Varma case Mauritius

Yatin Varma Denies All Allegations

The former Minister of Justice, Yatin Varma, has spent more than three hours in the premises of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID), as part of the investigation for obstruction of justice.

11 Jul 2013,

Motion de Radiation des Charges Contre Allet : le Procès Renvoyé au Mardi 6 Août

Le président de la MPA, Maurice Allet, s’est rendu en Cour ce jeudi. Sa motion pour la radiation des charges retenues contre lui devait y être débattue. Mais, le Parquet a décidé de renvoyer l’affaire au mardi 6 août prochain.

11 Jul 2013,

Varma Case: Characters

Subash Gobine, Bala Kamatchi and Rashid Beebeejaun. These are the names that have been mentioned in the case Varma. Next week, this list could go on. Who threw those names? What was their involvement in the scandal? And that they might?

07 Jul 2013,

Varma Case , Bala Kamatchi: " Question of Money Was Not Mentioned"

The investigation into the Varma case saw Thursday interrogation Kamatchi Bala, who has denied allegations made by Mario Jeannot.

05 Jul 2013,

Varma Case: CCID Wants to Hear Rashid Beebeejaun

The CCID account go to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister this Thursday, July 4, 2013, in the case of Varma. Questions have already been prepared. Investigators also want to hear Mario Jeannot and Yatin Varma.

04 Jul 2013,

Varma Case: Maurice Allet Released after a Bail of Rs 20,000

For three hours, Wednesday morning, July 3, Maurice Allet, president of the MPA continued his testimony to the Barracks. He has been provisionally charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

03 Jul 2013,

Premier Interrogatoire au CCID: Maurice Allet Nie Toute Proposition Financière

Attendu au pays depuis une semaine, le président de la Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) s’est expliqué, mardi, au Central CID, en compagnie de ses avocats. Après plusieurs heures d’interrogatoire, il a nié toute implication dans les propositions financières comme le décrit Mario Jeannot.

03 Jul 2013,

Varma Case: Maurice Allet Arrested

Arrested at his plane at Plaisance airport Tuesday morning July 2nd downhill Maurice Allet is under arrest in the case Varma.

02 Jul 2013,

Yatin Varma Arrested by CCID

The former Attorney General was arrested around 13 pm Wednesday, June 26 45. Yatin Varma was presented before the court of Port-Louis. A provisional charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice was lodged against him. He was released after providing a deposit of Rs 20,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 200,000.

26 Jun 2013,

Yatin Varma Will Visit CCID Wednesday

Whereas the Central CID [CCID] this Tuesday, June 25, former Attorney General finally make the central barracks Wednesday, June 26.

25 Jun 2013,

Between Florent and Yannick : Who Did Posted Rs 2 Million on Paper?

This is the version of Mario Jeannot against those Yatin Varma and Reza Issack. Which included the sum of Rs 2 million on a piece of paper home Jeannot? Yatin Varma and Reza Issack mentioned the name of Yannick's brother Florent.

25 Jun 2013,

Case Varma: Navin Ramgoolam Speak, Yatin Varma Reply to Jeannot

Under pressure, the Prime Minister broke his silence. He denies being aware of contacts between Varma and Jeannot family. Yatin Varma, given its complicated week, meets Johnny.

25 Jun 2013,

Reza Issack: " Si Mo Bizin Paye Les Consequens Ava Payé"

Press Conference Reza Issack this Friday, June 21 at around 18 hours. He wanted to explain the place of his statements to the police and advocates of good faith in negotiations with Jeannot family ...

21 Jun 2013,

Reza Issack Resigns as PPS

The Parliamentary Private Secretary, Reza Issack, submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister and the President Purryag. This, after appearing in court in Port-Louis in a provisional charge of conspiracy in connection with the case Varma.

21 Jun 2013,

Reza Issack Arrested

Development challenge in the investigation of allegations of obstruction of justice. The Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) and Labour MP, Reza Issack, was arrested this Friday, June 21 under a provisional charge of "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice."

21 Jun 2013,

Yatin Varma Admitted to the Clinic Again

After obtaining his discharge Fortis Clinique Darné Thursday, June 20 in the afternoon, Yatin Varma had to be admitted fresh in the evening, this time at the clinic of the Good Shepherd, Rose Hill.

21 Jun 2013,

Will Reza Issack Resigned as PPS Today?

He will again go to the central barracks this morning Friday, June 21 And after that, says Reza Issack, he will decide whether to resign or not as Parliamentary Private Secretary.

21 Jun 2013,

Varma Case: PPS Reza Issack Arrested After the Summons of CCID

After Mario Jeannot, it was the turn of PPS Reza Issack to be interviewed by the CCID this Thursday, June 20 The father Florent Jeannot involved patch member in a financial arrangement. He was arrested shortly before 14 hours.

20 Jun 2013,

Reza Issack: "I Done Away With Media about Case Varma”

No more comment from Reza Issack on Varma case. This is the PPS and Member of Parliament No. 19 himself, who says. He maintains that he does not want to put anyone in trouble and even less pervert the truth.

20 Jun 2013,

Varma Case: Role of Maurice Allet

Money to buy the silence of Florent Jeannot. His father Mario poured into the prosecution case against the trio Varma-Allet-Issack various documents, audio tapes and other transcripts.

20 Jun 2013,