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Énergie à Petite Echelle : 2,5 MW Injectés au Réseau du CEB

Depuis le lancement du projet Small Scale Distributed Generation (SSDG) en décembre 2010, plusieurs abonnés se sont lancés dans la production d’énergie à petite échelle, injectant une puissance totale d’environ 2,5 MW au réseau du Central Electricity Board (CEB).

14 Oct 2014,

Médine Fournira 10 MW d’Energie Verte au CEB Pendant Vingt Ans

Après la ferme photovoltaïque Sarako, qui produit entre 10 et 12 MW d’électricité, ce sera au tour de Médine d’alimenter le Central Electricity Board (CEB).

17 Sep 2014,

Feu Vert Pour la Centrale à Charbon de Beau-Champ

Le ministère de l’Environnement a récemment donné son aval à la société Consolidated Energy Co. Ltd d’Alteo pour continuer à opérer sa centrale thermique de Beau-Champ uniquement au charbon.

26 Aug 2014,

Energie: le Pays Risque-t-il Vraiment le Black-Out?

Le leader de l’opposition n’en démord pas : il y a bel et bien un risque de black-out en 2015. Or, le ministre des Services publics et le Kolektif Enerzi Renuvlab ne l’entendent pas de cette oreille.

28 Jul 2014,

Économie: Ces Projets Qui Refont Surface

La situation politique influe automatiquement sur l’économie.

18 Jul 2014,

Situation Énergétique : Bérenger «Extrêmement Inquiet»

Outre le volet politique et l’aspect mini-amendement constitutionnel, Paul Bérenger a également évoqué la situation énergétique dans le pays. Selon lui, il est clair que CT Power est «out».

06 Jul 2014,

Solar Water Heater: 10,000 New Beneficiaries in January

New grant program for the purchase of a solar water heater. Some 10,000 people are expected to receive Rs 10,000 to do next January. To date, 58,900 households have already benefited from this allocation.

14 Dec 2013,

Report Of National Energy Commission Unveiled

This is an exclusive Radio Plus: Integrated Energy Plan 2013-2022 of the Central Electricity Board (CEB) goes against the concept of "Sustainable Mauritius Island." This is one of the highlights of the report of the National Energy Commission (NEC), report that Radio Plus has revealed the outline Monday morning Nov. 25 even though it has not yet been made public so far.

26 Nov 2013,

PNQ: CT Power Will Come Into Operation in 2016

The proposed coal plant in Pointe-aux-Caves, Albion, will see the day. It shall come into operation in 2016. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Utilities, Rashid Beebeejaun at the Private Notice Question (PNQ) the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Friday, November 22.

25 Nov 2013,

8 Ways to Energize Each Morning

To have a truly wonderful day, getting it started with your best foot forward.

31 Oct 2013,

Energy: No Disturbance For The Feast Of Divali

Both engines each generate 23 megawatts of electricity. This was said Tuesday at Early Bird, the president of the CEB, Balraj Naroo. In fact, a team of European experts is currently in Mauritius to make an assessment of these two engines and will, thereafter, its recommendations to CEB. Cracks have indeed been found in both engines.

19 Oct 2013,

3 Healthy Habits That Drive Success

Proper nutrition doesn't just make you thin and healthy. It also improves your job performance. Here's how.

19 Oct 2013,

Energy Sector: The CEB Face the Option of Gas Turbines

An additional bill of Rs 900 million for the five months with CEB repair Sulzer two turbines with cracks.

08 Oct 2013,

4 Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks

If reaching for an energy drink to get over the mid-afternoon slump is part of your daily routine, consider this: a 16 oz. can of Red Bull contains 52 grams of sugar, about the same amount as 11 Oreo cookies.

19 Sep 2013,

Petroleum Products Storage: Increasing Investments

Investments oil companies are increasing day by day in order to increase the capacity of fuel storage. This increase also aims to reduce the risk of shortages, ensure a steady supply and meet the growing consumption.

16 Sep 2013,

Is Your Staff Always Busy? You Have a Problem

Constant activity when you walk around your office isn't a sign of maximum output; it's a sign of productivity theater.

09 Sep 2013,

Seychelles, Mauritius Plan Joint Offshore Oil, Gas Exploration

NAIROBI: Seychelles and Mauritius plan to jointly explore for petroleum in an area in the Indian Ocean that they both own.

03 Sep 2013,

Mauritius Signs Deals Worth $65 Million To Add Renewable Energy Capacity

The island nation of Mauritius has taken another step towards energy independence as it signed agreements with international firms to supply solar and wind power. With these agreements the island now expects to have a total renewable energy capacity of 60 MW connected to its grid by 2015.

19 Aug 2013,

Renewable Energy: Nuclear and Hydro to Replace Coal

Renewable energies show little by little their noses in the Mauritian landscape, even if the combustion of coal and oil is by far our main source of production. Experts believe that alternatives to fossil fuels are considered, including nuclear.

23 Jul 2013,

The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Staying Charged With Mobile Phone Battery Boosters

Each month, Field Test columnist and contributing editor Jenna Schnuer tries out gadgets and services designed to simplify life on the road.

19 Jul 2013,