Real estate Mauritius

Real Estate Acquisition by Foreigners: A Journey Full of Tricks

Acquire property in Mauritius is a dream cherished many foreigners, for various reasons. Legislation, including the 'Non-Citizens Property Restriction Act' real estate transactions governed by foreigners.

16 Jan 2013,

Apartments and Luxury Villas: Our Coasts are Popular

More than ever, the coastal areas have the wind in their sails. Foreigners, young professionals, retirees and Mauritians settled abroad are more projects in these areas and land there are also prices soaring.

15 Jan 2013,

Real Estate Property: Commission of Inquiry on Fraud Case

Commission of inquiry was established by the president of the Republic to shed light on the mechanisms that have appeal overseas, with the complicity of members of the legal profession, to circumvent the provisions of the Non-Citizens (Property Restriction) Act to acquire land and other property in Mauritius.

03 Dec 2012,

Housing and Land: Land Registry Costs Rs 65 Million More

The new cadastre cost Rs 65 million more than Rs 550 million originally planned. Problems have also arisen between the government and the running of the project does not give full satisfaction.

30 Oct 2012,

Real Estate Scandal: Government Hopes to Recoup Lost Revenue

The real estate scandal was the subject of Opposition MP Kee Chong Li Kwong Wing’s question to the Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam in parliament on Tuesday. The PM assured that the government will try to recover all the revenue lost during the illegal sales of real estate.

24 Oct 2012,

Budget 2013: State Support Requested

A few weeks before the presentation of the 2013 budget by the Finance Minister on November 9, the expectations of various economic operators to specify.

17 Sep 2012,

Budget 2013: Expectations Of Economic Operators

These days, it is paraded through the office of the Minister of Finance Pre-Budget Consultations margin. An opportunity for operators in different sectors of a picture of the situation, discuss their problems and share their expectations for the Budget 2013. Overview.

14 Sep 2012,

The Computerized Land Registry to Stop Bad Practices in Real Estate

The computer project Land Administration and Valuation Information Management System (LAVIMS) was presented this Friday, March 16. Besides its importance for real estate professionals, this system will also stop some bad practices.

18 Mar 2012,

Foreign Investors: Are They Welcome?

Of recent incidents involving foreigners living in Mauritius have reopened the debate on the opening of the Mauritian economy and the ease with which foreigners become residents in Mauritius.

25 Jan 2012,

Maurice Top 5 destinations safe to invest in real estate

Maurice is in 4th place in countries where it is necessary to invest in real estate according to a ranking compiled by the British newspaper The Telegraph. The island is found just after Canada, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

22 Nov 2011,

La société immobilière Ascencia fait Rs 63 millions de profits en 9 mois

Ascencia Limited a réalisé des bénéfices en hausse pour la période de neuf mois se terminant en juin 2011. La compagnie de propriété immobilière a engrangé des bénéfices de Rs 63,4 millions cette année contre Rs 51,7 millions pour la période correspondante en 2010

05 Aug 2011,

Real Estate Scheme : 6 % seulement de villas annoncées ont trouvé preneurs à ce jour

Le projet de Real Estate Scheme (RES), annoncé en grande pompe par le gouvernement en 2008, tarde à décoller. Des 53 projets approuvés par le gouvernement, trois seulement ont été terminés alors que 14 sont toujours au stade de chantier.

01 Jun 2011,