Road rules & regulations Mauritius

Road Traffic Act : Le Permis à Points en Vigueur depuis Vendredi

Le permis à points est en vigueur depuis ce matin. Selon l’inspecteur Ramah de la Traffic Branch, il faudra attendre demain pour avoir les premiers chiffres en vue d’analyser son impact sur les automobilistes. « Selman, nou finn konstate ki bann kondikter pe paret bon zenfan… », a-t-il déclaré.

11 May 2013,

Permis A Points — Entrée En Vigueur Vendredi: Concession pour les Taxis Marrons

Modification majeure : l’infraction (6-8 points) « using a motor vehicle, bus, contract bus […] without a public service vehicle licence » est rayée

09 May 2013,

From Midnight Tonight: Penalty, Point by Point

The Penalty Point System comes into force this Friday, May 10 In case of violation, drivers may penalty points. Exceed 15 points leads a "disqualification of the driver."

09 May 2013,

Points System in Effect from Friday

This is final. There will be no further extension, or new reference let alone further consultations. The penalty point system comes into force this Friday, May 10 Anil Bachoo reaffirmed Wednesday.

09 May 2013,

Driving While Intoxicated: The Supreme Court Reversed Seven Rulings on Appeal

In total, the Supreme Court should hear eight cases on appeal, including a conviction and seven acquittals at trial.

05 May 2013,

Penalty Points Will Came Into Force on May 10

The system of penalty points shall enter into force on May 10 The 60 "speed cameras" installed across the country will also be operational from that date.

05 May 2013,

Speed Limiters: How Effective Are They?

There was a staunch resistance from heavy vehicles owners when government first announced its intention to introduce speed limiters in 2010.

26 Apr 2013,

DLC: 15 Points Exceeded - Roobesh Ramanjooloo : “The License Suspended at Least Six Months”

The demerit points come into force on 1 April 2013. Thus, with this new regulation, a driver must have with him his driving license and his " Driving Licence Counterpart”. Recently, two people were arrested for fake driving license. What could they? Explanations with Mr Roobesh Ramanjooloo.

30 Mar 2013,

Road Safety: The Fire Extinguisher Must Be Placed Near the Driver's Seat

Confusion about the exact location of the fire extinguisher must be stored in a vehicle. Some motorists keep their fire pump in the trunk. They would benefit from reflex change, or else the tickets!

26 Mar 2013,

The Penalty Points into Force on 1 April

While the distribution of Counterpart Driving Licence (DLC) continues in the police stations of the country, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has set the date of April 1 for entry into force of penalty points.

20 Feb 2013,

Permit Points: Foreigners Exempted from DLC

Foreign residents, holders of foreign driving license, will not be affected by the Driving Licence Counterpart (DLC). If they commit a crime point, they will be fined as follows: the offense will be listed on the system and return it to the judge to decide how to proceed.

24 Jan 2013,

Transportation Of School and College Students: A Necessary Evil ...!

With higher rates of 15% to 20%, parents will have to pay between Rs 80 and Rs 100 additional vans for school

15 Jan 2013,

Points Allowed: Introdution of Driving Licence Counterpart

The grant forms will be listed alphabetically at the nearest police station

13 Jan 2013,

Road Trafic Act : Permis à Points, Début de la Phase 1

Le permis à points fait régulièrement l’actualité depuis 2011. Et comme toute chose qui paraît tarder, plus le temps passe, plus le public semble douter de son entrée en vigueur. Mais depuis juillet 2012, l’amendement à la Road Trafic Act qui légitime le permis à points a été voté et près de six mois plus tard, tous les efforts pour sa mise en application, désormais imminente, sont fournis.

13 Jan 2013,

Penalty Points: The Counterpart Driving Licence Part of the License

With the coming into force of the penalty points system, the only license will not suffice. It will necessarily go hand in hand with an additional document, the Driving Licence Counterpart (DLC).

11 Jan 2013,

Penalty Points: Distribution of Counterpart Driving Licence

The penalty points is not yet in force that the authorities are already busy preparing the ground for an eventual implementation. Thus, as of January 21, the Paper Counterpart Driving Licence (DCL) will be distributed to approximately 650 000 users.

11 Jan 2013,

Grid Penalty Points Display Distributed Soon

All motorists Island will soon receive their license counterpart. This document will be posted on the number of penalty points collected. Associated with the permitted drivers already have, it will form the new license points.

07 Jan 2013,

Penalty Points: Entry into Force Delayed

The introduction of penalty points, originally scheduled for 1st January 2013, will not take place. Administrative procedures have not yet been completed, said the Office of the Prime Minister.

02 Jan 2013,

L'alcool au volant : Campagnes de Prévention et Contrôles s'Intensifient

L'alcool au volant continue à faire rage malgré les nombreuses campagnes de sensibilisation et de prévention. Cette année, des accidents de la route dont certains mortels sont dus aux conduites en état d'ivresse. Les fêtes approchent à grands pas et c’est l’époque où sont enregistrés le plus d’accidents liés à l'alcool…

13 Dec 2012,

Mauritius Moves to Stem Rising Road Carnage

Mauritius has introduced a penalty points system to help stem rising deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

30 Oct 2012,