Lottery Mauritius

Loto: Three of Four Winners Have Already Known

Three of the four winners of the Lotto draw on Saturday, September 21 shall be submitted to the National Lottery on Monday September 23. It is a pensioner, a family in need of a young couple. All won Rs 2, 9 m each.

24 Sep 2013,

Loto: Four Winners Get Rs 2.9 m Each

To draw on 21 September, it was the check 1-5-10-13-20-22. Four winners have found the right combination and share Rs 2.9 million each.

22 Sep 2013,

Lotto Winner False: Stellio Antonio, Representing Lottotech, Arrested

Teemul Gokool claimed to be the winner of the Lotto draw on 7 September, the jackpot was Rs 28,365,883. The salesman was arrested by police yesterday and denounced Stellio Antonio, Public Affairs Manager Lottotech. The latter was also arrested on Wednesday September 18th.

19 Sep 2013,

Loto: The Last Two Are Lucky Desired

The draws of the National Lottery succeed and look.

17 Sep 2013,

Loterie Nationale : le Ticket à Plus de Rs 28 m Vendu à Curepipe

Pour ce 201e tirage du loto, il fallait cocher le 01-08-10-17-19-28. La loterie nationale compte un autre gagnant : le ticket a été vendu à La Mairee Store à 44, La Mairée Road, Eau Coulée.

08 Sep 2013,

The National Lottery Is Looking For A Winner Of Rs 5 Million

The holder of the ticket with the combination 5-7-8-10-21-33, validated Vallée Pitot at the draw on August 24, has still not presented at the headquarters of the National Lottery to pocket his check.

08 Sep 2013,

Loto : un Ticket Gagnant de Rs 5 Millions

Le tirage du Loto du samedi 24 août a fait 44 432 gagnants qui se partagent Rs 10 945 749, dont un veinard qui a empoché le jackpot de Rs 5 millions. Ticket vendu chez Snack Piment Rouge, situé à 25 Boulevard Pitot, Port-Louis.

25 Aug 2013,

Loto : un Gagnant de Rs 28 Millions

Un joueur a trouvé la combinaison gagnante pour ce 198e tirage. Il gagne donc le jackpot de Rs 27,977,825. Le jackpot du samedi 24 août 2013 passe à au moins Rs 5 millions.

18 Aug 2013,

Gambling: Capital of Rs 2.5 Billion for the State

The odds of winning in games of chance are slim, except for the state, which always has the right combination, put the right horse or good football team by putting their pockets with tax revenues and other permits operation. It should pocketing Rs 2.5 billion this year.

22 Jul 2013,

Loto: Winner of Rs 11.7 Million

A player has found the winning combination for the Lotto draw on Saturday July 20. So he pocketed the jackpot of Rs 11,732,283. Ticket sold at Andrex, Royal Road, Rose Hill.

22 Jul 2013,

Loto: Ticket Winning Rs 5.4 Million Validated at Bel-Air

A player has found the winning combination of draw Saturday, July 6, thus won Rs 5,426,157. The winning ticket was validated at Winner's Bel-Air.

07 Jul 2013,

Loto: Four Winners Share Rs 40.5 million

4-13 - 23-29 - 33-36. The Lotto draw of Saturday, June 29 has four major winners, who each pocketed Rs 10,129,628. The tickets were validated Andre Snack, Port-Louis, Tabagie Vogues, Centre-de-Flacq, et Patisserie Ile de France et Chez Andrex à Rose-Hill.

01 Jul 2013,

National Lottery: Government Earn Rs 741 Million

The revenue that the government will collect through the National Lottery around the Rs 741 million this year. This is at least the forecast of the Ministry of Finance.

28 May 2013,

Loto: Guy Wins Rs 23.9 Million

The Lotto draw of Saturday, May 25th was a lucky guy who won the jackpot of Rs 23,932,676. The ticket was validated in London Way, Pointe-aux-Sables.

26 May 2013,

Loto: Winner of Rs 5 Million

A player has found the winning combination for the 184th draw. So he wins the jackpot of Rs 5 million. The jackpot Saturday, May 18, 2013 to pass at least Rs 5 million.

13 May 2013,

Loto: Winner Walks Away with Rs 5.3 Million

The lottery has a winner in the draw of Saturday, May 4 The guy walks away with the jackpot of Rs 5, 359, 503.

05 May 2013,

Lotto: Winning Ticket of Rs 40.9 Million Validated at Rodrigues

There is new multimillionaire at Rodrigues thanks for the Lotto . The winning ticket of Rs 40, 934, 535 has been validated Happy Corner, in the Baie-aux-Huitres, Rodrigues.

28 Apr 2013,

Loto: Three Winning Tickets Each Rs 9,7 M Validated at Curepipe

There were three winning tickets in the Lotto draw, performed on Saturday night. A first: two winning tickets were validated in one place or in Mungur Pool House, located at 4 Market Square Pallach Ian, Curepipe. The other ticket was validated at Ah-Yen Shop located 55 Lislet Geoffroy Street, Curepipe.

25 Mar 2013,

Lottery: Player Wins Rs 22.7 M

A player has found the right combination to win the Lotto, performed on Saturday night. He pocketed the sum of Rs 22.7 million.

10 Mar 2013,

Loto: Rs 44 Ticket Related, 4 M Souillac Validated

The Lotto draw, made this Saturday night, February 16th, was a big winner. The holder of the ticket wins the jackpot of Rs 44, 469, 150. The winning ticket was validated in Sabeka Tabagie located in Royal Road, Souillac.

17 Feb 2013,