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Immobilier de Luxe: Maurice 8e Destination Plus Chère

L’immobilier de luxe à Maurice séduit fortement les investis­seurs à voir les placements étrangers. Le pays figure à la huitième position au sein des marchés émergents les plus chers.

16 Oct 2015,

Immobilier: Rogers s’Associe à Cim pour un Nouvel Immeuble

C’est sur un terrain de 4 600 m2, appartenant à parts égales aux groupes Cim et Rogers que s’érigera un immeuble de plus de dix étages avec des commerces, des restaurants, mais aussi un hôtel d’affaires, des salles de conférence et des appartements. Le site: un carrefour hautement stratégique de la capitale, situé l’angle des rues Edith Cavell et Line Barracks.

22 Sep 2014,

Changement Politique : Les Défis qui Attendent la Nouvelle Coalition

Le changement radical que connaît, ces jours-ci, le paysage politique local aura un impact conséquent sur la politique économique.

12 Sep 2014,

New Integrated Resort Scheme Launched in Mauritius

An iconic view which perhaps most symbolizes the renowned beauty and tranquility of the tropical island of Mauritius is the captivating vision of the sun dipping slowly below the horizon as you languidly sip a sundowner.

30 Jul 2014,

Buying Into Paradise: Mauritius Woos Foreign Investors

VENTURES AFRICA – High-priced resorts are helping Mauritius to diversify its economy while offering wealthy foreigners a holiday home or a new life in the sun.

01 Jul 2014,

Immobilier: le Secteur Craint un Effondrement des Prix

Les spécialistes de l’immobilier semblent s’accorder sur un point. Le pays n’est pas dans une situation de bulle, où les prix de l’immobilier augmentent rapidement et sans lien avec les fondamentaux économiques tels que les rendements locatifs. Pour autant, le contexte actuel n’en est pas moins rassurant.

01 May 2014,

Real Estate: Troubles of Local Projects Affect IRS / RES

The subject divides. On one side there are observers who are skeptical about the success of real estate projects in Mauritius and talk about market saturation. On the other hand, there are optimists who believe firmly that the Mauritian property has a bright future.

23 Apr 2014,

Property: Bubble Increases?

For years the real estate sector is booming, with hundreds of projects underway or in the pipeline. Even in terms of foreign direct investment, it is always the dominant estate.

17 Apr 2014,

Placée Sous Administration Judiciaire - La Vente du Domaine des Sept Vallées Gelée au Dernier Moment

La mise en vente du Domaine des Sept Vallées, comptant plus de 1 800 arpents, devait débuter fin février, suite à sa mise sous administration judiciaire. Un trouble-fête a cependant fait surface. Celui-ci clame que 356 arpents de la propriété lui appartiennent.

07 Apr 2014,

Alleged Real Estate Scandal: More Than Rs 11 Million Claimed

Eleven owners of Royal Park, Balaclava, wrote a formal notice to the developer for breach of contract clauses. They call him over Rs 11 M.

07 Apr 2014,

Construction: Expected Stabilization

Construction is one of the most affected by the crisis. However, construction companies expect growth of 2% this year, specifically to the third quarter.

21 Mar 2014,

Rs 738 Million to Renovate the NHDC Houses

For the next four years, the government will disburse a sum totaling Rs 738 million for the rehabilitation of homes NHDC.

13 Feb 2014,

IRS-RES: Real Estate Market Becomes More Open to Foreign

Criteria to allow foreigners to buy property in Mauritius were relaxed. Instead of acquiring a property in their own name, for example, they can do so through their offshore company.

11 Feb 2014,

Matala Is Not "on the Brink of Bankruptcy"

An application for liquidation was filed against Matala Properties Ltd.. A request that the director of that company intends to challenge. And supporting figures, Andrew Smith indicates that the financial health of the company is in good shape.

11 Dec 2013,

Ramdanee Group: Liquidation Proceedings Against Matala Properties

The difficulties faced by projects villas Real Estate Scheme (RES) are confirmed. An application for liquidation was filed against Matala Properties Ltd to the Supreme Court.

10 Dec 2013,

LAVIMS On Firm Ground

In line with budget vision to harness ICT to bring innovation and effectiveness in doing business, the Ministry of Land and Housing has put in place a very complex but secure information system which is known as LAVIMS (Land Administration Valuation and Information Management System).

17 Oct 2013,

Real Estate Bubble: The Result of Conflicting Measures

While real estate dominates foreign direct investment at the expense of other productive sectors, now the Bank of Mauritius, in good avant-garde, the bank recommends caution in financing property projects, more plombera sector construction. Yet, it is the economic policy, encouraging speculation, has created a real estate bubble.

15 Oct 2013,

Budget 2014: Proposals

At one month of the presentation of the 2014 Budget, the various economic players had the opportunity to submit their proposals to the Ministry of Finance.

03 Oct 2013,

Malls: Falling Rents Is Not Envisaged

If all the malls do not know the expected attendance, lower rates although requested by some traders, is not on the agenda.

04 Sep 2013,

Real Estate: Discussions Between ENL and Ascencia

Discussions are currently underway between Ascencia and Foresic one side and ENL Property group and one for the proposed Ascencia / Foresic a number of commercial buildings belonging to the ENL Group acquisition.

18 Jul 2013,