Prices Mauritius

Bus Fare: Rising Prices is a Matter of Days

Discussions between unions and bus companies ended on Tuesday August 6 in the afternoon. The Bus Industry Union of Workers [UBIW] met with staff of Rose-Hill Transport, Triolet Bus Service and Mauritian Bus Transport in the morning.

07 Aug 2013,

Bus Tickets: Rising After 13 August

This is after August 13, the bus ticket is expected to increase by 12%. Minister Anil Bachoo also announced that this increase will not take effect on Thursday, as "unionists have not yet signed a collective agreement."

01 Aug 2013,

Increase in Bus Fares: Bachoo Backtracked

At a press conference on Wednesday, July 31, the Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure, Anil Bachoo announced that rising ticket will be put on hold. This should be effective today.

01 Aug 2013,

Increase in Ticket Price: Millions Gift to Bus Operators

Christmas comes early for the bus companies. The increase of 12% of the ticket will generate a surplus that is in the tens of millions, according to estimates based on the accounts of operators. However, a decline in passenger volume is likely.

31 Jul 2013,

Transport: Increase Actually Goes up to 40%, According to ACIM

If the government announced a 12% increase in the bus fare, the Consumers' Association of Mauritius (ACIM) observed that the increase reached 40% in some cases. The new rates take effect Thursday.

31 Jul 2013,

Increase in Bus Fares: Taxi Drivers Express their Fears

Taxi owners fear the consequences of the increase in bus fares on their activities. They believe that the public will turn to more buses, vans and taxis chestnuts.

30 Jul 2013,

Bus Tickets Price: Up from 6% to 40% on Thursday

The increase of Rs 2 on all trips. However, in the percentage of the increase in the cost of the ticket, it is far from the 12% reported by the Council of Ministers ...

30 Jul 2013,

16 Supermarkets Gather in Masters Express

Facing stiff competition by creating a punch on the market for retail. This is the objective of supermarkets that have come together in the sign "Masters Express."

29 Jul 2013,

Cooking Oil: Reasons Behind Prices Decline

Moroil and Ramdenee Edible Oil, which sell vegetable oil Rani and the Rajah brand respectively, reviewed this week their prices down. A motivated by lower commodity prices and strong competition in the sale of cooking oil making.

10 Jul 2013,

Consumption: 4.5% Drop in the Price of Edible Oil

From Monday 08 July, consumers have seen a 4.5% drop in the price of edible oil. The price of oil sold by Moroil accused yesterday down 4.5%, or Rs 2.35 per liter.

09 Jul 2013,

From Monday: Bread at the Same Price as White Bread

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection released Friday, his picture on the new price of bread. Two things to remember: the price of bread from Monday, the same price as white bread while other prices remain unchanged.

02 Jul 2013,

No Decrease in Rice Prices Soon

Consumers will have to wait until the price of basmati rice are experiencing a decline.

23 May 2013,

Cargo Handling Corporation Rate Increase: Risk of Increased Prices on Some Products

When this is not the commodity prices on international markets are rising, prices are handling containers of the Cargo Handling Corporation (CHC). An impact on the prices of some products, such as fruits and vegetables by 2% to 3% is possible.

09 May 2013,

Lait : le Kilo Coûtera Rs 35 Plus Cher Bientôt

C’est du jamais vu. Même les importateurs locaux sont perplexes. Le prix du lait repart à la hausse sur le marché mondial suite à une météo défavorable : froid, excès d’eau ou forte sécheresse qui affectent la production chez les principaux exportateurs notamment la Nouvelle Zélande et l’Australie.

08 May 2013,

Jayen Chellum, ACIM: "An Artificial Increase in Gasoline"

The spokesman for the Consumers' Association of Mauritius (ACIM), Jayen Chellum, described the latest rise in the price of petrol and diesel "artificial increase."

06 May 2013,

Le Prix du Pétrole en Baisse

Le prix du pétrole sur le marché mondial continue à jouer au yoyo. Il y a quelques mois, le cours du pétrole avait pris une tendance ascendante alors que maintenant, c’est tout le contraire.

05 May 2013,

Consumption: the Prices of Several Products to Increase

The cost of the food basket has increased steadily since the beginning of the year. Several were increases on products ranging from soft to vegetables to meat, rice, dried beans and milk, including drinks. It is the same for the fuel prices.

26 Apr 2013,

Consumption Basmati Rice: Prices Soared

Approximately 75-80% of the population consumes basmati rice in Mauritius. But in recent months, the price of this commodity are continuing to soar. A price spike has only just begun, prevent importers. At issue: a high demand but very little supply on the world market.

24 Apr 2013,

Edible Oil: No Drop in Prices Despite Falling Prices

Mauritian consumers expect a decline in the price of edible oil. This commodity has in fact declined in the global market and if some local importers have already implemented this fall, others have not yet done so.

20 Apr 2013,

Mobile: Chili Announces Price Drop

While rates of Chili are already approximately 25% lower than those of its competitors, Mahanagar Telecom Mauritius Ltd (MTML) announced that it will review its prices down on 24 April. Remember that Chili is the newest mobile phone network in the country was launched in November 2011.

18 Apr 2013,