Car market Mauritius

Gilles Lalanne, "9200 New Cars Sold In 2012"

2012 will be a record year in terms of sales of new cars, Gilles provides Lalanne, 'Executive Director' of Eldomotors and President of Mauritius Vehicles Dealers' Association.

24 Sep 2012,

Number Of Vehicles Increase By 2.6 Pc

According to the Central Statistics Office, an increase of 2.6 pc has been noted in the number of vehicles in the?country.

12 Sep 2012,

Automotive Dealers Fear "Big Bust"

If car sales are doing well, dealers are preparing for a "major slowdown" for the second quarter. " The economic outlook does not bode a good omen , "said Gilles Lalanne, president of the Motor Vehicles Dealers Association (MVDA).

03 Sep 2012,

Opel Astra Turbo Mode

With a 1 .4 liter engine of the Opel Astra is a road sportsbike punchy and substantial comfort.

20 Aug 2012,

Haval 5:The Champion Chinese SUV Launched in Mauritius

The new Haval 5, with a 2.0l Turbo Diesel engine and includes standard equipment such as DVD, reversing camera, integrated Bluetooth, leather upholstery, electric driver seat, 6-speed transmission, aluminum wheels 17 ", electrochromic rearview mirror, rear windows surteintées, is now available from United Motors, Subsidiary Leal, for an introductory price of Rs 1.25 million on road, with an offer of 3 year warranty or 75,000 km.

28 Mar 2012,

New Passat Launched in Partnership with SBM

Allied Motors unveiled this Wednesday, March 20, the new Passat Volkswagen belonging to the family.

21 Mar 2012,

The Second Hand Car Dealers Accuse Leal to Scare Customers

Resellers of used vehicles go up to the plate. They deplore the statement issued by the dealer of BMW and Mini for Mauritians who have returned to Mauritius with a diesel car bought in England.

14 Feb 2012,

Road Safety: These Casket Vendors That Are Permanent Dangers

These vehicles are described as "coffin street." After being considered as "Total Loss" by insurance companies after a serious accident, they found some time later on the road ...

14 Nov 2011,

Véhicules de seconde main – Les ventes peinent à rebondir

Auparavant, les voitures de seconde main occupaient une plus grande part de marché que les voitures neuves.

18 Oct 2011,

Drive: A second issue devoted to cars Made in China

In the Sunday Express of October 2, find the second issue of drive, free supplement devoted entirely to the news car.

30 Sep 2011,

Local Porsche dealer opens new showroom in Port Louis

Local dealer ABC Motors have opened a showroom dedicated to German automaker Porsche. The space will be dedicated to the brand’s product range at Military Road, ABC Centre, Port Louis. The showroom will fall under the responsibility of Porsche France.

31 Aug 2011,

Nouvelles en bref

392 276 véhicules enregistrés en Juin. Une guêpe lui fait perdre le contrôle du deux-roues.

31 Aug 2011,

Imported cars from Japan: The bank guarantee of Rs 100,000 abolished

Importers of second-hand vehicles from Japan should no longer provide a bank guarantee of Rs 100,000 on each imported automobile.

04 Aug 2011,

The sale of new cars increases

New cars are popular now. Sales increased by 12% for the first five months of 2011.

02 Aug 2011,

Shortage on spare parts market

Some motorists are at a bay because they cannot drive. Reason: there is a lack of spare parts on the market.

26 Jul 2011,

New legislation - Trouble around the carbon tax

The MNS system of customs not reconfigured, garages not ready to certify the emission rate ... These are the first consequences of a bill introduced and passed in a hurry.Putting the cart before the horse.

25 Jul 2011,

Auction sale in the police store

The sale by auction in the police store began on Tuesday at the central fire station and will continue until Friday. Over a hundred people attended the event for the first day.

20 Jul 2011,

Automotive: Closure of several showrooms- Warranty costs on Japanese vehicles

Business is bad for the dealers of second hand vehicles. Many of them have closed their showroom because they fail to provide the bank guarantee of Rs 100,000 required on each vehicle imported from Japan.

14 Jul 2011,

Baisse des droits d’accise sur l’importation des 4 x 4

Les droits d’accise sur l’importation des 4 x 4 (double space cabin vehicle) sont révisés à la baisse à partir d’aujourd’hui. C’est ce qu’a annoncé, mardi, au Parlement, le ministre des Finances Pravind Jugnauth.

13 Jul 2011,

Pénurie de voitures de seconde main sur le marché

“D’ici peu, les petits showrooms qui importent des voitures de seconde main devront fermer boutique. Raison évoquée : ils ne peuvent plus concurrencer les grands. Ainsi, les petits importateurs ne peuvent produire une garantie bancaire de Rs 100 000 pour chaque voiture qu’ils importent. C’est sûr qu’ils sont appelés à disparaître. Les gens ont fini par causer une psychose et ne veulent plus de voitures japonaises.” C’est ce qu’a déclaré Zaïd Ameer, président de la ‘Dealers of Imported Vehicles Association’ (DIVA) au Matinal.

05 Jul 2011,