Corruption Mauritius

Scandal in Judiciary: Lee Shim to Stay in London

The businessman announced Thursday that he would return in Mauritius on Monday, but the bloodhounds of the CCID will have to wait before questioning. Jean-Michel Shim Lee changed his mind at the last minute. He made it clear, through its representative in communication Mediatalks Ltd, he could not go to Mauritius on Monday because he has not yet completed its activities in Britain.

22 Jul 2013,

Michel Lee Shim vs. Paul Foo Kune

The main protagonists behind the pipe case or in the judicial scandal that erupted during the week: Lee Shim and Paul Foo Kune. Both countries are expected early this week. They should discuss this case of alleged corruption with the CCID.

22 Jul 2013,

Tuyau : «Mo Lamin Prop, Mo Pann Fer Naryen. Mo Fami Ek Mwa, Finn Fer Tou Dan Legalite»

Le cas Hector Tuyau sera bientôt confié à l’ICAC. Ses liens présumés avec le bookmaker Michel Lee Shim seront passés au crible par les enquêteurs. Hector Tuyau qui s’est confié à l’express, affirme avoir tout fait dans les normes.

19 Jul 2013,

Scandal in Judiciary: Relationship Between Tuyau and Lee Shim Increasingly Convincing

Favors obtained for surgery the daughter of Hector Tuyau, the latter's son employed as editor of "Mauritius News" ... links between the bookmaker Michael Lee Shim and Tuyau family are becoming increasingly evident. Hector Tuyau is expected this Thursday, July 18th in the country.

18 Jul 2013,

Scandal in Judiciary: Investigation Towards a High Ranking Police

Rebounding: in the letters decoded in the inbox emails to one of the protagonists in this case of alleged corruption that shook the court, we find the name of a high ranking police officer. The email lets understand that he has received financial favors a bookmaker ...

17 Jul 2013,

Alleged Corruption in the Judiciary: These e-Mails that Speak by Themselves

Paul Foo Kune, the number one Play Online, filed on Monday in the presence of his lawyer Roshi Bhadain, copies of 16 emails ('emails') to the police to support his allegations of corruption against Krishnadatt Jory, Secretary of Justice Abdurafeek Hamuth and Rajendranath Issuri, Secretary of Justice Asraf Caunhye.

15 Jul 2013,

Corruption Alléguée au Sein du Judiciaire : l’Avocat Hussenee Arête

Il s’agit de la cinquième arrestation dans le cadre de cette affaire de corruption alléguée. Cette fois, c’est l’avocat Noor Hussenee qui a été arrêté ce samedi 13 juillet, après un interrogatoire aux Casernes centrales.

14 Jul 2013,

Minaskhi Thannoo Case: ICAC Has Not Concluded Investigation

The allegations made against the Director of the National Heritage Trust Fund (NHTF) in 2011 had indeed been the subject of an investigation initiated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC). This, however, did not see fit to carry it through to the end, according to informed the Government House sources.

12 Jul 2013,

Minakshi Thannoo Earned Rs 321 500 per Diem Without Moving

The director of the National Heritage Trust Fund (NHTF) would have received in 2010, the per diem turning around Rs 138,500 and Rs 183,000 for training courses in New Delhi and England. However, she did there would not even be presented.

11 Jul 2013,

Contract in Port: Boskalis Pleads Guilty in Giving Rs 3 Million to Siddick Chady

Jan Cornelis Haak, representative of the firm Boskalis International bv, made the trip to Mauritius as part of a lawsuit brought against the company and its subsidiaries. He pleaded guilty on behalf of both companies, giving USD 30 000 and 55 750 euros in bribes, kickbacks to the former head of the harbor.

23 May 2013,

Penalty Points: Police Officer Arrested

A police officer assigned to a police station in the South was pinned by the elements of the Independent Commission against Corruption during the weekend. He appeared in court Monday morning where a provisional charge of corruption was lodged against him.

14 May 2013,

Conflict of Interest: Two Employees of Airports of Mauritius Ltd Fired

Direction of Airports of Mauritius Ltd (AML) has fired two employees for conflict of interest. AML has discovered that they are shareholders of a company that was maintenance work at the airport.

09 May 2013,

Transactions Foncières: Des Poursuites Contre Le Père Du Ministre Seetaram

Des poursuites logées en Cour intermédiaire et une mise en demeure servie à Iswurdeo Seetaram, ancien Speaker et père du ministre du Business et des Coopératives. Elles ont trait à des transactions foncières à Henrietta.

29 Apr 2013,

Airports of Mauritius Ltd : Cinq Employés Suspendus pour Conflit d’Intérêts Allégué

Vendredi, la direction d’Airports of Mauritius Ltd a suspendu cinq employés. Cette décision fait suite à un exercice d’audit interne qui a révélé certaines irrégularités concernant les travaux d’entretien des terrains appartenant à AML.

02 Apr 2013,

Case Gooljaury: Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum Meets Jugnauth

Allegations of Jugnauth, for the purchase by Sicom a 15-storey building under construction belonging to the businessman Rakesh Gooljaury - known as the Elite Tower - have been Tuesday comments during a press conference Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, Minister of Information Technology and Communication (ICT), where he played opposite Jugnauth.

20 Feb 2013,

Pots Of Wine Rs 30 M: Boskalis Continued with Chady and Maunthrooa

After seven years of investigation with the Central CID took over the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) on the instruction of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Satyajit Boolell, Senior Counsel, formal charges were to be housed, this morning, before the Intermediate Court in the scandal of bribes bribes of Rs 30 million, known as Boskalis case.

16 Feb 2013,

Purchased by the SICOM: The Tower Gooljaury Illegal

Records relating to the allocation of 18 land lease, including one on an area of 12 acres, which went missing in BPML

11 Feb 2013,

Acquisition of Building Construction Gooljaury by SICOM: Transaction is Controversial

The tone was set by Paul Bérenger, last Saturday. He spoke of a "new scandal". This in reference to a transaction between SICOM and Arushi Development Ltd..

26 Jan 2013,

Gooljaury / SICOM Case : ICAC Checking the Registrar of Companies

The Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has initiated a verification exercise on the heated opposition by the purchase of the building construction Rakesh Gooljaury Ebony to the State Insurance Company of Mauritius (SICOM), the cost of Rs 600 million.

25 Jan 2013,

To Silence Speculation: Nandanee Soornack Unveils Her Companies

The Labour Party activist, Nandanee Soornack, wants to silence speculation and clarity on the business she runs and those in which it holds shares. Instructions have been given in this sense his solicitor Cader Mallam-Hassam.

24 Jan 2013,