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Ile Aux Cerfs Photos ( Mauritius Holidays )

Just off the east coast and easily accessible by boat is the island paradise called “Cerfs”. Ile aux Cerfs Beach is located almost all around the island that sits within the lagoon near the town of Trou d’Eau Douce. This beach is recommended because I believe you will experience an unforgettable time here. Make plans [...]

09 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Financial Scandal – Mauritius Union Pays Rs 250 M To MCB

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) can recover part of the Rs 881, 6 million . In a statement issued yesterday 08/04/11, the MCB said its insurer, Mauritius Union Assurance (MUA) has agreed to pay Rs 250 million. The two sides finally managed to reach an agreement. The MCB had begun a legal battle against the MUA [...]

09 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Watch Video : VOH Against “Hot Hindu Mauritian Girl” Video On Youtube

The VOH ( Voice Of Hindu ) is strictly against a Youtube Video which targets Mauritians and mainly the Hindu community. The video which is titled ” Hot Hindu Mauritian Girl” shows a girl in a very light dress, she was wearing a top showing clearly her nipples and an underwear. It can be seen [...]

08 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Mauritius Weekend Agenda: April 8

What to do this weekend

08 Apr 2011,

Mauritian wins the East Midlands International Student of the Year

A student from Mauritius who trained in her spare time to help people with learning disabilities has won a prestigious competition in the UK. Sabrina Bhundoo, 29, won the title... Read more »

08 Apr 2011, KotZot

Free Orange Expo 2011 Invitation Pass

Orange Expo 2011 will be held from 8-10 April at Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre at Pailles Click Here For Free Orange Invitation Pass / Invitation for Orange Expo 2011 Once you received the Pass by SMS , please visit one of these Telecom Showroom. Grand Baie Du lundi au samedi 9 h 30 à [...]

08 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Entry Fee Of Rs10 To Visit Ile-Aux-Cerfs

Mauritians and tourists will now pay Rs 10 to visit Ile aux Cerfs. This announcement was made yesterday by the Minister of Tourism at a press conference. For Nando Bodha, it is a “nominal fee”. “The money will be used for cleaning and maintenance of Ile Aux Cerfs and the surrounding islands,” he emphasized. The [...]

08 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 – Week 3

Welcome to week 3 (9th April 2011) of the Mauritius Horse Racing Tips challenge 2011. We have had to nice starting weeks with some of you pointing out the outsiders of the day. So let’s hope this week too is a lucky one for you all. Share your tips as usual in the comments.   [...]Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 – Week 3 is a post from: Island Crisis

08 Apr 2011, Island Crisis

Mauritius’s Annual Inflation Accelerates on Food, Fuel Costs

Mauritius’s annual inflation rate rose to 7.2 percent in March, the highest in more than two years, on increased transport and food prices, the Central Statistics Office said. Inflation quickened from 6.8 percent a month earlier and prices advanced 0.6 percent in the month, the Port Louis-based data agency said in a statement on its [...]

08 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Motorcyclist died hit by a bus

The road was once more deadly.Goondun Balakrishna (47 years), better known as Sivom, left far too early for those who knew him. On Tuesday, the resident of Montagne-Longue was hit by a bus on the road to Royale à Grande-Rosalie while he was on a motorcycle. He was taken to hospital at North where his was dead shortly after.

07 Apr 2011,

New registration - vintage cars waiting

The "Vintage and Classic Cars' Owners Association is still awaiting the response of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in relation to its request to exempt the new classic car number plates.The request was made last year, after the government came forward with this new project.

07 Apr 2011,

A drunk driver convicted of assault

He would have been careless driving his car and it could result in death of man. Feroz Ahmad Goolfee was convicted of assault in court through two years after being involved in a traffic accident. He had pleaded not guilty.

07 Apr 2011,

Accidents: two seriously injured

The black series continues unabated. Accidents on our roads are becoming more common despite the vigilance of law enforcement.

07 Apr 2011,

Mauritius’s Annual Inflation Accelerates on Food, Fuel Costs

Mauritius’s annual inflation rate rose to 7.2 percent in March

07 Apr 2011,

Swan Group Launches Its New Showroom Oxygen Insurance Shop

Design and futuristic, the new showroom Oxygen Swan Insurance Group in Port-Louis was inaugurated Wednesday, April 6. This one-stop shop displaying large billboards advertisements, moved under one roof, the insurance plans of the Swan Insurance and the Anglo-Mauritius. The former headquarters of the Swan Insurance in the capital has undergone a radical transformation from Artema, [...]

07 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

A chip will be attached to the new license plate

From 1 July, all vehicles must be absolutely new license plates. Currently many people have already made provision. The new plate should be white to yellow to the front and rear. But that's not all; it must be to British Standard!

07 Apr 2011,

Parc automobile – Le Nombre de véhicules en hausse

D’après les derniers chiffres officiels, il y a environ 384,115 véhicules sur nos routes au 31 décembre 2010 : 45 % sont des voitures, 41 % sont des deux-roues et le reste comprend les vans, camions et autobus.

07 Apr 2011,

Neotown Mega Scandal – Mauritius An Island Of Scandals And Corruption

During a video conference between the shareholders of Patel Engineering Ltd and the developer of the project Neotown in Port Louis, it was revealed that land valued at Rs 15 billion has been leased for an annual rent of Rs 15 million. It is a scandal of much greater dimension than the MedPoint scandal, says [...]

07 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Man Found Dead At Riverview Guesthouse Belle Rose

A 40 year old man was found dead in a room at River View Guesthouse at Belle Rose . Early indications suggests he died of a heart attack after consuming Viagra. Viagra has been known to cause heart attack in numerous cases before. Tablets of 100 mg of Viagra were found in the room which [...]

06 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Flambée des prix – La baisse du prix des carburants freine son élan

Plusieurs syndicats et ONG ont manifesté contre la hausse du coût de la vie samedi dernier. Les prix continuent à augmenter, malgré l’effort du gouvernement de renverser la vapeur. La baisse du prix des carburants a quand même apporté une bouffée d’air frais aux consommateurs.

06 Apr 2011,