggression experiment home.

08 Jun 2012,

Afrobarometer Survey and StraConsult: "The Mauritians Serene of the country's economic future"

A survey was conducted on 1,200 persons in order to explore their perceptions of the country's economic situation and their views of institutions and corruption.

21 May 2012,

Bank of Mauritius Inflation Expectations Survey

Out of the 50 stakeholders chosen from the financial and real sectors of the economy, 46 responded to the survey

17 Mar 2011,

Industries and commercial facilities are required to complete the Inventory for Obsolete Chemicals

The Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands is conducting a survey on obsolete chemical stockpiles in industrial and commercial facilities.

16 Mar 2011,

Mauritius Central Bank Survey: February 2011

The annual growth rate of monetary base stood at 27.2 per cent in February 2011, down from 36.9 per cent in January 2011.

14 Mar 2011,