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Employees Really Do Waste Time at Work, Part Two

We all waste time at work. This is the “elephant in the room.” And with more and more employees constantly wired, spending time on non-work-related stuff is easy.

23 Nov 2012,

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

It’s one of those unquestioned truisms that the customer is always right, but there are a few exceptions to that rule that you may want to consider adopting.

22 Nov 2012,

Energize Your Network

It’s not enough to build a network, you also need to maintain it. This means preserving your connections with enthusiasm so the best ideas, resources, and talent come your way. Here are three tips for doing that:

22 Nov 2012,

Beware the Achievement Trap

Just because you believe you should achieve something doesn't mean you will. Here are four ways to avoid this common trap.

22 Nov 2012,

Take Care of Your Most Reliable People

Most people have someone they can count on when they need something done — and done right. But when you value someone’s reliability, it’s easy to overlook other strengths. Here are three ways to further develop your most dependable people:

20 Nov 2012,

Employees Really Do Waste Time at Work, Part One

There are many activities employees do that waste time at work. Excessive meetings, co-worker interactions, office politics, and fixing mistakes are a few. According to a recent survey, one of the biggest culprits is surfing the Internet.

20 Nov 2012,

10 Steps to Successful Thought Leadership to Elevate Your Career and Your Organization

As employees seek to strengthen their identity in the workplace they must find ways to make an immediate impact for the betterment of the company as well as themselves.

19 Nov 2012,

A Better Way to Brainstorm in Groups

Brainstorming has gotten a bad rap for leading to uncreative and even unhealthy consensus. But getting together to try out ideas and come up with new ones can promote collaboration and creativity, if done right. Here’s how:

19 Nov 2012,

Have the Courage to Be Direct

There are many situations where nuance, subtlety, and carefully crafted diplomacy in communications are critical. But most of the time, plain directness can go a long way.

17 Nov 2012,

Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look (and Be) Smarter

Whether you're trying to survive an intensive college schedule or just want to seem smarter in front of your friends, you can do a lot of things to both look and be smarter. Here are ten simple tricks for boosting your real (and perceived) brain power.

17 Nov 2012,

How To Be Seen As a Leader - At Any Point in Your Career

How people can be seen as leaders by others in their organizations. It’s a great question to ask. Sometimes people assume that when they get a “leader job,” they’ll automatically be seen as leaders.

16 Nov 2012,

Morale Booster: 14 Ways to Motivate Yourself When the Chips are Down

Sole trader' is a misnomer. It sounds dry, sterile, boring. It doesn't reflect the hundreds of thousands of people, from plumbers to market stall holders to designers to dog-walkers, running their businesses all by themselves.

15 Nov 2012,

10 Difficult Employees (and How to Handle Them)

Whether your company is an a early-stage start-up or a huge corporation, you've surely run into an employee who drives you batty. Here's an look at of the 10 most irritating workplace characters--along with some advice on how to get them back on track.

15 Nov 2012,

Does a Low Price Mean Good Value or Bad Quality?

While some shoppers pounce on rock-bottom prices without hesitation, others are tentative concerning “doorbusters” and eye-popping 80% off deals. After all, doesn’t a cheap price equate to cheap quality?

15 Nov 2012,

5 Cutting Edge Ways to Combat Employee Theft

From security systems to heavy-duty locks, small-business owners spend billions annually to keep thieves out, overlooking how most heists are inside jobs.

14 Nov 2012,

8 Things to Beg, Borrow or Steal From Your Employer Before You Leave to Start Your Own Business

Are you planning your new business venture on top of working a 9 to 5? You're not alone. Free time and sleep might be in short supply, but there are definite upsides to launching a business while you're still employed. Here's how you can use it to your advantage...

14 Nov 2012,

Bad Boss? 7 Management Moves to Avoid

Managing people is a difficult job--so difficult, in fact, that some bosses resort to shortcuts and dirty tricks. Here are seven of the ugliest management tactics in the business world, along with better ways to handle the challenges. Make sure you're following the better example.

13 Nov 2012,

25 Tips to Punch Up Your Writing

Whether you're a writing newbie or an old pro, it can never hurt to have a few more tricks up your sleeve. Whether you're writing a press release, blog post, or marketing copy, drawing from a rich pool of writing tips is always a plus.

13 Nov 2012,

Help Your Multitasking Colleague Break the Habit

Everyone these days is trying to get several things done at once. But it’s frustrating to work with someone who won’t stop glancing at his phone or even takes calls mid-meeting. If a co-worker’s inability to focus is bringing you down, try these three tactics:

13 Nov 2012,

3 Ways to Overcome Buyer's Fears

The new normal for buyers is an attitude of fear and uncertainty. Here are three tips on how to get buyers interested in what you have to offer.

12 Nov 2012,