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7 Tips for Emailing Extraordinarily Busy People

Here's how to break through the noise and get busy people to take action when you email them.

10 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

Totally Terrified of Public Speaking? 4 Tips to Cope

If giving a presentation or public speaking strikes fear in your heart, I'll share a few of my favorite tips for how can you face your fear head on and speak like a pro in public.

16 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

Why Some of the World's Most Productive People Have Empty Schedules

Back in 1991, Warren Buffett met Bill Gates, though as he tells career community website Levo League, neither of them were excited to see one another. But it turned out they had a great time talking—and during the course of the conversation, Buffett pulled out the little black date book that he carries in his pocket. He flipped through it: The pages were practically empty.

12 Jul 2013, business.mega.mu

Time Flies: Here's How to Slow It Down

Science offers ideas about how to reconstruct that feeling of long, slow days you remember from when you were a kid.

09 Jul 2013, business.mega.mu

Be an Industry Insider: How to Squeeze Job-Related Reading Into Your Day

When you catch a few spare minutes of reading time in your day, you’ve got a tough choice: HuffPost Celeb? The new bestseller on your Kindle? The memes you pinned on Pinterest last week?

10 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day

Becoming and staying productive isn't about hard-to-follow programs or logging your every move in an app. It's about self-care. Here are daily to-dos to get you started.

13 Dec 2012, business.mega.mu

Employees Really Do Waste Time at Work, Part Two

We all waste time at work. This is the “elephant in the room.” And with more and more employees constantly wired, spending time on non-work-related stuff is easy.

23 Nov 2012, business.mega.mu