Trou aux biches Mauritius

Méduses-boîtes dans le Nord : attention à ces venimeuses « guêpes de mer »

Son arme : un vénin à l’effet fulgurant. La méduse-boîte ne parait pas particulièrement redoutable avec sa tête transparente et ses fins tentacules. Pourtant, un simple contact avec elle peut être fatal à sa proie. Attention à ces venimeuses « guêpes de mer » qui étendent leur territoire dans certaines lagons du Nord …

03 Jan 2019,

Things that I will definitely remember when I’m voting in 3 days…

In 3 days time, over 900,000 Mauritians will be required to head towards their respective voting centers to exercise one of their constitution rights – The right to vote. With 2 consecutive mandates, the...

07 Dec 2014, Yashvin, pages of my life

Trou aux Biches – NO to Resto Pandit and other petits copains

Unless you really don’t care about what’s going on in our small country, you must have surely heard of the restaurant being built right in the small parking area of Trou aux Biches public beach. Once again, we are here witnessing how the close people (commonly known as “petits copains”) and political agents to those in […]

15 Sep 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Mauritius Tourist Industry – A lot of hotels to open in 2011

The opening of a dozen hotels is planned for this year bringing about what 1000 additional rooms to accommodate 980,000 tourists expected in 2011. Several hotels are scheduled to open or to be fully operational this year, representing an increase of 9% of the existing hotel supply. Long Beach Mauritius, whose opening is planned for

02 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot