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Novichok attack: Russia 'has no reason' to investigate suspects

Putin spokesman calls UK accusations ‘unacceptable’ and denies Kremlin involvement

06 Sep 2018,

Coopération économique : mission réussie en Russie

La mission mauricienne en Russie a été riche en retombées. En 2018, des développements importants sont attendus dans le secteur de la pêche et de l’aviation et devraient s’étendre aux services financiers et l’enseignement supérieur.

24 Nov 2017,

Une cyberattaque de grande ampleur se répand dans le monde

Le ministère des TIC met en garde les utilisateurs

28 Jun 2017,

Michael Flynn, the adviser to President Trump, resignes over potentially illegal contacts with Russian ambassador

Flynn sets record with only 24 days as national security adviser. The average tenure is about 2.6 years.

14 Feb 2017,

Deutsche Bank is paying $628 million in fines over its $10 billion Russian 'mirror trade' scandal

Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay hundreds of millions to UK and US regulators to settle probes into whether it helped covertly move as much as $10 billion out of Russia through a process known as "mirror trading."

31 Jan 2017,

Turkish police officer, invoking Aleppo, guns down Russian ambassador in Ankara

A Turkish police officer who angrily denounced the bloodshed in Syria killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey in Ankara on Monday, shooting the diplomat in front of a room full of horrified spectators at an art gallery in an assassination captured on video and quickly shared around the world.

20 Dec 2016,

LinkedIn is now officially blocked in Russia

Amid a tense stand-off and attempt at negotiations, Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has started to enforce a proposed block of LinkedIn in the country, after the social network failed to transfer Russian user data to servers located in the country, violating a law instituted in Russia requiring all online sites to store personal data on national servers.

17 Nov 2016,

Russia denies role in alleged plot to kill Montenegro’s premier

The Kremlin has “categorically denied” Russia was involved in an alleged plot to assassinate Montenegro’s prime minister as the furore surrounding last month’s parliamentary elections in the former Yugoslav republic continued to grow.

08 Nov 2016,

MH17 shot down by Buk missile brought in from Russia, say investigators

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was downed over eastern Ukraine by a Buk missile brought in from Russia to a pro-Russian area of eastern Ukraine, the head of the Dutch National Detective Force, Wilbert Paulissen said Wednesday.

28 Sep 2016,

Russia Builds Up Army Near Ukraine Border

Heightened military presence on frontier comes amid new tensions over contested Crimea

18 Aug 2016,

Russia fines Google $6.75 million for pre-installing apps on Android

Less than what Google makes in an hour

12 Aug 2016,

Médecine: «incident diplomatique» avec la Russie et l’Ukraine?

Constat : aucune université russe et ukrainienne ne figure sur la liste d’institutions d’enseignement supérieur vers lesquelles les aspirants médecins devront se tourner pour leurs études.

02 Aug 2016,

Russian Fighter Jets Get Close to U.S. Destroyer

Unarmed Russian fighter jets made two extremely close overflights this week of the USS Donald Cook, sailing in the Baltic Sea.

14 Apr 2016,

Russie Et Indonésie: Les Mauriciens Exemptés De Visas Pour De Courts Séjours

Les Mauriciens n’auront plus besoin de visas pour se rendre en Russie et en Indonésie pour des courts séjours. C’est ce qu’a annoncé le ministre des Affaires étrangères Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo dans un communiqué émis, mardi 12 avril.

13 Apr 2016,

Mission Accomplished? Russia to Withdraw Troops From Syria on Tuesday

Russia's bombing blitz in Syria will end today, leaving behind both significant destruction and a Syrian regime to largely fend for itself.

15 Mar 2016,

Russia to Present Revised Claim of Arctic Territory to the United Nations

A senior Russian government official on Tuesday formally presented to the United Nations his country’s claim to Arctic Ocean seabed, including an area under the North Pole.

10 Feb 2016,

Vladimir Putin Accuses Lenin of Placing a 'Time Bomb' under Russia

Russian president blames revolutionary’s federalism for break up of Soviet Union and creating ethnic tension in region

26 Jan 2016,

Russia's Putin 'Probably' Approved London Murder of ex-KGB Agent Litvinenko: UK Inquiry

President Vladimir Putin probably approved a 2006 Russian intelligence operation to murder ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive polonium-210 in London, a British inquiry concluded on Thursday, prompting a row with Moscow.

21 Jan 2016,

Russian Ruble Passes 80 To U.S. Dollar, Historic Milestone As Oil Tumbles

The Russian currency hit a historical low Wednesday as it went through 80 to the U.S dollar for the first time since the 1998 currency crisis. The ruble’s extended slide has occurred in sync with the decline in the price of oil, Russia’s chief export, reducing the Kremlin’s spending power and causing problems for President Vladimir Putin.

20 Jan 2016,

Desserte Aérienne: la Compagnie Russe Aeroflot de Retour à Maurice?

Bientôt du nouveau dans le ciel mauricien? La compagnie aérienne russe Aeroflot pourrait à nouveau desservir Maurice, affirme une source dans les milieux concernés. Selon nos renseignements, des négociations sont en cours pour relancer les vols sur l’île.

14 Jan 2016,

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