Road accident Mauritius

A man was crushed to death under a truck

Saturday, April 30, 2011. Ameerudeen Jaufrally had a tragic end yesterday. Around 17 am 15 this resident of Camp Chapelon, aged 45, was at the container park at Riche-Terre when he was hit hard by a truck.

30 Apr 2011,

Crash kills one at L'Escalier

?an collided head-on, at L'Escalier, Benjamin Clark, a resident of Plaine-Magnien 20 years, and Henriot Bergicourt inhabiting the staircase and 74 years old on Wednesday. The 20 year old died instantly and the septuagenarian escaped with a wound to his right leg and hand.

28 Apr 2011,

Accident bus driver suspended

National Transport Corporation (NTC) driver Mansoo Hossenbux, whose bus was involved in a three-bus accident on Sunday night, has been suspended. Six passengers were injured in the crash in Rose Hill. The NTC has accused the driver of not applying the brakes of the vehicle at the proper time.

26 Apr 2011,

An accident between three buses: 10 injured

10 people in three buses of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) were injured at Sunday around 17:30 in a road accident occurred near Station Camp Levieux.

25 Apr 2011,

Incidents in Brief

Seriously injured in road accident

23 Apr 2011,

More road deaths in early 2011

Figures released by the Road Traffic Unit showed that 42 road users were killed from January this year to April 15 – a rise of 14% compared to 37 people who died on the roads for the same period last year.

18 Apr 2011,

Fatal Accident at Red Earth: A policeman died instantly

Sad end for the constable Chooranee Bundhun (39 years), victim of a traffic accident occurred Saturday at about 9:00 p.m., at Arsenal.

18 Apr 2011,

Accident involving NTC bus: the driver suspended

The sole responsibility of the accident occurrence on board of the National Transport Company (NTC) bus last Wednesday with 51 people is the driver. This is the conclusion reached by the leadership of this public transport company. The driver has been suspended from duty until further notice.

18 Apr 2011,

One policeman killed in an accident, his colleague seriously injured

Sunday, April 17, 2011. tragic end to the constable Bundhun. This officer, assigned to the police station in Trou-Hector, died instantly in a traffic accident that occurred at Red Earth last night around 21 pm.

17 Apr 2011,

Driver jumps off bus after radiator bursts

Friday, a United Bus Service (UBS) driver Salim Meeajan, a 43-year-old resident of St Croix, fractured his right leg and suffered severe burns on his arm following a mechanical problem in the bus.

17 Apr 2011,

The crashed bus examined by the FSL

Experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) examined on Thursday, the bus crashed at Plaine-Champagne Wednesday morning. Different parts of the vehicle, including mechanical parts, have been thoroughly analyzed.

15 Apr 2011,

A young woman suffered a serious car accident in Phoenix

Friday, April 15, 2011. Her condition inspires concern.

15 Apr 2011,

Chamarel - bus brakes failed

They thought to take advantage of school holidays to make a relaxing and educational output. Their bus ends up in a ravine with 62 passengers aboard, including the elderly and children three to eleven.

15 Apr 2011,

A cement mixer skidded on the highway

More fear than harm. A cement mixer company Premix skidded off the highway around 18 pm Wednesday.

14 Apr 2011,

Accident Plaine-Champagne: failed brakes caused 51 serious injuries

“Mo senti mo frein ine vin ross et vu qui pa ti ena controleur, mo pan dir ban passagers narien pour pa créer la panique”, said Davish Aubeeluck, the driver of a bus of the CNT, which was involved in an accident Plaine-Champagne on Wednesday.

14 Apr 2011,

On the way to the hospital, he died hit by a bus

Alexandre Louis Low Kwong wanted to take care of his health by going to the hospital to undergo treatment. But en route, this 72 year old was hit by a bus on Thursday morning at the Place d'Armes, Port Louis, when he was on foot. Since then, he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital Dr. Jeetoo.

13 Apr 2011,

Air hostess died in accident

An air hostess working for the national airline Air Mauritius, died in a road accident at Beau Bassin on Saturday.

11 Apr 2011,

Accidents in brief

Road accident: Tragic end for a septuagenarian. A young air hostess killed in an accident at Beau-Bassin

11 Apr 2011,

Motorcyclist died hit by a bus

The road was once more deadly.Goondun Balakrishna (47 years), better known as Sivom, left far too early for those who knew him. On Tuesday, the resident of Montagne-Longue was hit by a bus on the road to Royale à Grande-Rosalie while he was on a motorcycle. He was taken to hospital at North where his was dead shortly after.

07 Apr 2011,

A drunk driver convicted of assault

He would have been careless driving his car and it could result in death of man. Feroz Ahmad Goolfee was convicted of assault in court through two years after being involved in a traffic accident. He had pleaded not guilty.

07 Apr 2011,