Team Mauritius

7 Secrets to a Killer Team Presentation

When you're pitching as a team, it's important not to get in your own way. Here's how to make the most of group presentations.

18 Sep 2013,

When Teams Break Down

What happens when you don't invest in maintenance for your team.

11 Aug 2013,

That’s Your Job! When You’re Asked to do Someone Else’s Work

There are plenty of reasons why people ask you to help them out at the office.

13 Jul 2013,

How to Grow a Small Team: Nine Hiring Best Practices

I have found significant value in connecting to, bouncing ideas off of, and seeking advice from other CEOs and management team members of startups and small business. Although we come from a breadth of industries, hiring is an exercise we universally consider to be a significant undertaking. It is a priority for all of us as we look to grow our companies.

22 May 2013,

How to Make a Decision When Your Team Doesn't Agree

In light of Margaret Thatcher's death, much discussion has ensued about her leadership style. That she could--and did--carry the day cannot disguise the fact that she polarized so many. She carried the majority, so what went wrong?

23 Apr 2013,