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Working Conditions: Textile Workers Are Exploited?

What really marked the week, the deportation of Bangladeshi workers who had begun a strike at Real Garments, La Tour Koenig. The situation escalated as several have been deported while others chose to leave. The union Faizal Ally Beegun talking him of injustice done to the Bangladeshi workers, even the textile workers in general. -What is it really?

13 Sep 2013,

South Africans outraged by police killing of 34 striking miners

South African news agency Sapa claimed 18 people died when heavily-armed riot police supported by helicopters opened fire, with private TV station showing still images of many people lying injured and dead. Up to 3,000 workers are thought to have walked out in a row over pay, with many of them carrying machetes and [...]The post South Africans outraged by police killing of 34 striking miners appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

17 Aug 2012, KotZot

Agriculture: Foreign Workers Wanted

Rajdeo Kissoonah is a small grower of vegetables in Belle Mare. He is leading a group of farmers from the East seeking the government, including the Department of Agro-Industry, for the facilities to bring in foreign workers.

19 Dec 2011,

Foreign Workers: Labor Recruiters Will Be Better Regulated

The new regulations concerning the recruitment of foreign workers will be considered Friday, December 2 at the Council of Ministers. They will be binding on the recruiting agents who operate illegally .

30 Nov 2011,

1055 foreign workers have been repatriated from Mauritius

These workers were working in the textile, leather garment manufacturing and construction sectors, among others

20 Jul 2011,

412 ex-employees of sugar estates got land in Mauritius

The ceremony was held for people under the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS II) and Early Retirement Scheme (ERS)

20 May 2011,

Mauritius is turning to Bangladesh for recruitment

Labour minister Shakeel Mohamed is flying soon to Dhaka to sign an agreement

22 Mar 2011,