Buses Mauritius

NTC Will Acquire 100 Semi-Low Floor Buses

It was a measure announced in the budget that was intended for all bus operators. This involved the purchase of 200 semi-low floor buses at a reduced cost.

10 Mar 2014, motors.mega.mu

Bus: New Road License

Reduce the number of buses traveling on crowded roads. This is the objective of the NTA. To do this, new permits will soon be distributed to private bus operators for serving certain routes.

11 Feb 2014, motors.mega.mu

Rs 32 Million More for Free Transport

Free transportation is becoming more and more expensive to the state. This year, the government will pay the sum of Rs 292 million to various bus operators or Rs 32 million more than in 2013.

11 Feb 2014, motors.mega.mu

Transport Public : Près de 600 Plaintes Contre des Receveurs

569 plaintes ont été faites auprès de la National Transport Authority (NTA) par des personnes indignées du traitement que leur a été infligé par des receveurs de bus.

08 Jan 2014, motors.mega.mu

Trucks: Sophisticated Braking Recommended

New regulations will soon be promulgated for the newly imported trucks are equipped with a sophisticated braking. The aim is to reduce the risk of road accidents. These are mainly five-ton vehicles and who will be affected by this measure.

09 Dec 2013, motors.mega.mu

Sunil Jeewoonarain: " It’s Difficult For Operators to Buy Semi-Low Floor Bus"

The semi-low floor buses are very expensive and, despite the government's contribution, it is not certain that all operators can buy. This is the sense of Sunil Jeewoonarain , secretary of the Mauritius Bus Owners Cooperative Federation.

22 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Bus "Semi-Low Floor": Mauritius Bus Owners Federation Disappointed with the Measure Announced by XLD

Bus Replacement Mechanism - a measure announced in Budget 2014 - to facilitate the acquisition of some 200 Semi-Low Floor Buses at reduced for companies and operators of transit cost is not well received by the Mauritius Bus Owners Federation.

13 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

ABC Introduced "Semi-Low Floor" Bus

The first buses "semi-low floor" have appeared on our roads. With ABC Coachworks, ABC affiliate Automobile these buses, the Yutong brand, offering users a whole new experience in mass transit.

12 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Free Transportation Costs Rs 10 Million per Month

At issue: the rising price of bus tickets. This is what led the government to spend an additional sum of Rs 10 million per month compared to free transport. Besides Rs 3 million more monthly reserved for transportation allowances to civil servants.

08 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Impasse Financière : Les Compagnies d’Autobus en Difficulté

2013 ne sera pas une année dont les propriétaires des compagnies de bus ne se souviendront pas avec sérénité. Les six premiers mois de l’année se sont en effet avérés difficiles pour quatre des cinq grandes compagnies de transport.

06 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Transport : Rs 43,71 M de Déficit pour les Compagnies de Bus

Le ministre du Transport intérieur, Anil Bachoo, est revenu mardi à l’Assemblée sur les chiffres des quatre plus importantes compagnies, en réponse au député MMM Kee Chong Li Kwong Wing.

05 Nov 2013, motors.mega.mu

Bus: An Agreement to Comply

Public transport through Mauritius, is provided by hundreds of buses serving all lines defined by the National Transport Authority.

15 Oct 2013, motors.mega.mu

RHT : Deux Autobus Semi-Low Floor sur les Routes ce Matin

Les personnes âgées et les handicapés pourront monter à bord plus facilement. Deux autobus semi-low floor ont été lancés par RHT ce jeudi 3 octobre. Ils sont munis de sangles de sécurité pour les passagers debout, ont l’air conditionné, le WiFi, des écrans LED… Mais, «le confort a un prix» et le ticket augmentera de Rs 6.

03 Oct 2013, motors.mega.mu

Ticket D’autobus : Les Vans Marrons Profitent De La Hausse

Les activités des opérateurs illégaux ont augmenté sur les lignes desservies par les opérateurs d’autobus individuels et les compagnies d’autobus depuis que le ticket d’autobus a accusé une hausse moyenne de Rs 2 le 12 août dernier. C’est le constat de la Bus Owners Cooperative Federation (BOCF).

07 Sep 2013, motors.mega.mu

At Paillot: Four Buses And Car Vandalized

Sad Sunday at Pailot. A banal accident escalated. The occupants of a truck attacked a driver of the NTC and the bus. Three other vehicles of the Corporation shall be stoned. Result: three wounded.

30 Aug 2013, motors.mega.mu

Robin Soonarane Confirms That Plastic Has Replaced ALuminum In Buses "Blue Line" 2007

It is a damning document on the Blue Line bus in 2007. In this confidential report Soonarane Robin, director of the National Transmission Corporation (NTC) explains that aluminum and galvanized parts have been replaced by plastic [fiber reinforced plastic] in these buses.

29 Aug 2013, motors.mega.mu

Acquisition Of 65 Buses By The NTC: New Call For Tenders Imminent

Still some loose ends and the tender for the purchase of 65 buses by the National Transport Corporation will be launched. This acquisition - which was to be made for some time - has attracted a lot of controversy and even representations of bidders who want to participate in last year tender.

29 Aug 2013, motors.mega.mu

Increase in Bus Fares Monday

Starting Monday, users of public transit will cough up. They will, in fact, spend Rs 2 more for each trip. In fact, for smaller trips (bus stop) which are currently Rs 10 for an adult ticket, it will take Rs 12 from Monday. For children, this ticket will increase from Rs 5 to Rs 7. As for students, it will take Rs 10 to Rs 12.

11 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

Ticket Bus: The 12% Increase in Force From Monday August 12th

The news came in the "Instant Radio Plus" at 14 pm Wednesday, 7 August 55. The 12% increase in the price of a bus ticket will be applied from Monday, August 12.

09 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

RHT Buses Equipped With Cameras

Pioneer transit in Mauritius, Rose Hill Transport (RHT) was the first company to adopt GPS technology and offer free Wi-Fi service to passengers. This time, she decided to give its bus fleet of surveillance cameras.

09 Aug 2013, motors.mega.mu