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Controversy Over Ebony Project: Was There a Conflict of Interest?

Khushal Lobine is that the lawyer, longtime friend and business partner Rakesh Gooljaury and is the first President of the State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM), an institution that purchased the building in Construction second to Rs 600 million, is there a conflict of interest? Three lawyers analyze this situation.

23 Jan 2013,

Business of Gooljaury-Soornack at Airport: Rs 350 Million Annual Turnover

Businessman Doomeswarsing Gooljaury weaves its web in the SSR International Airport. Supplier of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise since 2002, he teamed up with Nandanee Soornack for other projects.

20 Jan 2013,

Transparency Report On Corruption: Maurice Won Three Seats

Botswana and Cape Verde to place our country in the African region. The sources used by Transparency International to establish this classification are, among others, the African Development Bank, the World Economic Forum and the Economic Intelligence Unit. A country that gets the most points is considered the least corrupt.

05 Dec 2012,

The ICAC Confirms that Cehl Meeah has No Bank Document in Possession

Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) said that Cehl Meeah had been summoned, at first, before being ordered to report for questioning. The member would have said that it is parliament that will continue its denunciations.

30 Nov 2012,

Case Gro Derek: Cehl Meeah Calls for Inquiry

MP and leader of the FSM held a press conference this Friday, Nov. 30, after his invitation to the ICAC in the case Gro Derek. Cehl Meeah says he can not disclose the contents of the statement he gave to the anti-corruption commission following the instructions he received from his lawyer, Mr. Raouf Gulbul.

30 Nov 2012,

Allegations Against Minister Cehl Meeah

MP and leader of the Mauritian Solidarity Front (FSM) is the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) in order to record a statement on the alleged transfer of funds to suspect that he brought against a minister. It combines the transaction in case Gro Derek.

30 Nov 2012,

Second Minister Became Subject Of Complaint To ICAC

Two ministers concerned by the ICAC in two days. This time it is the ICT Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, who pays the price.

01 Oct 2012,

MFA Administrative Secretary Accused of Fraud

The committee members of the Mauritius Football Association (MFA) filed a case against the MFA administrative secretary Sada Vuddamalay at the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) on Monday implicating him in a series of illegal financial transactions including misleading the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) with false reports following the Goal Project II and III.

01 Aug 2012,

BOI: Front Desk Manager Charged

Marday Marian, Front Desk Manager Board of Investment (BOI) was arrested Friday and brought to the Bail & Remand Court (BRC) on Saturday for his indictment. He was released against bail. Central CID investigators suspect of being part of the network of rogue operating within this establishment.

30 Jul 2012,

BOI Affair: Iqbal Mohabuth Signed False Bank Guarantees

Mohabuth Iqbal was arrested Tuesday night would be one that has provided false bank guarantees to expand their number of foreign applications for licenses in Mauritius.

12 Jul 2012,

Alleged Corruption at BOI: Two New Arrests

Two new people have been arrested this Tuesday, July 10, 2012 by CCID as part of the investigation into the granting of residence permits to foreigners by the BOI. A Mauritian and Reunion are the protagonists of this trafficking network uncovered after the arrest of the couple Tokuart on June 17.

11 Jul 2012,

Survey of BOI: Avinash Roy in Custody at Alcatraz

The Administrative Officer Avinash Roy, is the first employee of the Board of Investment (BOI) to be charged in court since the start of the investigation into a possible network of fraud operating within this organization.

02 Jul 2012,

Enquête Sur Possibilité D’escroquerie Au BOI

Le CCID enquête sur un possible réseau d’escroquerie au BOI concernant l’allocation de documents pour l’octroi de permis de résidence et d’investissements à des étrangers. La police a interrogé un officier de cet organisme mercredi.

21 Jun 2012,

Boskalis Accused of Trying to Bribe Officials in South America Also

Mauritius also Uruguay and Argentina have commissioned surveys a subsidiary of Dutch firm, RioVita. One million dollars was offered the chair of a government agency that facilitates the extension of the contract awarded to this firm.

18 Jun 2012,

Curepipe – L’Icac Enquête sur L’allocation D’espaces au Square Bruce

Pour mettre de l’ordre dans la ville et contrôler les marchands ambulants, la mairie de Curepipe a décidé de reloger certains des marchands ambulants au Square Bruce.

10 Dec 2011,

Perception Of Corruption: Mauritius Back In The Rankings of Transparency International

The perception of corruption is gaining ground. Maurice loses seven places in the world by Transparency International. In a press release, the local branch of the nongovernmental organization talks about "worrying trend".

01 Dec 2011,

Five councillors accused of fraud in Port Louis

Raouf Khodabaccus, advisor at the municipality of Port Louis, filed a case against five of his colleagues on October 11.

17 Oct 2011,

US donates equipment to anti-corruption organisation in Mauritius

The equipment has been sent by the Anti-Terrorism Assistance programm

16 Sep 2011,

Are you among the 15,000 youngsters?

This blog post aims at collecting views of everyone, including those who got banned or trolled while trying to get answers from the official event group.

06 Sep 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

More revelations by wikileaks : Drugs, ICAC, Corruption and Customs

Leaked : Bert C. Cunningham was told in no uncertain terms that he should remain quiet about the alleged corruption because if it were to become public, it could bring down the current government of Mauritius.

03 Sep 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life