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PRB 2013: Rs 800 Million Needed More

It's Friday the committee Manraj will release its report on the anomalies in the PRB report 2013. We already know that the implementation of this report will incur additional costs in the range of Rs 600 to 800,000,000.

25 Mar 2013,

Public Sector, PRB: The Exception Report "On Target"

The commission established by the government after the publication of the wage Pay Research Bureau (PRB) for the public and parastatal body is currently finalizing preparations prior to the submission of the report to GM.

21 Mar 2013,

PRB: Mohun Aujayeb Retires this Friday , GRA: Penny Hack Contract Not Renewed

Mohun Aujayeb will no longer be the head of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB). He retires this Friday, March 15th; Penny Hack is no longer the vice-president of the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA). His contract was not renewed. He was informed of this decision through a letter from the Ministry of Finance.

11 Mar 2013,

Pay Research Bureau: Dev Manraj Chair the Committee on Anomalies

The choice of the Prime Minister has finally settled on his advisor Dev Manraj. This chair therefore Anomaly Commitee on the report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB). A choice that is unanimity within the political class.

13 Nov 2012,

PRB : Un Commissaire Aux Salaires Sera Nommé

Le rapport “Errors, Omissions and Clarifications” portera les griffes d’un commissaire aux salaires selon les premières indications disponibles de sources proches du Prime Minister’s Office.

24 Oct 2012,

PRB: 'Errors, Omissions And Clarifications' Ready In February

The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms Sutyadeo Moutia asked the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) to publish the report Errors, Omissions and Clarifications before February 28, 2013, and not in the period of 12 months from the date of the implementation of the main report.

15 Oct 2012,

Wages By PRB 2012: Public Sector Outstrips Private

Who makes the most money? Employee of private or official? From January, the majority of employees in the Public Service will receive a higher salary than their counterparts in the private sector.

12 Oct 2012,

PRB 2013: Vasant Bunwaree Do Not Hide His Disappointment

The Minister of Education , Vasant Bunwaree, marks its difference on PRB 2013." I'm not completely satisfied, "said the minister, Thursday, Oct. 11, on the recommendations made in this report for primary teachers .

12 Oct 2012,

Mohun Aujayeb : “Rendez Publiques Vos Revendications”

Le directeur du Pay Research Bureau (PRB), Mohun Parsad Aujaheb, réagit face à des critiques émises par certains syndicalistes après la publication du dernier rapport portant sur la révision salariale des fonctionnaires et les conditions de service des employés des corps para-étatiques et le quantum de la pension des retraités de la fonction publique.

12 Oct 2012,

PRB: Errors And Omissions Report Prepared In 2013

The report relating to the correction of anomalies related to the recent report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) will be published in October 2013. This was said to Le Matinal by director of the PRB, Mohun Aujaheb at Wednesday.

11 Oct 2012,

PRB In Various Sectors : Creating Jobs To Stimulate ICT

Department of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) had proposed the creation of an "ICT Directorate, to consolidate services related to information technology between the Central Informatics Bureau (CIB) and the Central Information Systems Division ( ICAD) and IT Security Unit (ITSU).

10 Oct 2012,

12 Highest Salaries: Rs 30 Million Per Month To 250 Officials

The State will pay each month starting in January, a whopping Rs 30 million for the salaries of 200 senior executives and fifty heads of parastatal bodies, excluding allowances and other remuneration they will receive.

10 Oct 2012,

Whole PRB-2013 Report

Review Of Pay And Grading Structures And Conditions Of Service In The Public Sector (Civil Service, Parastatal And Other Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities And Rodrigues Regional Assembly) And The Private Secondary Schools 2013 PRB Report

10 Oct 2012,

PRB 2013: Discontent About Poor Salaries And Concerns In Private Sector

Pay Research Bureau (PRB) was heavily loaded with big hitters of Public and disappointed other categories of staff. The private sector feared him, a wage spiral.

10 Oct 2012,

The Key Measures Of The 2013 PRB

Vehicles Duty, Allowance up, Debt Facilities, Compensation for accidents, Rs 1000 increase provided, "Meal allowance", Lump sum

10 Oct 2012,

The PRB Report Disappointing For Trade Unionists

Unionists expressed their discontent after the publication of the report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) Tuesday afternoon.

10 Oct 2012,

PRB: Report Considered By The Council Of Ministers

The long awaited report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) on the revision of wages in the public service is on the table of the Council of Ministers. Cabinet is in fact a special meeting on Tuesday 9 October to discuss the recommendations of the PRB.

09 Oct 2012,

"Entertainment Allowance" Of Rs 4950 Recommended For Chiefs Of Staff

In addition to the wage increase, the report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB), released this Tuesday, October 9 , also calls for new working conditions in many areas.

09 Oct 2012,

PRB 2013: New Salaries Of Senior Officials

From January 2013, officials will receive `a wage increase of 22% calculated on the base salary in 2008. The report of thePay Research Bureau (PRB) was released in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 9.

09 Oct 2012,

Mohun Aujayeb : “Le Rapport Rétrécit L’écart Entre Petits Et Hauts Fonctionnaires”

Ça y est ! C’est prêt. Le 7e rapport du Pay Research Bureau (PRB) a déjà été imprimé par la Government Printing et sera examiné par le Conseil des ministres qui se réunit spécialement ce mardi.

09 Oct 2012,