Energy Mauritius

Four New Generators to the St. Louis Station

The Central Electricity Board (CEB) is preparing for any eventuality for years because every year, an average increase of 8 to 10% of energy consumption is recorded.

18 Jul 2013,

Renewable Energy: CEB Studying Four Projects

The Central Electricty Board to various entrepreneurs who is wishing to make renewable energy projects will lease areas of 25, 36 and 40 hectares. Among them, Sarako PVP Co Ltd, represented by the brother of Minister Jim Seetaram.

13 Jul 2013,

Liquified Petroleum Gas, Cader Sayed-Hossen : « Il n’y aura pas de pénurie »

C’est l'assurance donnée par le ministre du Commerce, Cader Sayed-Hossen, qui souligne que la State Trading Corporation (STC) a déjà fait les arrangements nécessaires avec le fournisseur actuel, en attendant l’allocation du contrat d’approvisionnement en Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) pour juillet 2013 à juin 2014.

28 Jun 2013,

Omnicane: Bioethanol Refinery in Operation Soon

An ethanol production plant is currently under construction and will be operational from September. According to information from the company, the construction of the bioethanol refinery is on track and continues in accordance with the established schedule.

13 Jun 2013,

NEC: Several Innovative Projects

The National Energy Commission (NEC) has received four people Wednesday to hear their proposals in the energy sector. These hearings provide an opportunity for members of the public to make a presentation of renewable energy projects. Wednesday's session was chaired by Mohamed Osman.

17 May 2013,

Energy Planning: CT Power, CEB Position of Judge and Jury

Challenge to the presence of representatives of CEB on the NEC with the hearing of the promoters of the day CT Power

29 Mar 2013,

Energy Policy: The Guarantee of Rs 6 md is Debate

The proposal from the Nation Energy Commission (NEC), chaired by Dev Manraj, Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), to freeze consultations with CT Power until the financial guarantee of Rs 6 billion to Rs 8 billion or set, is a central concern of the authorities.

14 Mar 2013,

Kenya: Large Geothermal Power Plant by December 2014

Monday, Kenya launched its biggest investment in the production of geothermal power'' with the commissioning of a power plant of 280 megawatts (MW) at Olkaria, Naivasha about 100 kilometers west of the capital Nairobi.

26 Jul 2012,

Import Bill of Petroleum and Coal: 25% Increase in 2011

The import bill of petroleum and coal in Mauritius increased by 25.3% in 2011 from Rs 24.721 billion to Rs 30.974 billion, according to Statistics Mauritius has released statistics on water and energy for 2011, Wednesday.

15 Jun 2012,

Green Energy: First Production Kit and Electricity Storage Arrives

Produce photovoltaic energy is not new to Mauritius. In contrast, generate clean energy and arrive at the store, it is innovation that offers the group Leal, via Solar-Ernte-Technik (SETL). A kit built for these two functions was presented on Tuesday, April 24 at Pailles.

25 Apr 2012,

Building: Energy Management Audit Scheme

As part of the implementation of the project to remove barriers to energy efficiency and promote energy conservation in buildings, about 75 engineers, architects and contractors operating in the public and private sectors will be introduced from 24 to 27 January.

23 Jan 2012,

Renewable Energy: An Indian Minister in Mauritius with Series of Agreements

Farooq Abdullah, the Indian Minister of Renewable Energies, is on an official visit to Mauritius since Tuesday, January 17.

18 Jan 2012,

Une Centrale A Charbon Propre A Médine

Le gouvernement se propose d’aller de l’avant avec la mise en place d’une centrale à charbon propre de 100 MW à La Mecque, Médine.

02 Dec 2011,

Gas deposits found off Sri Lanka coast

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse announced on Sunday that natural gas deposits had been found for the first time during exploratory drilling off the island’s coast.

03 Oct 2011,

Omnicane is planning to develop a sugar factory in Kenya

The project will also include the construction of an 18- megawatt bagasse power plant and a 30,000-litre ethanol production plant

05 Sep 2011,

Energy audits of energy utilization for buildings in Mauritius

Around 75 per cent of old buildings in Mauritius are not energy efficient

11 Aug 2011,

August 10 to 16: Training for energy auditors

It the joint initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

09 Aug 2011,

Green energy gets govt financial aid

The implementation of the plan for the second Technology Needs Assessment for mitigation and adaptation to climate change was announced

04 Aug 2011,

Water Footprint Workshop in Mauritius

Water footprint of a business is measured taken into account two factors the company’s operations and its supply chain

15 Jul 2011,

Energy Efficiency bill is in progress in Mauritius

The government is planning to proceed with the concept of ‘eco-friendly buildings in order to maximise energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy

13 Jul 2011,