Taxi Mauritius

Taxi Drivers Training: Bunwaree Said Not to Worry About Political Colours

For the Minister of Education, it should in any case that there is a double standard. Vasant Bunwaree says that the political color does not matter as long as it is the country that is a winner. Regarding the training of taxi drivers operating the SSR International Airport, he argues that this is a revolution in economic and social history.

21 Sep 2013,

Taxis Hotels In The Red

They fail to honor their commitments to banks. Taxis that operate on behalf of coastal hotels across the island facing enormous difficulties for some time. Their work has been a drastic decline due to unfair competition, says their union representative, Atma Shanto.

14 Sep 2013,

Litige Taxis/Hotels : Que La NTA Revoie Sa Décision D’octroi De Permis

« Le Crystal Beach Hotel étant le dernier établissement “high class” de ce littoral, nous les taxis de la région n’aurons jamais plus de meilleures perspectives de travail ! »

05 Sep 2013,

Rafick Bahadoor (President Of The Taxi Proprietors Union): "The Review of Taxi Fares Made Sense"

Revising upwards their rates, taxi drivers will have their activities fall by 30-40% warns Rafick Bahadoor. In the following interview, the president of the Taxi Proprietors Union takes the drivers 'taxi brown', the authorities and the traveling public.

19 Aug 2013,

Increase in Bus Fares: Taxi Drivers Express their Fears

Taxi owners fear the consequences of the increase in bus fares on their activities. They believe that the public will turn to more buses, vans and taxis chestnuts.

30 Jul 2013,

Taxi Drivers Meet with the Minister of Tourism

In case a solution is not found, they take to the streets. Taxi drivers operating in the North are exasperated by what they call unfair competition from private vans. They meet with the Minister of Tourism, Thursday, July 11.

11 Jul 2013,

Goodlands and Rivière du Rempart Taxis Protest Because Parking

A total disarray nearby parking areas in these two northern villages. Taxi drivers are raised because there is not enough space available that can park their vehicles.

08 Jul 2013,

Midlands: Tensions Between Taxi Drivers and Drivers ‘Taxi Brown’

Within a month, the number of taxi operators brown almost doubled Midlands. This situation causes anxiety taxi drivers in the area who lament the inaction of the authorities.

04 Jul 2013,

Taxi ‘Marrons’: Why Not Legalise Them ?

Private cars plying as ‘taxis’ is now a very common phenomenon in Mauritius. Many people are obliged to travel by illegal taxis simply because they cannot find alternative reliable transport.

17 Jun 2013,

Tourism: Decrease 75% of the Taxi Business

"The work at the moment, is catastrophic. This is a week that I'm the first in line for taxis with a hotel as a base of operations from the coast of the island. And to this day, I still waiting for a customer is the tip of his nose so that I could work. And it seems that I'll wait. "

12 Jun 2013,

Penalty Points: Protesting Against the "Favour" Made to Taxis Brown

Individual bus operators and taxi owners announced the creation of a common platform to protest against the " favour "granted to illegal taxis.

20 May 2013,

Taxi: Can People Still Afford It?

In times when prices of almost everything are rising, watching the meter on a taxi tick higher and higher and receiving a huge bill can be distressing. Most cabbies today charge at least Rs 200 for any trip regardless of whether the distance is short or not.

13 Apr 2013,

Services Publics : Taxis Opérant Hors de Leur Rayon d’Opération

Il y a un endroit où les taxis ne transportent jamais les passagers de leur rayon d’opération. Découvrez-le avec le récit suivant.

25 Mar 2013,

Transfert De Permis D’opération : Permission pour une Révision Judiciaire Accordée à 5 Taximen

Les juges Shaheda Peeroo et Nalini Matadeen ont accordé mercredi la permission à cinq chauffeurs de taxi de recourir à une Judicial Review de la décision de la NTA leur interdisant d’opérer pour l’hôtel Grand Mauritian à Balaclava. Ils devront ensuite soutenir leur demande dans une autre manche.

23 Mar 2013,

Allocation of Taxi Patent: NTA Promises More Transparency

He had hit his fist on the table, as well as the rant of the President of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Brian Glover, to the plains bear fruit. The National Transport Authority has finally committed to transparency in the allocation of patent taxi.

18 Mar 2013,

Licensing Taxi: ICAC Investigation in NTA

ICAC seized incriminating documents that would be for the National Transport Authority (NTA) on two patent taxi. This, after the testimony of a taxi driver late January.

10 Mar 2013,

No Increase in Taxi Rates

Despite the rising cost of gasoline, taxi fare to travel will not change.

07 Mar 2013,

Les Taxis : Un Maillon Important de l’Economie

À chaque fois qu’on évoque le transport public à Maurice, on parle surtout des autobus et de plus en plus du futur métro léger. On oublie les 6 912 taxis qui véhiculent des milliers de passagers chaque jour.

28 Feb 2013,

Répertoire des Courses Effectuées- Another Document that Angry Taxi Drivers

Controversy surrounding the presence mandatory, a document (notebook) in taxis. The Taxi Proprietors Union disputes this position in 2011 and decided that would be "ignored" for all drivers. Verbalized those displayed their discontent.

22 Feb 2013,

« Taxis Marron » à Port-Louis : Une Association de Taxis Réclame des Mesures plus Strictes

La Cassis Taxi Operators Association (CTOA) réclame des actions plus strictes contre les taxis qui opèrent illégalement. Le président de cette association, Devadasen Soopramanien Mudaly, a écrit une pétition à la National Transport Authority (NTA), au Commissaire de Police et à la mairie de Port-Louis pour que des actions nécessaires soient prises.

11 Feb 2013,