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Think Systematically About Customer Benefits

Working within a systematic framework can enable hoteliers to identify more and better benefits for customers.

26 Nov 2013,

7 Ways to Unleash Unlimited Employee Energy

Your employees are an unlimited source of energy that can take your business to even higher levels of success. Here's how to encourage them.

22 Nov 2013,

How to Effectively Change Your Management Style

If your employees aren’t performing up to par, you can blame it on a lot of things: a lack of motivation, poor training, disinterest, or an overload of work, just to name a few.

23 Oct 2013,

Social Media Inspires Hotel Design

Social media is becoming a fundamental part of design in a new breed of hotels.

23 Oct 2013,

Fundamentals of Pricing: Price Management Before and Beyond Revenue Management

Given the automation, sophistication and globalization of the hotel and tourism industry, competitiveness levels have risen and, at it, Revenue Management (RM) has taken a key role in optimizing revenues, in reinforcing business performance and in defining who wins or loses.

22 Oct 2013,

Total Hotel Revenue Management

Rooms revenue management (RM) has been around for the past 25 years, has been widely adopted and has led to rooms revenue increases of 3 – 5%. Rooms RM systems and practices have increased in sophistication over the years as hotel operators and consulting companies have sought to fine tune the way in which they maximize revenue.

18 Oct 2013,

6 Things You Should Quit Doing To Be More Successful

If you haven’t seen it, I’ll describe it for you. In a now viral video, writer Marina Shifrin turns the camera on herself at the office around 4:30 a.m. She then proceeds to dance herself out of a job. Throughout the video, words splash across the screen explaining her reasons, then at the end we read, “I quit.” Then one more time in caps for good measure, “I QUIT!”

10 Oct 2013,

4 Ways to Keep People From Derailing Meetings

It's high time you make your team huddles more productive affairs. Here's how to do it.

09 Oct 2013,

Our Professional Advice: Addressing Exams

The period dreaded exams arrived. To help students deal with it in the best conditions, the doctor Arvind Mungla, nutritionist Diane Desmarais, Hema Conhyedoss psychologist, pharmacist and teacher Raja Mohun Mayaven Mutha Pillay lavish their valuable advice.

08 Oct 2013,

Overcoming Barriers of Growth

In the wake of a challenging economic climate, many small business owners are bucking the trend of hunkering down and instead are embarking on ambitious growth plans.

07 Oct 2013,

The #1 Relationship Building Habit You Should Do Daily

Introductions from your network to the right clients, employees, partners, and investors can change everything. However, most people leave this up to chance. One individual has found a way to remove the randomness.

07 Oct 2013,

What Kind of Leader Are You?

Your employees might have you pegged, but how well do you know yourself?

03 Oct 2013,

How Great Leaders Stay on Top

You've seen the story play out before: One dumb mistake drags down a CEO who used to be on top of the world. Don't let it happen to you.

30 Sep 2013,

8 Ways to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos

It's the nature of business to create panic and chaos. Everyone dreams of a company that runs smoothly and efficiently, but ambitious entrepreneurs, managers and salespeople can't help but push for speed. Rather than slow down on a product release or turn down a customer or two until processes are ready, decisions are made that tax resources and send teams into a frenzy.

30 Sep 2013,

5 Bosses That Should Be Fired Now

Incompetent employees can hurt organizations, but incompetent leaders can do far worse - they can, and often do, destroy them.

24 Sep 2013,

Credit Card: Bramer Bank Offers 2% Cash Back

Bramer Bank has introduced a new concept in Mauritius in incentives related to credit cards: it offers the customer a 2% cash back on the debtor (outstanding balance) balance of your credit card by transferring the Bramer Bank. This offer applies for both new and for existing customers.

17 Sep 2013,

5 Steps to Managing Someone You Dislike

How to walk the line between creative difference and destructive annoyance with an employee that irks you.

16 Sep 2013,

Reviews Play Critical Role in Defining Value

As many guests are first-time visitors to a given hotel, reviews help them preview and visualize their on-property experience, sources said.

12 Sep 2013,

United Basalt Products LTD: Bond Issuance In The Study

United Basalt Products Ltd., one of the largest operators in the construction industry - listed on the official market of the Stock Exchange - plans to launch a bond issue in the form of private placements. Moreover, Bluelife Ltd and IOREC have a merger.

05 Sep 2013,

Malls: Falling Rents Is Not Envisaged

If all the malls do not know the expected attendance, lower rates although requested by some traders, is not on the agenda.

04 Sep 2013,

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