CWA Mauritius

SBM Launches Phase II of its SBM Billpay

Launched last year by the State Bank of Mauritius, the service expanded SBM Billpay be seen as a new feature now includes the Central Water Authority (CWA) for the payment of water bills and 'waste water '.

06 Dec 2012,

Water: Drastic Rationing Proposed

The Central Water Authority (CWA) plays the card of caution.With the decrease dramatically from the water main reservoirs, groundwater and rivers, this body will have no choice but to revise its schedule of distribution.

28 Nov 2012,

CWA: No Water to East?

The situation is hardly stellar. After the groundwater level, here we note a decline in major reservoirs.

23 Nov 2012,

Water Supply: Long Planned Cuts in the East

The water level of groundwater in the east of the country, has drastically declined. Some groundwater declined by more than 50%. Heavy rains are expected as late January and early February to allow groundwater to fill. Water supply is already disturbed in 15 localities from the east this weekend.

17 Nov 2012,

Water: Eastern Regions Fed Once a Day

Here we go again! Several eastern regions will be fed once a day in drinking water is between 4 and 9 am.

15 Nov 2012,

CWA: Rs 715.5 Million Invested To Change Damaged Pipes

The Central Water Authority (CWA) does not find itself in the same situation as last year. It strives to improve its distribution network across the country. And a sum of Rs 715.5 million will be injected to relieve 125,180 subscribers. Part of this sum has already been injected into the repair of old pipes.

18 Oct 2012,

CWA Provides Water Shortages In North

The Central Water Authority (CWA) closes the floodgates again. It provides water shortages in many parts of North between 9 and 16 hours.

11 Oct 2012,

Fourniture D’eau : 50 000 Compteurs Défectueux Seront Remplacés Par La CWA

La Central Water Authority (CWA) est en train de changer des compteurs défectueux à travers le pays. L’organisme compte remplacer quelque 50 000 compteurs dans un premier temps.

22 Jun 2012,

Tout-à-l’Egout : un Gros Projet Débute à Grand-Baie

Les travaux de tout-à-l’égout dans le cadre du Plaines Wilhems Sewerage Project (PWSP Lot 2) sont complétés à 85 %.

29 May 2012,

Drinking Water: CWA Plans to Review Distributing Hours

The Board of Directors of the Central Water Authority (CWA) will decide on a possible relaxation times of water distribution across the country. These measures could take effect by the end of April.

09 Apr 2012,

Privatization: a Necessity?

A subject that is under debate at the Cargo Handling Corporation and the Central Water Authority (CWA). The journalist Nadarajen Pillay has made his theme on the show "For or Against".

06 Mar 2012,

Eau: un Plan de Secours pour Mare-aux-Vacoas

La Central Water Authority (CWA) se prépare à une éventualité de pénurie d'eau. Ainsi un plan de secours est en préparation afin que le pays n'en connaisse pas une crise dans les semaines à venir.

23 Feb 2012,

Beware! Water wastage measures back again!

Mauritians fellows, I hope that you recently washed your cars as well as watered your lawn or got your windows cleaned recently.

09 Feb 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

The CWA Requires New State of Emergency and Closes the Valves

The Central Water Authority talks tough. From this Friday, February 10, restrictions are in force regarding the misuse of drinking water.

09 Feb 2012,

CWA Unearths 250 Illegal Lines

The Anti-Fraud Unit of the Central Water Authority (CWA) is determined in pursuing its struggle of tracking down those bypassing water meters.

30 Jan 2012,

Midlands Dam à la Rescousse des Réservoirs

La Central Water Authority (CWA) enclenche de grands travaux pour interconnecter les réservoirs du pays afin d’assurer une meilleure distribution d’eau potable tout le long de l’année dans le pays.

18 Jan 2012,

Fourniture d’Eau: 270 km de Tuyaux à Changer

De gros travaux vont débuter l’année prochaine sur le plateau central et dans les environs de Mare-aux-Vacoas afin d’améliorer la fourniture d’eau dans ces régions.

20 Dec 2011,

Despite the heavy rains of December, the CWA opts for caution

The country was drunken earlier this week. Despite the rain, the Central Water Authority wants cautious about the water supply. The side of the weather, the forecast for heavy rains during the second half of December are maintained.

17 Dec 2011,

Water: the Country Will Be Dry in 75 Days

It's a crucial week awaits the Central Water Authority (CWA).

12 Dec 2011,

CWA - The Possibility Of A Release Once A Day Every Two Days Not Excluded

The situation is the most catastrophic in terms of our water tanks. Furthermore Mare aux Vacoas , now in his lowest point in recent days with only 26.5%, other water sources dry up around the island also more every day.

27 Nov 2011,