CWA Mauritius

Upheaval on the 'board' of the CWA

The Board of Directors of the Central Water Authority (CWA) will see several changes. The contract for several of its members, which expire, will not be renewed.

24 Nov 2011,

A Sum of Rs 10 Billion Needed to Improve Drinking Water

Almost half the volume of water supplied by the network of the Central Water Authority is lost due to the defective condition of the pipes. The repair of the network will cost Rs 10 billion.

16 Nov 2011,

The CWA wants to build a dam on the Rivière-des- Anguilles

The Central Water Authority (CWA) is planning to build a dam on the Rivière-des- Anguilles to feed the Southern Water. This dam could allow a flow of 40,000 cubic meters of water per day. The goal is to meet water demand until 2050 at least.

14 Nov 2011,

Mare Aux Vacoas To 29.9% Capacity

With the arrival of summer, water is increasingly scarce. Bhishek Narain, the communications officer of the Central Water Authority (CWA), states that the largest reservoir in the country shows a fill rate of 29.9%.

04 Nov 2011,

L’eau coûte plus cher

L’eau coûtera plus cher en janvier 2012. Une hausse de 35 % du tarif est préue.

21 Oct 2011,

5.4 kilometer pipeline to pump water for treatment

The project to channel water from Mare Longue reservoir to La Marie filter plant is almost complete.

19 Oct 2011,

CWA braces for imminent dry season

With the dry season’s impending arrival, the Central Water Authority (CWA) is taking all necessary precautions and measures to face the last months of the year. Some of the measures are desalination of water, channeling water from Mare Longue reservoir to La Marie treatment plant, water harvesting, using non potable water for non potable use, [...]

30 Sep 2011, The Independent Daily

CWA to implement drastic water cut in southern region

Starting this weekend, regions in the south, including Chemin Grenier, Chamouny, Rivière des Rivières and neighbouring localities, will receive water twice a day from 3 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 9 pm. This decision was announced during a high-level committee meeting chaired by deputy prime minister and minister of Energy and Public [...]

28 May 2011, The Independent Daily

CWA considers ban on car wash

The decision on outdoor water use restriction will be taken at the office of the minister of Energy and Public Utilities Rashid Beebeejaun this week.

23 May 2011,

CWA proposes to use mobile filters

In a bid to solve the dire water situation that the country is facing, the Central Water Authority (CWA) has purchased five mobile filters to pump water near sources of water. CWA acting chairperson Meckduth Chumroo stated that water from the lake of Valletta, Bassin Aza near Verdun and Bassin 5-arpents at Camp Fouquereaux would [...]

19 May 2011, The Independent Daily

CWA gets tough on wastage

The situation in the reservoirs remains critical despite the seasonal rains. The Central Water Authority (CWA) states that the section 49 (a) of the law which comes into force only during droughts, will again be applied in the coming weeks. Use of potable water for washing cars, pavements, walls, floors or watering gardens will be [...]

12 May 2011, The Independent Daily

CWA to inject more water in feeder pipes

The Central Water Authority (CWA) will inject an additional 30,000 m3 of water in the network in a bid to tackle the crisis affecting the island. This measure by the CWA, which will be implemented in the coming months, aims to alleviate the crisis in the Plaine Wilhems region, where 224,000 m3 of water is [...]

09 May 2011, The Independent Daily

Water situation remains critical

Despite Wednesday’s heavy rainfall, the situation at Mare aux Vacoas continues to be still critical. The reservoir is filled at only 41.7 per cent of its capacity. The underground water level is also not very encouraging. The filling rate at Pierrefonds is 64 per cent while the ones at Morcellement St André and Hollyrood are [...]

06 May 2011, The Independent Daily

Water from Mare Longue to be filtered at La Marie plant

Due to the alarming water situation in Mauritius, the Central Water Authority (CWA) plans to channel water from the Mare Longue reservoir currently holding five million cubic metres of water to La Marie to be filtered and distributed. This decision was stated in a press meet at the CWA headquarters in St Paul on Wednesday, [...]

28 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

CWA eyes use of brackish water

Authorities are studying the option of using brackish water for consumption as the country’s biggest reservoir, Mare aux Vacoas, is 43.6 per cent full compared to 92.6 per cent for the same period last year. This was declared by Central Water Authority (CWA) acting chairman Megduth Chumroo. “A team is actually carrying out studies at [...]

26 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

Underground water level below average

The Mauritius Meteorological Station is concerned that there have been no cyclones in Mauritius since the beginning of the year, especially as the cyclonic season ends around May 15. “Unless there is a cyclone, the island will once again suffer from drastic water shortages,” said Megduth Chumroo, chairman of the Central Water Authority (CWA). To [...]

04 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

Water consumption per person has increased last years

An increase in domestic and commercial water tariffs is imminent

23 Mar 2011,

Riots of Montagne Longue – Seven suspects arrested

The CID of Terre Rouge arrested this afternoon, seven people, including a woman, after the incidents last night in Montagne-Longue, where a hundred people of Cité NHDC Colombo protested in the streets to express their anger at the police station in this locality. They were protesting against a lack of potable water in this region.

21 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

Forum on Water Day at RGSC

Approximately 400 professionals working in the water sector and students of both public and private secondary schools will participate in a forum on water. The forum is titled ‘Water for Cities: Meeting the Urban Challenge’. This will be held on March 22 and 23 at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC). The initiative is an [...]

15 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

La distribution d’eau potable dans la capitale perturbée

Si les grosses pluies enregistrées depuis ce matin sont bénéfiques à nos réservoirs, les abonnés de la Central Water Authority (CWA) de la capitale et des régions avoisinantes doivent prendre... Read more »

07 Mar 2011, KotZot