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Mission of business contacts in September in Moscow and St. Petersburg

19 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Paining "Beijing 2008" - Code of Controversy

When mention Beijing 2008, most of us will think of the 2008 Olympic Games. Yet, this work is about another China-related game - mahjong. The interest in this particular piece of work is due to the fact that it and its creator, Lui Liu, have caused controversy for years.

17 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Snowden Ask Russia for Temporary Asylum

Meeting between Snowden and human rights groups at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. Wikileaks also announced that Snowden plans to go to Latin America eventually.

12 Jul 2013,

Video of the Day: Russian Proton-M Rocket Crash

A Russian Proton-M rocket carrying three GLONASS navigation satellites crashed soon after takeoff from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur cosmodrome.

02 Jul 2013,

Fire in the Moscow Metro: 4500 Evacuees

Some 4,500 people were evacuated this Wednesday, June 5 after a fire apparently caused by a cable that caught fire in the Moscow metro, and four people were hospitalized, said the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

05 Jun 2013,

Video of the Day: Usefull Transport in Siberia, Russia

15 May 2013,

Mauritius Rejects Project of Airline Linked to Russian Arms Dealer

The Office of the Prime Minister vetoed, a week ago, on a joint Russian-Mauritian. This is a charter company who requested an operating permit. It would have been used as a front by an international arms trafficking.

18 Jul 2012,

MTPA took a part in MITT, Russia’s number one travel exhibition

Mauritius target Russian tourists

24 Mar 2011,