Finances Mauritius

Centres Commerciaux : les Affaires Vont Mal

Les affaires vont mal pour de nombreux commerçants opérant dans les centres commerciaux à travers le pays.

29 Jul 2014,

Le Parlement Coûte Rs 25 Millions par Mois… Même Quand Il Ne Siège Pas

La démocratie n’a pas de prix. Mais elle a un coût. Et la facture s’avère pour le moins salée pour le contribuable.

27 Jul 2014,

Budget 2015: le Ministère des Finances Compte Lancer les Discussions Avec les Acteurs Économiques

Malgré le départ de Xavier Duval aux Finances, l’Etat donne un signal fort aux acteurs économiques. En témoigne, un communiqué émis par le Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) ce lundi 30 juin, le portefeuille ayant été repris par le Premier ministre lui-même.

01 Jul 2014,

«Il Faut Promouvoir la Finance Islamique Auprès Des Non Musulmans»

Equitable, juste, transparente et responsable, la finance islamique, créée il y a une trentaine d’années, connaît un succès grandissant à travers le monde.

29 May 2014,

“Maurice a un Environnement Macroéconomique Stable”

Le Fonds monétaire international (FMI) vient de valider l’Article IV Consultation Paper pour Maurice. Martin Petri, chef de mission de l’équipe du FMI à Maurice, en fait le point. Propos recueillis par Kooshall Cheekhooree

03 May 2014,

Mauritius Has 'Missed the Boat' on Islamic Finance

Runheersing Bheenick, Governor of the Bank of Marutitius has stated that not enough effort has been made to create Mauritius into a regional financial centre for Islamic banking.

07 Mar 2014,

Mauritius: Africa's Next Financial Services Hub?

It’s worth taking note of Mauritius’s move to position itself as an attractive destination for financial services. With a population of just 1.3 million, the island boasts 21 banks, including such global names as HSBC, Standard Chartered, Barclays, Deutsche Bank and South Africa’s own Investec and Standard Bank.

28 Jan 2014,

Electronic Money Is a Reality

The Finance (Miscellaneous) Bill and the Economic & Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill presented by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, were voted on Tuesday night.

19 Dec 2013,

The Finance Bill Passed With Minor Amendments

The Finance Bill, passed last night Tuesday, December 17 at the National Assembly, raises the concern of the opposition. MP Reza Uteem notably voiced its concerns over the amendments that have been proposed to the Bank of Mauritius (BoM) Act.

18 Dec 2013,

EU Fines Financial Institutions Over Fixing Key Benchmarks

Six financial institutions were fined €1.71 billion ($2.32 billion) by European Union regulators Wednesday for colluding in an attempt to manipulate key benchmark interest rates, the EU's largest-ever penalty in a cartel case.

05 Dec 2013,

Mauritius 2014 Empowerment Budget: Opportunities for the Offshore Commercial Sector

On 08 November 2014, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Mauritius presented the National budget for the year 2014

25 Nov 2013,

European Central Bank Vows Thorough Review of Banks at Risk

The European Central Bank on Wednesday outlined the parameters for a wide-ranging review of commercial banks that is designed to expose and fix any problems and ultimately allow credit to begin flowing normally again, a prerequisite for faster economic growth.

24 Oct 2013,

Receivership: Bailout Four Hotels Apavou

We must save the Apavou group. This is exactly what it is since its four hotel properties were seized Thursday, October 10.

20 Oct 2013,

Finances : Patrick Yip Accède Aux Responsabilités De FS p.i.

La démission d’Ali Michael Mansoor à la tête des Finances effective dès samedi matin.

13 Oct 2013,

Debates, Overnight Rate: Is Decline Truly Solution

The monetary policy committee will meet again today. If exporters are in favor of maintaining the rate in the worst case and a lower rate in the best case, many observers argue that such a decision will not change the situation. Here are their views.

30 Sep 2013,

Trillion Yuan Fled China Banks. You Won't Believe Where It Went

China’s Big Four banks lost 1 trillion yuan in deposits in the first three weeks of this month, with 700 billion yuan leaving in the first week alone. The source of this gruesome news is a Shanghai Securities News report given wide circulation by People’s Daily, the country’s most authoritative media outlet.

29 Jul 2013,

Audit Report: Rajun Jugurnath Suggests Creation of a Risk Management Committee

More transparency, competitiveness within government agencies. To achieve this, the Director of Audit suggests the introduction of the concept of risk management. Its report was released yesterday Tuesday.

17 Jul 2013,

Financial Sector: Navin Ramgoolam Considering a Single Regulatory Entity

Asked by Tuesday, July 16 Opposition in the National Assembly, at questions to the Prime Minister on Ponzi Schemes, Navin Ramgoolam took stock of the police investigation, which indicates that 70 arrests have occurred far and Rs 132 million were recovered.

17 Jul 2013,

Monetary Policy Committee: Bheenick and His Two Deputies in Minority Once Again

For the second time this year, Rundheersing Bheenick, Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, and his two deputies Iqbal Belath and Yandraduth Googoolye found themselves in the minority at a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee. They demanded an increase in the repo rate to counter inflationary effects.

02 Jul 2013,

Student Loan Scheme: Suspended by Ministry Decision

A dozen students of tertiary institutions who have applied for a Student Loan guaranteed by the government from commercial banks, waiting for their money for six months.

02 Jul 2013,