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India Mauritius Tax Treaty

India Mauritius Tax Treaty is among the top headlines today, a lot of TV channels, Newspapers are monitoring this news. Mauritius has agreed to negotiate and revise the existing Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with India and the two sides are expected to meet soon to work out the details, Central Board of Direct Taxes [...]

20 Jun 2011, MauritiusHot

Mauritius Lotto Result For 18 June 2011

The article below is a preview of the original article found at You can read the whole article here: Mauritius Lotto Result For 18 June 2011 The article below is a preview of the original article found at You can read the whole article here: Mauritius Lotto Result For 18 June 2011 This is the Lotto Mauritius Result for 18th June 2011 and the 85rd draw of the Mauritian lotto. Jackpot winner for this week’s draw: No winner. Details for [...]

18 Jun 2011, Island Crisis

Mauritius Lotto Results 18 June 2011

Mauritius Lotto Results for 18 June 2011 is estimated at Rs 5 Million. The draw will take place at 20:20 live on MBC.. The winning tickets for last week’s draw which made two lucky winners were validated at Chez Andrex, Rose Hill and Paragon Trading, Port Louis Detailed Mauritius Lotto Result for last week’s draw [...]

18 Jun 2011, MauritiusHot

Road Traffic Bill to be introduced in Parliament

The cabinet meeting took place on Friday under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam.

18 Jun 2011,

Allocation mensuelle au lieu du “duty free"

Le Pay Research Bureau (PRB) souhaite soumettre une formule invitant les fonctionnaires à opter pour une allocation mensuelle au lieu de prendre avantage d'une voiture hors taxes. L'objectif est de participer aux efforts entrepris par le gouvernement pour décongestionner nos routes.

18 Jun 2011,

Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 – Week 13

Welcome to the 13rd week of the Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 on Island Crisis. Share your tips in the comment section below and best of luck for the coming racing week.   How To Participate All participants must share their tips by latest before the start of the first race of the week. Tips [...]Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 – Week 13 is a post from: Island Crisis

17 Jun 2011, Island Crisis

Fuel: overload 3 Rs could be reintroduced

Motorists will soon be fixed on the new fuel prices. It could be that the overhead imposed Rs 3 on every liter of oil is reintroduced to cover losses incurred by the State Trading Corporation (STC) because of "hedging" on the purchase of fuel.

17 Jun 2011,

Infinity: 205 employees paid through the Aston Martin

Relief for 80 employees of Infinity BPO. They received, on Thursday, their salary in November 2010.These transactions were made possible by money received from the sale by auction of equipment Infinity BPO.

17 Jun 2011,

BUAV condemns cruelty to local macaques

Michelle Thew, chief executive of British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), is calling for more humane ways to manage the trade of monkeys. In an interview with The Independent, Thew said that she is presently in Mauritius to urge the government to take BUAV’s concern about the export of the Mauritian long-tailed macaque [...]

17 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Accident au Morne – Une route glissante fait deux morts

« De l’eau lor chemin ine faire chauffeur perdu contrôle », lâche avec difficulté Baliram Ramma, 38 ans, un des rescapés du terrible accident qui s’est produit tôt mardi matin dans le village du Morne. Conséquences : deux morts et trois blessés après qu’une fourgonnette eut fait une sortie de route dans ce village du Sud-Ouest de l’île.

17 Jun 2011,

Private Notice Question - STC: difficult baptism of fire for Michael Sik Yuen

For its first Private Notice Question (PNQ), the new Minister of Commerce has been busy. The Opposition has shown aggressive, especially on the losses incurred by the State Trading Corporation (STC) on the "hedging" fuel for which the user must pay.

17 Jun 2011,

Speed Cameras: Rs 36 million of fines in six months

Around Rs 36 million. This was pocketed the state from January 1 to June 14 this year for offenses of speeding on the M1.Particularly between straw and Camp Chapelon, where the radars installed to detect speeding were more efficient.

16 Jun 2011,

Une pelleteuse volée sur un chantier à St-Félix

Même les gros engins de construction ne sont pas à l’abri. Une pelleteuse (JCB) a été volée sur un chantier, à St-Félix vers 22h, lundi. Le cas a été rapporté au poste de police de Rivière-des-Anguilles, le même soir.

16 Jun 2011,

Penalty points - When the entry into force?

From January to date, there have been no fewer than 54 fatal accidents that have killed 70 people.

16 Jun 2011,

Total Lunar Eclipse June 2011 Mauritius | Photos

The total lunar eclipse of last night (15 June 2011) amazed many of us and many in Mauritius were there to watch this wonder of nature. Our reader Thierry Alan who previously contributed many nice eclipse snaps has sent us some more photos this time too. Below are some of the best shots of the [...]Total Lunar Eclipse June 2011 Mauritius | Photos is a post from: Island Crisis

16 Jun 2011, Island Crisis

Consumer to pay RS 4.7 bn hedging loss

The population will have to pay hedging losses amounting to Rs 4.7 billion in addition to the accrued interest of about Rs 250 million.

15 Jun 2011,

Three suspects including one juvenile arrested

On 1 June, a car of the Toyota Corolla, model EE 111 is stolen Bouic Avenue Gabriel, Ste-Croix.The owner had forgotten his key in the lock of the trunk. An oversight that did not fail to attract the attention of the suspects prowling in the area on motorcycles.

15 Jun 2011,

Morne accident: two dead and three wounded

A traffic accident occurred in the day on Tuesday, June 14, leaving two dead and three wounded on the main road of Le Morne.

15 Jun 2011,

Some cars run on ethanol this year

Carburize your vehicles from ethanol will be a reality this year. This, at least, what Unienville said Jacques, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group Omnicane at Morning, Tuesday.

15 Jun 2011,

La route glissante fait deux morts et trois blessés graves au Morne

Avec les grosses averses qui se sont abattues à l’Ouest, l’état de la route et la vitesse sont pointés du doigt avec l’accident mortel survenu, mardi matin, au Morne.

15 Jun 2011,