Road accident Mauritius

Accidents: two seriously injured

The black series continues unabated. Accidents on our roads are becoming more common despite the vigilance of law enforcement.

07 Apr 2011,

On the highway defective door cost him life

The man went home from Rodrigues on his workplace in a firm at Quatre-Bornes. The terrible accident happened when Clifford Spéville was getting in the companies van by the right door for passengers because the left door was broken.

02 Apr 2011,

Three cars in a crash

Three vehicles, one parked, were injured around 19:45 Thursday at height of bridge Bagatelle, on the M1 at the direction to Réduit.

02 Apr 2011,

A bus wrecked after hitting a teenager

The spirits are are heated this Wednesday, March 30 to the Cornu, Sainte-Croix. College students ransacked a bus after it had overturned a teenager.

31 Mar 2011,

He died six days after motorcycle accident

The Issac, Peerun in Terre Rouge residents, are in shock. The family head Lalmohamad, aged 64, died from injuries received Tuesday in a traffic accident at the height of the roundabout Jumbo Riche Terre. He would drop his son at his job, a motorcycle when they were struck by a car.

30 Mar 2011,

Accident at Camp de Masque - 12 wounded, including two serious

A human tragedy was narrowly averted on Tuesday morning. The driver of a van with fourteen passengers on board reportedly lost control of his vehicle at Camp de Masque.

24 Mar 2011,

Tragedy crash in Belle-Vue-Harel

Miguel Alfonso Maxwell, 17 years old, Triolet resident, was tragically killed on Monday in Belle-Vue-Harel. He is the victim of an accident involving a car being towed by a van and a truck carrying sugar cane. The driver of the truck was slightly injured.

22 Mar 2011,

Fatal accident in Floreal

Poojmawtee Fowdur has been hit hard by a car Tuesday morning while crossing the road near the Royal lights at Floreal. The local resident, 78 years old, has not survived cause multiple injuries.

18 Mar 2011,

Car crash at Alma: five victims

Accident at Alma - one dead and four wounded. This is the tragic result of a traffic accident that took place Friday, March 11, afternoon at Alma with a bus of the CNT and a car.

13 Mar 2011,

A young motorcyclist trapped under a minivan in Port-Louis

While attempting to fit into a turn at Orleans Street, Port-Louis, Vincent Rose, a young resident of Quatre-Bornes lost control of his motorcycle. He was found squeezed under in a minibus parked on a ramp.

10 Mar 2011,

A tragedy accident at the Rivière-Noire

A family trip ended catastrophe. On the way back, the engineer Arnaud Paul lost control of his Peugeot 307. He died immediately with his 10 month baby and his cousin, Hans Nicolas.

07 Mar 2011,

A truck driver arrested for attempted bribery at Pailles

The truck driver used his cell phone at the wheel. He was arrested for attempting to bribe, with a sum of Rs 500, the policeman who issued him a ticket.

02 Mar 2011,

Flooded bridge over Petite Riviere Noire

Because heavy rains on Monday 21 February bridge over Petite Riviere Noire was flooded. Traffic was severely disrupted nearly for three hours on the busy road to the West with more caps than 500 m in both directions.

22 Feb 2011,

Fatal accident in Quatre-Bornes

Teenagers who used to run errands on a bike in the streets of Quatre-Bornes become the source of a drama. One of them struck Marie Therese Furcy. She died at once.

17 Feb 2011,

Road accident kills three during the weekend

The road has proven once more deadly this weekend, with three people, including two teens aged between 15 and 20 years.

16 Feb 2011,

Accident at the La Gare du Nord

Tara Manick, 84, a resident of Bhunnoo Road, Notre Dames, Long Mountain, passed away on the spot after she was hit by a bus of the Mauritian Bus Transport, at the La Gare du North.

14 Feb 2011,

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