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China Donates 45 Vehicles To Mauritius Police

The Mauritius Police on Friday 45 vehicles received as a gift from the Chinese government, officials said.

02 Sep 2012,

Chinese Tourists: Where Are They Hiding?

70 million Chinese tourists, 15,133 of them visited Mauritius in 2011 and 11,441 in the first half of 2012.

23 Aug 2012,

From 6 to 9 September 2012 in Mauritius: World Chinese Conference

The Federation of Chinese Maurice organizes the 3rd edition of the World Chinese Conference of September 6 to 9, 2012.

22 Aug 2012,

Chinese ‘Adele’ wows judges on The Voice (China)

The 19 year old high school girl from China’s Fujian Province has wowed singing judges in China with an identical voice – to ADELE’s. She appeared on the Chinese version of The Voice and sang the Brit popstar’s tune Someone Like You , bringing one of the judges to tears. She secured the approval of [...]The post Chinese ‘Adele’ wows judges on The Voice (China) appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

15 Aug 2012, KotZot

China Censors Information on Flooding in Beijing

The highest charge of propaganda in Beijing gave the order'' to the media to stick to the good news about the aftermath of floods that killed 37 people last weekend in Beijing and triggered a flood of criticism against the government.

26 Jul 2012,

Apple’s Latest IPad Makes Low-Key Debut In China

Apple Inc staged a low-key launch of its latest iPad in China on Friday, free of the chaotic scenes that plagued the tech darling’s previous product debuts in its most promising growth market.

20 Jul 2012,

China's Economy Cools, Shows Need for Policy Action

China's growth rate slowed for a sixth successive quarter to its slackest pace in more than three years, highlighting the need for more policy vigilance from Beijing even as signs emerge that action taken so far is beginning to stabilize the economy.

13 Jul 2012,

China Preempts Apple On IPhone 5 Launch

Apple's next-generation iPhone has not even been released yet, but opportunistic sellers on China’s largest e-commerce platform, Taobao, are already accepting pre-orders, complete with mock-up pictures and purported technical specifications.

13 Jul 2012,

Apple Pays $60 M to End

Apple has paid $60 million to end a dispute over who could use the iPad name in China, a court said Monday, giving the US tech giant more certainty in selling its tablet computer in the Chinese market.

04 Jul 2012,

Tourism Emerging Markets: New Trends in Chinese Market

There is urgent need to diversify our tourism markets. Both the government and the private sector agree on this fact.

03 Jul 2012,

Mozambique: China Offers $2 000 000 for Agricultural Research

Mozambique's Minister of Science and Technology Vanancio Massingue said Sunday that China has offered two million dollars to support agricultural research in Mozambique.

03 Apr 2012,

Is "Made in China" fearing?

If the amount of our exports in 2011 was higher than that of 2010, the economic crisis, especially in the euro area, we fear the worst for this year. If there is a drop in orders from Europe, there is also competition from a giant: China.

22 Feb 2012,

China Through the Viewfinder of Mauritian Artists

Chinese culture captured by three photographers Mauritian. From tomorrow until February 9, you can see the exhibition "China in the Eyes of Mauritian Artists" at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Bell Village.

18 Jan 2012,

New Treaty of Double Taxation - and if China Fails, Too!

Imagine if China, which it mainly supports the global economy, while the usual economic tenors, deep in debt, licking their wounds, collapsed suddenly. The New York Times, reported this week.

29 Dec 2011,

Towards Greater Tourism Cooperation Between Mauritius and China

Zhang Siping, deputy mayor of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, who paid an official visit to Mauritius, called for a strengthening tourism cooperation with China.

16 Dec 2011,

Who Benefits From Chinese Investment in Mauritius?

Chinese enterprises are spending $1 billion on a special enterprise zone in Mauritius, but the benefits are not as clear as they seem.

07 Dec 2011,

China Chamber of Commerce organises business forum

The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) organised a forum on Wednesday at Hilton Resort, Flic en Flac. The objectives was to provide an insight into the opportunities in Mauritius, share business information and also establish relationships among business people. Cader Hossen, minister of Industry, Commerce and [...]

01 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily

China Woos Africa Via Mauritius

One of the biggest assets of Mauritius is its geographical location. In this context, an importance delegation from BDO China arrived on November 20 to work in collaboration with BDO Mauritius.

25 Nov 2011,

Mauritius interests Indian and Chinese tourists

Statistics have showed a growth in the number of tourist arrivals from India and China

15 Aug 2011,

Air Mauritius lands in Shanghai

The first Air Mauritius flight to Shanghai landed yesterday afternoon at 16h30

11 Jul 2011,