Textile Mauritius

One Hundred Employees of a Textile Factory Taken Ill

They have the breathing gases entering the process of dyeing clothes. One hundred employees of a Firemount Textiles Ltd.. in Goodlands, were taken ill on Friday December 20.They were taken to the hospital.

20 Dec 2013, business.mega.mu

New Offensive Floreal Knitwear in Bangladesh

Le Floreal Knitwear Group, which produces 5.5 million pieces per year, plans a big expansion in Bangladesh, where it already produces 1.5 million pieces.

28 Nov 2013, business.mega.mu

Textile: Ferney Spinning Mills in Negotiations with Benetton

It is positioned to become a potential supplier of the Benetton Group. Mushtaq Sooltangos, General Manager of Ferney Spinning Mills (FSM), confirms that the company has initiated discussions with the giant Benetton, traded in New York, Milan and Frankfurt. Among the best known brands in this group include United Colors of Benetton, Sisley and Undercolors of Benetton.

04 Nov 2013, business.mega.mu

Textile: Empower the Industry to Reinvent Itself

The last budget measures have facilitated the use of foreign labor and helped to conquer new markets. As part of Budget 2014, operators recommend the establishment of "schemes" to promote investment in this sector.

02 Nov 2013, business.mega.mu

Fall in Exports of Textiles and Clothing

According to data from the Mauritius Export Association (MexA), total exports for the first three months of 2013 showed a nominal increase of 1.2% from Rs 10.88 billion in 2012 to about Rs 10.9 billion in 2013 . However, net exports have declined significantly in the order of 14% during this period.

25 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

Working Conditions: Textile Workers Are Exploited?

What really marked the week, the deportation of Bangladeshi workers who had begun a strike at Real Garments, La Tour Koenig. The situation escalated as several have been deported while others chose to leave. The union Faizal Ally Beegun talking him of injustice done to the Bangladeshi workers, even the textile workers in general. -What is it really?

13 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

RS Denim Put the Key Under the Mat

Collapsing under the weight of its debts, RS Denim , the company of former MP Ram Mardaymootoo closed its doors. A meeting to approve the liquidation of the account books of the company at 9 am Thursday, September 12 at the headquarters of PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Ebony.

12 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

Promotional Campaign In India: The Lakme Fashion Week Puts Maurice Featured

The destination Mauritius was in the spotlight at the Lakme India Fashion Week, an event in partnership with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA). At that time, the country is associated with the world of fashion with the help of Indian designer Ranna Gill. Through this initiative, the Office of Tourism hopes to attract mainly young Indian customers.

05 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

China Textile Industry Leaders Discuss Sustainability At Esquel Gathering In Foshan

Leaders from China’s textile industry ended a three-day gathering in the southern Chinese city of Foshan today after exchanging about trends that advance both environmental sustainability as well as business.

19 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

Liquidation RS Denim: The End Of Very Controversial Textile Giant

Tens of millions of rupees of public money had been injected into RS Denim to save the company a few years ago. In vain. The company will be dissolved on Monday morning.

15 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

Go-Slow In Harbour: Textile Industry Hit Hard

The whole economy is in jeopardy, warns President MEXA. Since the go-slow started by port workers, the textile sector is disrupted, including an order of Rs 200 million in the blocked port.

26 Jun 2013, business.mega.mu

Free Trade Zone: Shadow still Threatens Operation

Since the creation of the free trade zone in the 70s, a lot of things have changed. 9 factories employing some 600 people, there are now 300 companies which operate about 60,000 workers whose 15,000 are foreigners.

20 Jun 2013, business.mega.mu

Textile: Orders from Bangladesh Redirected to Mauritian Manufactures

Following the collapse of a building housing garment factories of textile products in Bangladesh, European stores have opted for Mauritian textile factories for their production. The "Texting" particular group, which also operates in Madagascar, has been awarded a contract with a German customer.

18 May 2013, business.mega.mu

Textile : le Marché se Redynamise

La morosité, qui a caractérisé le marché de l’exportation du textile-habillement durant les trois premiers mois de l’année, va s’estomper dans les trois prochains mois. C’est ce qu’a indiqué, mercredi, au Matinal, Dev Chamroo, Chief Executive Office d’Enterprise Mauritius (EM).

05 May 2013, business.mega.mu

Integrated Textile Park to Woo Indian Market

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection is presently studying the possibility of establishing an ‘Integrated Textiles Park’ in Mauritius.

28 Feb 2013, business.mega.mu

Textile: Serious Concerns

Despite the influx of orders for the first quarter of the year, the situation is not rosy for textile companies. The lack of visibility and increased competition weighs on prices put local businesses in a difficult situation.

11 Feb 2013, business.mega.mu

India-Maurice Textile: Five Agreements Signed

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection Cader Sayed Hossen, and the High Commissioner of India in Mauritius T.P. Seetharam conducted the signing of five cooperation agreements between Indian and Mauritian institutions specialized in textiles. It was this morning at the hotel Labourdonnais at Caudan, Port Louis.

31 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

Textile: Licensees of BH Industries Concerned

The plant BH Industries (Bon Horizon), located at the street Célicourt Antelme, Quatre-Bornes, stop its operations on 1 February. 200 employees, who then find themselves unemployed say they are worried because they do not know yet whether they will receive their full benefits.

29 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

42 Years for Textile: A Key Pillar

The textile industry has just celebrated its 42 years of existence in Mauritius. Its increasing trend since 1970 has marked a new era in the demographic, macroeconomic and social development. It is now an essential pillar of our economy. Overview.

28 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

Exports Mauritius: The Textile / Clothing Shows its Resilience

The textile and clothing industry in Mauritius has demonstrated its resilience in 2012 despite the continuing economic turmoil in the euro area and the difficult situation prevailing in other markets.

18 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu