Volcano Mauritius

Bali volcano: Residents living in evacuation zone urged to leave now

Bali residents living next to a smoldering volcano are being urged to evacuate as soon as possible, amid warnings from emergency agencies of another larger eruption.

28 Nov 2017, business.mega.mu

As Hawaii Lava Flow Threatens Town, Looters Hit Evacuated Homes

Threatened by lava flows, many residents in the Hawaiian village of Pahoa have fled, leaving behind homes that one business owner says are being targeted by looters.

28 Oct 2014, business.mega.mu

31 Believed Dead After Japan's Mt. Ontake Erupts; Recovery Effort Underway

Military and other rescue workers began airlifting more than two dozen bodies from the ash-blanketed peak of a Japanese volcano on Monday morning, as family members of the missing waited at a nearby elementary school.

29 Sep 2014, business.mega.mu

Japanese Volcano Kills One, Over 30 Seriously Injured

A Japanese volcano popular with hikers erupted on Saturday, killing one woman and seriously injuring more than 30 people, officials and media said.

27 Sep 2014, business.mega.mu

Mass Evacuation in Indonesia as Java Volcano Erupts

Tens of thousands of Indonesians have fled their homes after a volcano erupted in east Java.

15 Feb 2014, business.mega.mu

Red Alert Issued for Volcano on Chile-Argentina border

Chilean authorities on Sunday issued a red alert -- the most severe in their warning system -- that the Copahue Volcano, high in the Andes mountains on the border with Argentina, might be poised for a significant eruption.

24 Dec 2012, business.mega.mu