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Dossier: Women at the wheel

"It's not a car you must drive, but a truck! "This is a replica of a driving instructor school at a young woman in the streets of the capital. Dominique wanted to be independent. Mother of two, she must rely on the goodwill of her husband to leave.

01 Jul 2011,

Two road deaths in one day

Valley of the Priests, mourns the death of a teenage girl aged 16, who was on board a taxi. The driver, who doubled a truck, lost control of his vehicle. A Mapou, a motorcyclist died after being hit by a car.

01 Jul 2011,

Soon the completion of the bridge Bagatelle

Work is progressing rapidly at the bridge of Bagatelle. Indeed, the arches of the bridge were placed on Monday and the work will be completed in July, two months before the opening of the mall.

29 Jun 2011,

Rapport confidentiel – Des manquements dans le dossier du pétrolier Betamax

Un rapport ultraconfidentiel d’Insight Forensics Ltd, livré en février 2011 à la nouvelle direction de la State Trading Corporation (STC), révèle une multitude de maldonnes et de mauvaises pratiques sur plusieurs dossiers.

29 Jun 2011,

Three road accidents, one fatal

The black series continues.

29 Jun 2011,

Deadline extended for number plates change

The deadline of July 1 for vehicle owners to change their number plates to the British standard has been extended.

28 Jun 2011,

At Petit-Raffray - The motorcyclist lost after the accident

The mystery of a traffic accident occurred Monday night in Petit Raffray, in the north of the island.

28 Jun 2011,

Réduit Triangle will be inaugurated at Wednesday

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam will inaugurate Triangle de Réduit at Wednesday with Minister of Public Infrastructure Anil Bachoo.

28 Jun 2011,

Carburants : prix inchangés

Contrairement à ce qu’ont prévu certains observateurs, le prix des produits pétroliers est resté inchangé sur le marché lundi soir. Une baisse de prix n’est pas envisagée dans l’immédiat.

28 Jun 2011,

Rapport confidentiel – Un gouffre financier nommé State Trading Company Mauritius

Des pratiques très douteuses et des transactions louches ont eu lieu. C’est ce que révèle le rapport ultra-confidentiel d’Insight Forensics Ltd, livré en février dernier, dont Le Défi Quotidien a pu se procurer une copie.

27 Jun 2011,

Strategic storage: a budget of Rs 2 billion

The State Trading Corporation (STC) is embarking on a major project of strategic storage of petroleum products at a cost of two billion rupees. Three additional tanks and pipelines will be built over a period of two years in the port area, Port-Louis

27 Jun 2011,

Oil prices down

Oil prices on the world market continue to play yoyo. If there are a few months ago, he had taken an upward trend, now is the opposite. Earlier this week, the price per barrel was $ 112,570, and yesterday it rose to $ 106,850.

27 Jun 2011,

Cockroach and dilapidated seats in a bus of the NTC

A cockroach walks from passengers, torn cushions, seats dilapidated ...

25 Jun 2011,

Plaques minéralogiques obligatoires en juillet

Ceux qui n’ont pas fait installer les nouvelles plaques minéralogiques ont jusqu’au 1er juillet pour ce faire. Faute de quoi, les officiers de la National Transport Authority (NTA) vont sévir.

25 Jun 2011,

New studio sets sights on Hollywood

Often a locale for shootings, the nation is set to play a bigger role in the cinema industry soon. That is if the necessary permissions are granted. British group Pinewood Studios, the name behind acclaimed film series such as James Bond and Carry On is looking to set up shop on the island as Tropikana [...]

25 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Harbour Bridge: Va-t-il réellement éliminer la congestion routière ?

Le Road Decongestion Programme du gouvernement est en pleine implémentation. Après la Ring Road, les différents bypass à travers l’île et la nouvelle route Terre-Rouge/Verdun, c’est au tour du Harbour Bridge de faire parler de lui.

24 Jun 2011,

Plates: Still no end date

It's total confusion. Drivers are confused more. When the new plates devil will be mandatory?

24 Jun 2011,

Le permis à points inquiète les chauffeurs d’autobus et de taxi

Jeudi, 23 juin. L’introduction du permis à points inquiète les chauffeurs de taxi et d’autobus. Ils disent craindre pour leur sécurité d’emploi. D’où leur demande pour qu’ils ne soient pas traités au même titre que les autres chauffeurs.

24 Jun 2011,

They were going to work - Two brothers collided head-on by a bus

The road continues to claim victims. Tuesday morning, the brothers Nauyock Javed, 28, and Aftab Nauyock, 27, were hit by a bus in Fond-du-Sac.

24 Jun 2011,

Electronic Cigarette in Mauritius – Illegal?

The article below is a preview of the original article found at You can read the whole article here: Electronic Cigarette in Mauritius – Illegal? The article below is a preview of the original article found at You can read the whole article here: Electronic Cigarette in Mauritius – Illegal? You have heard about the e-cig or also known as the electronic cigarette? The E-Cig is fastly becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional toxic cigarettes in Mauritius [...]

23 Jun 2011, Island Crisis