CHC Mauritius

Port: CHC is Positioned as the Regional Reference

The Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHC) is positioned to become the leader of transshipment in the region. It displays the meter capacity dépasant far the international standards transhipment, with 21 container movements per hour against an average of 15 movements per hour.

04 Mar 2013,

CHCL Efficiency Up as Container Count Hits 500 k

A source close to The Cargo Handling Corporation (CHCL) has confirmed to The Independent that its container count has reached 500,000 for the year 2012.

13 Dec 2012,

CHC Bows To Truckers

Sit-in was narrowly avoided in the port Tuesday. Truckers had decided not to work on Monday. If this were the case, businesses in the country have been paralyzed. Fortunately, a consensus was reached between the parties.

16 Oct 2012,

A Ministerial Committee for the Cargo Handling Corporation Restructuring

After a failed first attempt to privatize the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd, the Cabinet approved the establishment of a High Powered Committee to look into the restructuring of the port operator.

21 May 2012,

Disastrous Financial Situation: New Direction for CHC

The Cargo Handling Corporation (CHC) exchanges boss. The Board decided to appoint Sanjaye Paddia far CFO of the company heavily indebted state.

08 Feb 2012,

Port: The Rate of Productivity in the Cargo Handling Corporation in Free Fall

The Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL) finds himself in trouble. The productivity rate increased from 21.2 in January 2011 to 14.5 in December. However, the volume of goods handled is increasing.

05 Jan 2012,

CHC incurs loss of

Member of Parliament (MP) Reza Uteem sought information from Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam on the financial situation at the Cargo Handling Corporation. Uteem wanted to know the amount of outstanding debt and the number of staff employed at CHC. In his reply, Dr Ramgoolam said that since 1999, CHC has invested in the purchase [...]

19 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Delegates meet to decide on CHC’s future

The Port Louis Maritime Employees Association (PLMEA) will organise its delegates’ assembly soon. This follows the meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Tuesday on the privatisation of the Cargo Handling Corporation (CHC). This was confirmed by Alain Edouard, president of PLMEA. Edouard said that the trade union, which represents the dock workers, [...]

06 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily

Le sort de la Cargo Handling devant le PM

Le gouvernement ira aller de l'avant avec la privatisation de la Cargo Handling Corporation (CHC).

04 Oct 2011,

Des dettes de Rs 200 M à la Cargo Handling

La Cargo Handling Corporation Limited (CHC) se trouve de mal en pis

28 Jun 2011,

Les prochains jours seront déterminants

Relations industrielles dans le port

23 May 2011,