Car market Mauritius

Economic Growth: Automotive Industry Knows no Crisis

In his Budget Speech 2013, Minister of Finance Xavier-Luc Duval had measured the country's economic growth by three factors: the number of people buying a home for the first time, the number of containers cleared and the number of new cars acquired.

17 Jan 2013,

9423 Vehicles Sold in 2012

The automotive market, as expected, had a very strong performance in 2012. The year 2012 is a very good year in terms of sales figures with sales exceeding nine for the first time, the bar 9000 vehicles. The new vehicle sales totalled 9,423 against 7,958 in 2011, an increase almost insolent 18.4%.

17 Jan 2013,

Second Hand Car: Better Quality Control

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection announced that it will be mandatory for importers of second hand cars to submit an 'auction sheet' to certify the condition of the vehicle purchase, measure welcomed by the association of dealers.

16 Jan 2013,

Market Leader in Automotive Mauritius: The War of figures Between Nissan and Toyota

There have been more Nissan or Toyota sold in Mauritius during the year 2012? The two dealers, supporting figures, claiming to be at the top of the charts.

16 Jan 2013,

Cars: The Best Guarantees Obtained on English

Many people do not keep a car more than five years. After this time, we must find another! And if, after using a Japanese car, you did purchase a car from England? It's all about finding a trusted importer.

14 Jan 2013,

Voitures De Seconde Main : Les Frais D’importation Font Grincer Des Dents

Depuis le 1er janvier 2013, certaines modifications ont été apportées aux frais d’importation des véhicules de seconde main.

12 Jan 2013,

Commerce Automobile : La CCM Enquête sur le Rachat de CFAO par Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Le 17 décembre dernier, l'entreprise japonaise Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) a racheté 97,81 % des actions du groupe CFAO qui est quant à lui coté à la Bourse de Paris, France.

11 Jan 2013,

Vehicles: Importers Crying Foul

The Department of Commerce has implemented a upward revision of tariffs for the import of reconditioned vehicles. Imported Vehicles Dealers in the Association did not understand.

10 Jan 2013,

Mouammar Al-Yasid Oozeear: The Automotive Designer

Transcendent. It’s an adjective one could use to singularly describe him. He is also involved in what may seem as an uncommon career path for a Mauritian: automotive designing. News on Sunday discusses with Yasid his style and approach to transportation design. Have a gander and read on!

06 Jan 2013,

FLEET: Record Year For The Fleet Of New Vehicles On Our Roads

The past year marked a record in vehicle sales, with an increase of approximately 23% compared to 2011. If the cars are at the top, mainly in the first half of 2012,reconditioned are not left with sales taken the elevator on the last three.

04 Jan 2013,

Automotive Industry: Resilience That May End This Year

At the end of October, the automotive sector shows a very satisfactory increase compared to 2011 with just over 13,000 registrations (new vehicles + 'recognition'), an increase of 26%.

20 Dec 2012,

Zaid Ameer (President of Imported Vehicles Dealers Association): "The Cars Cost Up to 30% Cheaper, But ..."

Mauritians are tempted by the prospect of buying new car cheap. This is not without risk, warns Zaid Ameer, president of Imported Vehicles Dealers Association. This leads him to say that sooner or later, Japanese vehicles regain their former glory.

06 Dec 2012,

Cars Collection: Beautiful Old

Lovers of vintage cars are the angels. Happy new measures taken in the budget presentation by Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, they expect to add more pieces to their collection list.

15 Nov 2012,

La Voiture Tout Electrique Baisse De Rs 400 000, Mais C`Est Toujours Du Grand Luxe

La ristourne a l`air d`être de taille pour le seul modèle de voiture tout électrique sur le marché. Il coûtera Rs 400 000 de moins après la détaxe partielle décidée dans le Budget 2013.

15 Nov 2012,

Having a Car: Luxury or Necessity?

Buying a new car in Mauritius often seems complicated and unworkable. Between January and July 2012, the National Transport Authority (NTA) has registered 5,250 new cars and 3,200 used vehicles. The car is an essential tool, yet it is often inaccessible.

12 Nov 2012,

Pre-budget Phenomenon: Rush to Buy a Car

On the eve of the presentation of the Budget 2013, the sale of cars is somewhat accelerated this week. Dealers encouraging potential buyers to clear the cars they are interested in and confirm their purchases before the Grand Speech Minister of Finance.

08 Nov 2012,

Dean Ah-Chuen: "The State Must Send Strong Signal in Favour of Clean Cars"

With a substantial reduction in excise duties, electric cars are expected to sell for less than Rs 2 million and be more accessible, said Dean Ah-Chuen, director of ABC Motors.

29 Oct 2012,

Despite Crisis: Record Sales Of New Cars

For the first time, the new car sales in 9000 exceeded one year. A record while the economic situation is tough. A paradox!

19 Oct 2012,

Crackdown On Dealers Without Licences Starts

The importation of second-hand motor vehicles is governed by the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations stipulates that “Any person wishing to import a second-hand motor vehicle has to apply for an import permit prior to the shipment of the vehicle.”

17 Oct 2012,

Motor City : L’automobile Sous Un Seul Toit

Un nouvel espace dédié uniquement à l’automobile ! C’est ce que propose Motor City, située au Circle Square à Forbach. Vente de voitures, centre de montage de pneus, maintenance, pièces détachées, lavage écologique de voiture et de bateau, ‘tuning ‘… Toute la panoplie pour faire le bonheur des adeptes des deux et quatre roues.

02 Oct 2012,