Finances Mauritius

Employees Welfare Loan Scheme: New Financing Plan for Employees

The Employees Welfare Fund (EWF) officially launched Friday, June 28 a new financing plan for all employees participating in the National Savings Fund (NSF). It is the Employees Welfare Loan Scheme. This appropriation is intended to finance travel, domestic or household equipment, renovations, medical expenses and weddings.

01 Jul 2013,

Debts Over Rs 20 Billion for the Three Hotel Groups

The three hotel groups including New Mauritius Hotels (NMH), Lux Island Resorts and Sun Resorts, began fiscal year 2013 with massive debt ratio. They all three ended the year 2012 with net debt of more than Rs 22 billion, a debt ratio (Gearing Ratio) averaged 68.2%.

14 Jun 2013,

Banking: Kee Chong Li Kowng Wing and Swadick Nuthay

The banking sector is in a zone of turbulence. The Governor of the Bank of Mauritius announced that five banks will bail "heavy fines" in the wake of scandals in the Ponzi scheme.

11 Jun 2013,

SMEs: Xavier-Luc Duval Discusses Possibilities of Access to Finance

Access to finance opportunities for small and medium enterprises, including micro-enterprises do not miss, made it clear this morning, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval at a press conference where he took the opportunity to urge the contractors concerned to take advantage of the financial resources at their disposal in two equity funds: the NRF Equity Fund and the SME Partnership Fund.

07 Jun 2013,

White Dot And Sunkai: Sale of Assets

Ten weeks after the start of the multi-pronged investigation by the Central CID on financial scams (Ponzi Schemes), the damage could reach Rs 2 billion, a new phase is about to be initiated.

30 May 2013,

PRB and Manraj Recommendations Cost Rs 4300 per Year for Each Mauritian

It is the taxpayers who will have to cough up funding recommendations Manraj report, endorsed by the Council of Ministers, Monday, May 20

23 May 2013,

Loan: New Facilities for Export-Oriented Companies

The goal: to revive the industrial and manufacturing machinery in Mauritius. At a press briefing on Wednesday May 22, the Finance Minister Xavier Duval, has announced a new "Investment Package" will be available for export-oriented companies.

23 May 2013,

IBFA: "Do Not Let Yourself Be Tempted by Easy Money"

The investment plans guaranteeing a significant profit in a short period, such as Ponzi plan is not compatible with the principles of Shariah.

17 May 2013,

5 Things Founders Don't Talk About

Last week I had a dozen business founders over for beer and pizza to catch up and talk shop. It’s one of my favorite things to do, because I think when you get a group of fellow founders in a room together, there’s instant fraternity among them. People let their guards down. When surrounded by peers, Founders talk about things that no one else can appreciate or understand.

16 May 2013,

New Loan Program for Students

A new loan program for students is being implemented to ensure that no one misses a rewarding career only because of lack of funds to finance his studies. This had also been announced in Budget 2013.

09 May 2013,

Ponzi Scheme: Two Other Companies Outside Game

The investigation into the alleged financial scams in societies Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd and Sunkai Ltd. has not yet revealed all its secrets, the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) has taken in his nets other companies suspected of resorting to illegal financial practices.

24 Apr 2013,

Ponzi Scheme: 1,372 Reported Victims, Amount - Rs 572 Million

The Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval has provided in response to the Private Notice Question (PNQ), specific details on the extent of the scam involving seven investment companies. The biggest fraud remains with Whitedot .

24 Apr 2013,

Is Cyprus More Important Than You Think?

In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s speech decided to ignore “a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing”. The world has now convinced itself that Cyprus is simply not systemically important. They may be proved wrong.

23 Apr 2013,

Whitedot: the Network of Pastor to Millions Targeted

The investigation of the Central CID on financial frauds with an injury a little over Rs 1 billion currently trying to deepen the network list of pastors to millions with new turn started since the end of last week.

22 Apr 2013,

Global Banks Are 'Divorcing' China

HSBC Group is expected in the next few months to sell its 8.0% stake in the Bank of Shanghai. The financial services giant could receive as much as $800 million from its shares in the second-tier Chinese lender.

22 Apr 2013,

Ponzi Schemes: the "banker" Dominique Wanted

The Daily Challenge revealed Wednesday that some persons involved in financial activities Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd and Sunkai Company Ltd have left the country in secret. On Wednesday, detectives CCID went in search of a man named Dominique, considered "the banker."

18 Apr 2013,

Sunkai: Man Confidence Bhimla Ramloll Arrested

The investigation into the alleged financial scam allegedly committed certain companies operating in the Ponzi scheme continues. Robert Chuttoo the man confidence Bhimla Ramloll, director of the investment company Sunkai Ltd, was arrested on Wednesday April 17.

18 Apr 2013,

Alleged Financial Fraud, a Man Named Dominique Left the Country with Rs 62 Million

A suspected agent of two companies operating in the Ponzi scheme had left the country with Rs 62 million in his luggage. Central CID intends to seek the help of Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant against him.

18 Apr 2013,

The Complete Guide to Setting and Negotiating Freelance Rates

It's the most common question I receive from aspiring freelancers of all types: How much should I charge? The question comes packaged in various different guises—whether it is a beginner dipping their toes in the freelancing waters for the first time or someone who has been freelancing for a while but wants to renegotiate their rate with a client.

17 Apr 2013,

Bhimla Ramloll Released: “All Sunkai’s Customers Will Get Their Money”

Bail this Tuesday, April 16 after spending 19 days in police custody, Bhimla Ramloll undertakes to repay all its "customers."

17 Apr 2013,