Protests Mauritius

Hong Kong protests: Two people in critical condition after day of chaos

Two people are in critical condition after another day of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong.

11 Nov 2019,

US: Protesters across nation march to protest Trump; some demonstrations turn violent

Police in Portland, Ore., used pepper spray and rubber projectiles against protesters early Friday after anti-Donald Trump demonstrations erupted in several big cities and on college campuses across the United States.

11 Nov 2016,

Université de Maurice: situation tendue entre les étudiants et la direction

Une soixantaine d’étudiants de l’université de Maurice ont effectué un sit-in sur le campus universitaire, ce lundi 10 octobre. Deux décisions de l’administration sont à l’origine de ce mécontentement.

11 Oct 2016,

En colère, des plaisanciers défilent dans le Nord

Un défilé de voitures pour exprimer leur ras-le-bol. Les plaisanciers réunis au sein de la Federation of Pleasure Craft Owners (FPCO) ont organisé un premier défilé de voitures ce lundi 26 septembre, dans le Nord.

27 Sep 2016,

Protesters march for third night in Charlotte, defying curfew

Protesters chanting “What curfew?” marched early Friday in defiance of orders by Charlotte’s mayor to clear the streets after midnight, as anger spilled onto the streets for a third night following a deadly police shooting that has become the latest showdown over questions on law enforcement and race.

23 Sep 2016,

Mexico Teacher Protests Buffet Ruling Party, Eight Killed In Clashes

At least eight people were killed in clashes in southern Mexico over the weekend when police and members of a teachers' union faced off in violent confrontations, a senior state official said, piling fresh pressure on the country's embattled ruling party.

21 Jun 2016,

Prostestation Des Pêcheurs: Accès Bloqué À La Plage De Pointe-Aux-Sables

Cela fait bientôt deux semaines que les résidents des cités Sugar Planters et Camp Firinga doivent faire un détour pour gagner la plage. Ils demandent à la Beach Authority d’aménager un accès.

14 Jun 2016,

France Could Be Immobilized by Massive Protests Over Labor Law Reforms

Can the French government convince its people that reform is necessary?

26 May 2016,

Nouveau Règlement: Les Opérateurs De Véhicules «Contract» Manifestent

Pour les opérateurs de fourgonnettes contractuelles, dites «contract», les contraventions pleuvaient… Raison : les véhicules ne comportaient pas d’affichettes avec le mot «contract».

19 May 2016,

Nouvelle Route d’Accès A La-Cambuse: Le Mouvement Aret Kokin Nu Laplaz Proteste

Moyen peu ordinaire utilisé par des activistes du mouvement « Aret Kokin Nu Laplaz » pour protester contre la nouvelle route d’accès aménagée à La-Cambuse, dans le sud du pays.

18 Apr 2016,

Hollande Fears French Student Revolution in Protests Against Labour Reform

François Hollande faces a potential French youth revolution over controversial labour reforms, as thousands took to the streets of Paris and other cities across the country.

10 Mar 2016,

Haryana State in India Proposes New Caste Status in Bid to Quell Protests

A state government in India promised to introduce a bill to grant coveted “backward” status to a relatively prosperous caste group, officials said Monday, in an effort to quell protests that have raged for the past four days.

23 Feb 2016,

India: Army Out in Haryana as Jats Set Minister’s House on Fire; One Dead

The Haryana Government was forced to requisition the Army in several districts of the state on Friday after Jat mobs on a rampage set on fire the house of Finance Minister Capt Abhimanyu Sindhu as well as several vehicles in Rohtak.

19 Feb 2016,

Gujarat Remains Tense After Patel Caste Violence

Tension prevails in India's Gujarat state where two days of caste-related violence has left eight people dead.

27 Aug 2015,

Manque d’Eau à Camp-Levieux: Environ 200 Habitants Dans la Rue

Ils n’ont de l’eau, disent-ils, que quelques heures par jour.

24 Nov 2014,

Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong Give Deadline for Demands

Hong Kong's chief executive urged pro-democracy protesters to stop their campaign "immediately" Tuesday after demonstrators gave the Chinese government a Wednesday deadline to meet their demands for political reforms.

30 Sep 2014,

Hong Kong: Protesters Defiant Amid Stand-Off

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters are blocking Hong Kong's streets, shutting down its business hub and ignoring appeals to leave.

29 Sep 2014,

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych Driven From Power

KIEV, Ukraine—The whereabouts of President Viktor Yanukovych were unknown Sunday, the day after he left the capital, protesters took control of the city center, and opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison.

23 Feb 2014,

Ukraine’s Forces Escalate Attacks Against Protesters

KIEV, Ukraine — Security forces fired on masses of antigovernment demonstrators in Kiev on Thursday in a drastic escalation of the three-month-old crisis that left dozens dead and Ukraine reeling from the most lethal day of violence since Soviet times.

21 Feb 2014,

Ukraine Leader Strains for Grip as Chaos Spreads

KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine spiraled deeper into disarray on Wednesday as the government of President Viktor F. Yanukovych and several thousand grimly determined protesters, along with their supporters in Russia and Europe, faced off in a confrontation over the fate of this fractured country of 46 million.

20 Feb 2014,

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