China Mauritius

Short-Term Visas For China Eliminated

Now need visas to undertake short visits to China. An agreement was signed between China and Mauritius in this sense, Thursday, Aug. 29. Mauritius is the second African country after the Seychelles to benefit from such an agreement.

02 Sep 2013,

China's Political Show Trial Exposes Dalian Tycoon. Can His Company Survive?

UPDATE: Xu testified in court Thursday. He said he’d given Bo’s family $3.2m to buy a villa in France; $16,000 for a vacation in Africa; $13,000 for an electrical bike; and paid off a $49,000 credit-card bill. Bo then cross-examined Xu and challenged his assertion that Bo was aware of these gifts to Bo’s wife and son. The trial continues Friday.

25 Aug 2013,

Beau Bassin-Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes: The Contract For CCTV Allocated to a Chinese Firm Sentenced for Corruption

This IS the Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment Corporation (ZTE Corporation) that the contract for the provision of CCTV in Beau Bassin - Rose Hill has been allocated. Contract awarded by the Central Tender Board (CTB) and which amounts to Rs 159,057 823.29.

19 Aug 2013,

Why It's Sweet In The Middle For China's Go-Betweens

The middleman is an ancient institution in Chinese society, rooted deep in the Chinese political-economic system.

18 Aug 2013,

Mauritian Tuna soon on Chinese plates

CHINA IS opening its doors to seafood imports from Mauritius. Fisheries minister Nicholas Von Mally was in Beijing last week to sign an agreement on export licensing for Mauritian products — a pact that could see Chinese fishing fleets displace European boats in the waters of the Indian Ocean nation. Von Mally met Wu Qinghai, Deputy Director of China’s quarantine body, the General Administration of Quality Supervision (AQSIQ).

18 Aug 2013,

Trillion Yuan Fled China Banks. You Won't Believe Where It Went

China’s Big Four banks lost 1 trillion yuan in deposits in the first three weeks of this month, with 700 billion yuan leaving in the first week alone. The source of this gruesome news is a Shanghai Securities News report given wide circulation by People’s Daily, the country’s most authoritative media outlet.

29 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Paining "Beijing 2008" - Code of Controversy

When mention Beijing 2008, most of us will think of the 2008 Olympic Games. Yet, this work is about another China-related game - mahjong. The interest in this particular piece of work is due to the fact that it and its creator, Lui Liu, have caused controversy for years.

17 Jul 2013,

No Visa for Stays of a Month in China

Mauritians wishing to stay in China for a period of 30 days or less will now be exempt from the requirement to have a visa.

14 Jul 2013,

First Flight to Beijing: Attracting Chinese Tourists to Mauritius

The first flight took off for Beijing on Saturday July 6 and will return on the morning of July 8, full with Chinese tourists.

06 Jul 2013,

Mauritius Wide Open to Chinese investors

The Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, returned from a week-long mission to China. With the help of his team and our investment agency, the Board of Investment (BoI), he presented Maurice investors. Difficult mission is to convince the Chinese business community to invest in Mauritius.

04 Jul 2013,

The Web Transforms the Way the Chinese Travels

To capitalize on the growing middle class, hoteliers need to look to the Web. Even with whatever online information censorship protocols have been administered by the Chinese government, the Web has nonetheless opened China’s citizens’ eyes to new possibilities. Remarkable gains in outbound travel are happening in countries like South Korea, Japan and Thailand.

29 May 2013,

Stepping Out: The Globalization Strategies of Chinese Companies

Chinese companies are globalizing on an unprecedented scale, but with mixed success

28 May 2013,

OVEC: Mauritian Partner of Chinese Scholarship Council

Overseas Education Centre (OVEC) was chosen by the Chinese Scholarship Council as its partner for Mauritian student exibition which will be held Monday, May 27 at the Octave Wiehe Auditorium, University of Mauritius.

23 May 2013,

China's Alibaba Is Soaring, But Avoid The IPO

Profits of Alibaba Group, the world’s biggest online retailer, more than doubled in the three months ended in December, jumping to $642.2 million from $236.9 million a year earlier.

21 May 2013,

Tourism: Chinese Operators Threaten to Stop Selling Mauritius

The strategy of the destination Mauritius could overturn the Chinese market. Mauritius is becoming a destination 'Low-end' / 'low-cost'. It is revealed that several Chinese travel agents and tour operators based in Shanghai and working to develop the destination on the Chinese market, including Shanghai Business International Travel Service Co Ltd, Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Co Ltd, among others.

15 May 2013,

Picture of the Day: China Parking

Closed parking in the urban district 0f Tayyuan, China. Company, which carries out the expansion of street, could not find the owner of automobile of more than 10 days.

08 May 2013,

Learn To Read Chinese In Eight Minutes

To a non-Chinese speaker (like me), and especially to a Westerner (like me), Chinese is the most impenetrable family of languages on Earth.

02 May 2013,

Teachers from China to Teach Mandarin

China is ready to assist the Department of Education Services Mandarin teachers due to lack of teachers of the language in Mauritius. This was revealed by the Minister of Education Vasant Bunwaree Sunday at the awards to the best students of Mandarin exam CPE, SC and HSC

30 Apr 2013,

Alibaba Pledges to Combat Fake Goods on Its Shopping Portals

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , China's largest e-commerce platform, said it will commit "as many resources necessary" to stop the sale of pirated goods on its Taobao shopping portals, where transactions exceeded $161.7 billion last year.

25 Apr 2013,

Mauritius Strengthens Trade Relationships with China

China has, for decades, one of the most prominent Mauritius trading partners. And to establish the relationship with the Middle Kingdom, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry signed a memorandum of understanding Monday with the General Administration of Quality, Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), the cell Public Administration of the People's Republic of China.

23 Apr 2013,