Prices Mauritius

STC Has Lead to Decrease in Cement Price

The State Trading Corporation (STC) plans to bring down the price of cement by flooding the market with 100,000 metric tons of this material.

15 Mar 2013,

No Increase in Taxi Rates

Despite the rising cost of gasoline, taxi fare to travel will not change.

07 Mar 2013,

Suttyhudeo Tengur, President of APEC: "Rising Fuel Prices is Unjustified"

Suttyhudeo Tengur, president of the Association for the Protection of Environment and Consumers (APEC), believes that the price of gasoline and diesel would not have increased. He protested against the number of taxes imposed these products.

05 Mar 2013,

Rising Fuel Prices: Snowball Effect

Since Friday midnight, the price of gasoline has increased from Rs 49.30 to Rs 52.25 per liter (5.98%) while that of diesel experiencing an increase of Rs 41.20 to Rs 43.95 liter (6.67%).

05 Mar 2013,

Higher Prices: How More Expensive Fuel Affects...

There is not that motorists must bear the brunt of rising prices of gasoline and diesel. Consumers and traders are equally affected. Overview.

05 Mar 2013,

Frais d’Examens SC/HSC : Augmentation de Rs 600 Cette Année

Les frais d’examens du School Certificate (SC) et du Higher School Certificate (HSC) subissent cette année une augmentation de Rs 600.

04 Mar 2013,

Consumption: Imported Vegetables on Our Shelves

Starting this week, imported vegetables available on the market to alleviate the shortage. Suren Surat, one of the largest importers premises, announces shipment of carrots, cabbage and cauliflower by plane on Thursday. The price will be 25% more expensive, see more ...

27 Feb 2013,

Fresh Chicken: Increase of Rs 4 per kg, Price of Sausages Revised Downward

Must be attributed to the competition that exists in the market for chicken sausages the downward revision or maintaining the price of these products. It must also concede that this competition has been exacerbated by the presence of many brands from Brazil.

27 Feb 2013,

Consumption: Basmati 20% More Expensive

The shopping basket will still take a blow in a few weeks. Indeed, the price of basmati rice is expected to increase by 20% shortly.

26 Feb 2013,

Légumes : Prix Forts Jusqu'au Mois d'Avril

La pomme d'amour à Rs 90-100 le demi-kilo ; la carotte à pas moins de Rs 60 ; la laitue à Rs 30 l'unité ; le lalo à Rs 40 le demi-kilo ; la margoze à Rs 25 ; le cotomili à Rs 15 la botte...

24 Feb 2013,

Electricity: No Increase in Rates for Two Years

A possible increase in electricity prices is not a priority for the Central Electricity Board (CEB). This was told Morning Tuesday, the president of the board of directors of CEB, Balraj Naroo.

13 Feb 2013,

Coca-Cola and Beer Phoenix: Prices Rise

Phoenix Beverages revise the prices of some drinks on the rise. A decision follows the government's decision to impose a tax of 2 cents per gram of sugar content in beverages.

10 Feb 2013,

Rising Price of Cement from Monday

Rs 170, the cover Baobab cement 50 kg to Rs 182 passes. An increase of 7% with effect from Monday. Lafarge Cement Ltd Mauritius fits well, not the Holcim, which had increased by 6% the price of its cement bags at the beginning of the year.

06 Feb 2013,

Construction: Painting and Ceramic Tiles Increase Costs

In five years, the construction cost has doubled, say the manufacturers. A trend that is unlikely to be reversed. And because the prices of finishing took the elevator end of 2012 according to a report released Wednesday by Statistics Mauritius.

31 Jan 2013,

Entre Maurice et Rodrigues: des Billets d’Avion Plus Chers

Voilà une nouvelle qui risque de faire des vagues. A partir du 1er février le coût de certains billets d’avion entre Maurice et Rodrigues avoisinera les Rs 13 000.

31 Jan 2013,

Consumer Products: Rice, Dried Beans ... These Price Hikes Imminent

The shopping basket will weigh heavier. If the chicken has already cost more, other products such as rice and dried beans soon undergo price increases.

30 Jan 2013,

Indicateur : CPI, la Hausse de 4,2 Points de 2012 Expliquée

L’indice des prix à la consommation (CPI) a subi une hausse de 4,2 points (+3,2 %) l’année dernière, passant de 130,4 points en décembre 2011 à 134,6 points en décembre 2012. Le CPI, annonce Statistics Mauritius, est resté inchangé en février et mai et a pris une courbe ascendante pour les autres mois.

18 Jan 2013,

Prices of Soft Drinks, Cigarettes And Alcoholic Beverages

The price of soft drinks, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages accuse increased.

10 Nov 2012,

Prices Of Basic Foodstuffs Are Experiencing Significant Increases

Prices of fruits soar 5.7%, fish that shows a 2% increase ... Some basic foodstuffs have experienced significant increases between June 2012 and end in September. This is what reveals Mauritius Statistics in its latest report, published on Monday 15 October).

17 Oct 2012,

Le Pain Maison Passe à Rs 2,70 et la Baguette (440g) à Rs 11,20

Les consommateurs auront à payer le pain maison et la baguette plus chers à partir de lundi.

17 Jun 2012,