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Rashid Imrith expresses reservations on PRB

Rashid Imrith, president of the newly officialised Federation of Public Sector and Other Unions, denounced the lack of coordination in the public sector as far as the implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS) is concerned. He expressed some qualms with regards to the timeliness of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) report due for October [...]

24 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Dans la Fonction Publique: Le PRB Compte Renforcer le Flexitime

Accorder plus de flexibilité aux fonctionnaires par rapport à leurs horaires de travail et améliorer le système récompensant les efforts fournis.

13 Jan 2012,

PRB to meet unions today

On Monday, the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) will address the second preparation stage of its next report which is due for publication in October 2012. After having completed the first task, which consisted of reviewing the conditions of service of officers and employees of parastatal bodies, the PRB will start its series of meetings with [...]

18 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

New MBC union leader prioritises PRB

The verdict of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) is Madhvi Bissessur’s primary concern. In an interview with The Independent, the newly elected executive president of the Mauritius Broadcasting Service Staffs Association (MBSSA) of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) expressed her satisfaction at having the opportunity to discuss and negotiate with the management. What is on [...]

30 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Trade unions gear up for next PRB report

The next Pay Research Bureau (PRB) report will be ready by October 2012

08 Apr 2011,

PRB encourages professionals to join civil service

The Pay Research Bureau (PRB) is currently working on four main measures that primarily aim to encourage professionals to join the civil service and parastatal organisations. These measures comprise a revision of the state pension system, the introduction of paternity leave, a review of the benefits for duty-free car purchases and a salary rise in [...]

26 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Unions want pay scale upgraded

The president of the Federation of Civil Service and Other Unions, Toolsyraj Benydin, organised a press conference on Thursday to announce the expectations of public officers from the forthcoming Pay Research Bureau (PRB) report.

25 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

Benydin against PMS system

Fédération des Syndicats du Service Civil (FSSC) will meet on March 8 to submit a memorandum for the next report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) which will be published in October 2012.

19 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily