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Rapport PRB en Octobre, Curpen Naick : Nous Allons Respecter Notre Calendrier

Les heures de travail s’allongent au Pay Research Bureau (PRB). Les consultations avec les syndicats se font même durant le week-end. Objectif : boucler le rapport dans le délai prescrit.

14 Jul 2015,

Nomination: Teemul Jeebodhun à la Tête du PRB

Il y assurait l’intérim depuis juillet 2013. Et depuis mai, Teemul Jeebodhun, 62 ans, a été confirmé au poste de directeur du Pay Research Bureau (PRB).

01 Jul 2014,

Rapport PRB : les Consultations Démarrent en Août

Le Pay Research Bureau (PRB) a annoncé son intention de démarrer ses consultations avec les syndicats de la fonction publique et ceux représentant des corps paraétatiques à partir d’août prochain.

23 Jun 2014,

PRB: Procedures Soon Exchanged

Procedures for the preparation of the next report of Pay Research Bureau (PRB) in 2015 will soon be engaged. Union leaders of the Public Service were informed of the impending future reference.

10 Mar 2014,

'Overpayment' of PRB: Reimbursement Imposed on Officials

Implementation report on Dev Manraj 'Errors, Omissions and Anomalies' the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) has proved to be an exercise somewhat complicated for some departments and parastatal bodies. For several months, employees were overpaid.

23 Dec 2013,

Employés De La CNT Régis Par Le PRB : La Direction Soumettra Le 26 Novembre Sa Defense

La National Transport Corporation Staff Association (NTCSA), qui regroupe les 106 employés de la CNT dont les conditions de travail sont régies par le Pay Research Bureau (PRB), a déposé une motion en Cour suprême pour demander au juge en chambre d’émettre un ordre d’injonction en vue de bloquer la décision du gouvernement de contraindre les employés ayant atteint 55 ans ou plus de se soumettre à un choix concernant leur avenir.

20 Nov 2013,

PRB: Report Manraj Will be Reviewed

The Ministry of Public Service has decided to establish a committee to to scrutinize the complaints of officials following the report of 'Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Committee' (EOCA) established in the wake of the report the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) 2013.

15 Jul 2013,

Manraj Report: Officers Statistics Mauritius Show in Port-Louis Streets

Unusual scene in the streets of the capital on Monday, July 8. One hundred officers Statistics Mauritius showed mid-day to protest against the recommendations of Dev Manraj of anomalies of the last report Pay Research Bureau (PRB).

08 Jul 2013,

PRB Policy: Rs 282,000 per Month (+ Rs 72,000) for the PM

The National Assembly will be asked to approve at its meeting Tuesday the new scale of allowances for ministers and parliamentarians as well as the President and the Vice-President of the Republic. Bills will be driven on by Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam.

17 Jun 2013,

Committee to Look for Anomalies in the Manraj Report

The unionist Narendranath Gopee ad a meeting with the Minister of Public Service, Sutyadeo Moutia on Thursday, June 6. He particularly noted anomalies in the report Dev Manraj. And "The meeting was very positive."

07 Jun 2013,

PRB: New Wages Paid In Three Steps

Cold shower for all staff. A circular on the implementation of the report about abnormalities PRB 2013 indicates that the wage revision advocated by Dev Manraj be made in three stages.

31 May 2013,

PRB 2013: "Frustration and Working Conditions Unexciting"

The Office Clerk Branch, Ministry of Social Security and National Identity Card Unit, affiliated to the Government Service Employees Association (GSEA), discusses working conditions unexciting and frustration, after the publication of the Errors & Omissions Pay Research Bureau (PRB) 2013.

31 May 2013,

Implementation of PRB Correction Report: Officials Informed about Details at Friday

By the end of this week, the Department of Public Service will issue the long-awaited by officials circular, which aims to endorse the changes by Manraj report. This is the minister, Sutyadeo Moutia, who announced on Wednesday the launch of a training program for members of the VIPSU at Vacoas.

30 May 2013,

PRB Report Errors, Omissions and Anomalies: And the Winners Are ...

The report on the errors, omissions and anomalies Pay Research Bureau, released last Monday, was quite happy. Among the teachers, nurses and constables.

26 May 2013,

PRB and Manraj Recommendations Cost Rs 4300 per Year for Each Mauritian

It is the taxpayers who will have to cough up funding recommendations Manraj report, endorsed by the Council of Ministers, Monday, May 20

23 May 2013,

PRB Payé in Toto avec Effet Rétroactif à Janvier 2013

Le Premier ministre Navin Ramgoolam a déclaré que les revendications syndicalistes étaient légitimes, surtout lorsqu’il s’agit de la nécessité de réduire l’écart salarial entre les hauts et les petits fonctionnaires.

22 May 2013,

PRB: Feedback from Unionists and Economists

The Manraj report on "errors, omissions and anomalies" of the last report Pay Research Bureau (PRB) was endorsed and released by Cabinet on Monday night.

21 May 2013,

PRB: Reducing Gap Between High And Low Wages

Each member of the public is entitled to a minimum of 22% increase in base salary. Thus, the exception report Dev Manraj account the gap between the largest salaries in the public and those at the bottom of the ladder. The ratio of the salary of a General Worker to that of a Permanent Secretary (PS) therefore pass 1:8,6 in 2008 to 1:7.5.

21 May 2013,

PRB Report: New Salary

What are the new salaries in the public and quasi-public body? To find out, download the salary scales in the report Errors and Omissions PRB released Monday, May 20

21 May 2013,

Correction Report PRB: Retroactive Effect from January 2013

The report Dev Manraj on "Errors and Omissions" the Pay Research Bureau will be applied with retroactive effect from January 2013, Navin Ramgoolam announced Monday. Readjustments of the PRB in 2013 cost Rs 1 billion in additional countries.

20 May 2013,

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