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17 Ways To Be Indispensable At Work

Job security is a serious concern for so many employees in today’s workforce. Knowing that so many positions are being outsourced, cut, or revamped, for instance, makes it especially difficult to believe that anybody’s job is completely safe, says Rita Friedman, a Philadelphia-based career coach and resume writer.

14 Sep 2013,

The 12 Habits Of Highly Collaborative Organizations

When it comes to the future of work and collaboration I’ve worked with and researched hundreds of companies.

05 Aug 2013,

Why Some of the World's Most Productive People Have Empty Schedules

Back in 1991, Warren Buffett met Bill Gates, though as he tells career community website Levo League, neither of them were excited to see one another. But it turned out they had a great time talking—and during the course of the conversation, Buffett pulled out the little black date book that he carries in his pocket. He flipped through it: The pages were practically empty.

12 Jul 2013,

What Are the Limits of Transparency?

Modern business theorists hail the open organization, but secrets between employers and employees are sometimes a good thing. What's the proper balance between transparency and opaqueness? asks Professor Jim Heskett.

12 Jul 2013,

[Guest Post] Are ICT jobs decreasing in Mauritius?

A new guest post from a young guy who just completed his Advanced Diploma in IT but currently finding difficulties to get a job. Let's read what he wrote for us.

21 Feb 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

How To Keep Your Job Without Working Yourself To Death

Just when we thought the economy might be improving, recent job reports and layoffs confirm what, deep down, we already knew: Employers are reluctant to hire and want more productivity from fewer people.

11 Feb 2013,

How to Leave the Office at 5PM (Really)

Every morning you set a goal to leave the office in time to spend the evening hanging out with your loved ones. And every evening around 5 or 6PM, you look at the mound of not-done work and realize it's not happening.

03 Jan 2013,

5 Things You Should Know Before Working at a Start-Up

Working for a start-up is attractive—sometimes magnetically so. The job descriptions usually include phrases like “casual, fun office environment” and “room for rapid advancement.”

31 Dec 2012,

Find Time for Your Personal Life and Get a Handle on Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule

It's hard to leave the office at a reasonable time of day when your workplace culture centers on long hours. But the cost of not leaving work is high: a half-built life and career burnout.

11 Nov 2012,